ARMED! now on sale for a limited time!

ARMED! is a fantastic, multi-player, strategy game for your Windows Phone and it's now on sale. For a limited time you can snatch up ARMED! for $1.99, a $2 savings. Not sure how long a "limited time" will be so if you're on the fence about buying ARMED!, now is the time to act.

ARMED! has some of the best graphics we've seen on a Windows Phone game and this deal is a steal. You'll be able to get all the future updates to the game that includes two new maps, Fortress and Waterhazard.

If you're looking for a quality, sci-fi, strategy game for your Windows Phone gaming library, ARMED! is a must. You can find ARMED! here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. There is a trial version available but be warned, it won't take long before you find yourself purchasing the full version.




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peowmeow says:

$2.49 in Australia, never understood the markup for digital goods compared to the US. Seeing as we have about parity with it if not higher recently...
(note, not complaining about the price of the app but the situation. Definately worth getting it)

deansmilk says:

Nice, I've been waiting to buy this. Soon as I get off of work it will be mine. Unrelated, when the guys at work seen this game they wanted it.
Too bad they couldn't find it on their iPhone,hehe.

ARMED! Now gets Xbox live certification, that's the headline I'm waiting for before I purchase it.

dannejanne says:

Oh god please no! Making this live title would probably do more harm than good. This stands equally fine on its own

LawnPaul says:

Armed is coming to other platforms, if it became a Live game then WP7 players would only be able to play other WP7 owners

tbonenga says:

Same here. If it's not a live title I'm not even trying the demo. I know a few people disagree. I say just look at all the top selling apps/games and live titles dominate. So therefore there's a lot of people that agrees with this post

Cyruss1989 says:

But why? It is stupid!
Do you want to wait several months for updates? Just because of some points? C'mon.

Actually yes, XBL integration = gamerscore = a way to look like a gamer to my friends. Also, I'm relatively new to Xbox (been using XBL since I got my HTC TITAN about 5 months ago), and I'm competing with friends that have like 58k gamerscore, and I want to catch up with them. I know it's only 200 points a piece, but WP7 XBL games are a great help for when I'm out and about.

trazer says:

Wow, you are really missing out. I feel sorry for you lol.

Adorath says:

Please wait! I have to load my prepaid credit card at first :) love this game! Would love to see it as an WP and w8 exclusive only, but I understand the developer, this game could sell well on ios...

trazer says:

Purchased. Many thanks to the developer for the sale and for making such a great game! Kudos for not being a live game too, great job!

JCCR90 says:

Can the writer state how long it takes for multiplayer games to load? If they are having a sale then it must be the time is pretty high because so few people play online.

I know the devs are trying to get game out so that it can have finally have some network effects in its favor. But idk maybe its being an economist but im always apprehensive to temporary sales.