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Are you a pinball wizard? Go get the updated Dr. Pickaxe for your Windows Phone

We’ve already called Pinball League: The World of Dr. Pickaxe one of our favorite pinball games for Windows Phone (there really aren’t enough) but the popular title did have a glitch for Windows Phone 8 users, resulting in the game being recently pulled from the Store.

Now the game is back and better than ever with a modest 1.02 update that just came out today...

The update addressed the Windows Phone 8 graphics issue and addresses a few others as well:

  • A minor compatibility issue with Windows Phone 8 is fixed
  • Lens flare effects for the playfield lights are implemented
  • Selectable video resolution for smoother gameplay on 1st generation devices
  • Resume in "Tango" (256mb) devices is now supported
  • Various performance improvements
  • Various fixes

The game always worked well for Windows Phone 7 but we have to admit that with the dual-core CPU on Windows Phone 8 devices and the enhanced GPU, the game is even smoother now, giving us some real good gameplay.

You can watch our video tour that we did a few months ago above and if interested, you can pick it up here for $1.99 with a free trial. We happen to love the pinball, so for us this was a definite purchase.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

QR: Pickaxe



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nizzon says:

I had this on my Omnia7. Not that impressed. What happened to the high quality pinball game that was announced a few months ago? Or was I dreaming?

Still sways from being released. We'll have more on that when it as it gets closer.

Yeah, I've also used it on Omnia and on Lumia. It was pretty much ok for me but I am also lookin for the Pinball game It's been a very long time since it was announced. So when will it come?

mjrtoo says:

Pinball arcade?