Armed robbers raid Brazilian Samsung factory for 40,000 devices


At a Samsung factory in Brazil armed robbers hijacked a night shift bus, subdued workers, and made off with 40,000 devices, including smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers. Police estimate the value of the goods at $36 million, though Samsung says that's too high. Other estimates place the value at $6.3 million. Roughly 20 gang members were involved in the incident, which São Paulo authorities are currently investigating. Luckily nobody was hurt in the robbery.

So how did it go down? First the armed bandits took eight employees hostage as they approached the factory in the night shift bus. They took ID cards from two, disarmed the factory guards, and isolated the rest of the Samsung employees. It took about three hours to get the goods out of the factory.

It's an awfully theatrical scene, and likely a drop in the bucket as far as losses to Samsung are concerned (especially once insurance comes into play).

Source: The Guardian, Reuters



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bitz0071 says:

That's why aliens won't talk to us!
BTW twitter gets an update

rain620 says:

Yep. Still doesn't fix that the app's time is not sync with my device time and I can't uninstall the app!

It's a pretty massive update.

lubbalots says:

Wonder when Facebook beta be updated?

majic11 says:

I'm sure there's an update for it in Microsoft part of System app pusher.

tarzanmarzan says:

Space bucks lol

Novron says:

What happens when your culture doesn't have a Bruce Willis

kenzibit says:

PAYDAY 2 baby!!! Just like a game or a movie but from the look of things, this is an inside job.

tulak says:

Yes inside job! GOP will blame Obama for it!

As if there were just theft in Brazil.

Duduosf says:


Life Artist says:

Fast and the Furious?

wind711 says:

Sounds like payday 2 for me

Sounds like a bollywood movie...

Yousef Kawmi says:

At least they didn't dance and sing....

Cubeddd says:

How are you sure they didn't O_o?

Im pretty sure they are doing it right now...

Karthik Naik says:

nah they must be sighing away to glory while waiting outside the samsung service centre with samsungs notoriously defective units(read batttery :P )

So true bhai. Name one Bollywood movie that doesn't have any singing or dancing? Lol LOL LOL LOL

Aman2901 says:

Well..Border I suppose??

UchilHasmit says:

Sandese aate hain.. Was in this right?

iyae says:

Ok this article im struggling to pick out anything to do with windows phone.

iyae says:

Oh noes...did they get some ativ s's??? :O

Aaron M says:

Well the notebooks were probably running Windows 8.1. So obviously this story is about increased Windows 8 adoption.

They probably left all of the Windows Phones.

KrisJoeEll says:

Error 404: No relation to Windowsphone detected.

VS729 says:

Error: unawareness about this being also a mobile technology site is too damn high.

Aaron M says:

No screw that, people are right to point out this story has nothing to do with why we visit the site. I stopped going to places like Toms hardware and Engadget because I found it annoying that they would post any story slightly involving technology. Generally WPCentral is much better about this but if I start seeing articles like "Girl trips while texting!" I'm leaving.

VS729 says:

You weren't there when the restructuring and the new way how things work here on mobile nations was announced...? Were you? I guess not!

VS729 says:

And there is a reason wy we have the concept of article headlines....you should just move on if the news doesn't concern you. Journalist will do there work whatsoever. For people who take interest.

Rich Edmonds says:

You're aware of Samsung's range of Windows Phones and Windows devices, right?

VS729 says:

Umm is that sarcasm? I am not sure about it :D?

Fade_z says:

40,000 devices, 2 of which where ativ s's

Acbuono5 says:

Which makes it windows phone news worthy!!

Fade_z says:

which makes it satire because i made it up.



BldyIdt says:

No shit

Posted via WPCentral App.

Fade_z says:

No i just went to the bathroom already

6.3 million makes it about $157.5 per device and 36 million makes it $900 per device. Hmmm they both seem off...

Nope...900 per device seems pretty real, trust me.

They stole some ativ's lol

wp8-1 says:

Haha android, I mean I'm so sorry.....

Uh...Ok.But what does this have to do with Microsoft or Windows Phone except of course if some Ativ s' were stolen? :p

psychotron says:

PCs were stolen too. I would assume they were running Windows 8.1.

Well, Samsung does make a few Windows Phone devices.

Posted via Surface

Daneshd1 says:

Good news.. ..

Lol some people get all huffy because it makes no mention of Windows or Windows Phone. I agree good story and hopefully they catch these guys...

booog89 says:

Suddenly I thought of the Fast and Furious movie. Hehehe! Ok well that sux for them.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

badger8080 says:

Who would want to steal that anyways

riteshpande says:

What would they do with lagdroids?

Brazilians love lagdroids. Micrososoft does a poor job around here, such a shame.

Maybe they are doing society a favor and instead of making a profit off of these stolen goods they will take them to the nearest recycling center to be destroyed.

mrshots says:

Heh, wonder how lagdroid centrals coping

Interesting motivation speech must've occurred prior to the heist.

Micah Dawson says:

At least those unwanted ativ have a new home.

LOL... What I want to know is why anyone would ever want to steal anything made by Samsung to begin with.

HAHAHA from 36 million estimated, Samsung goes like NAH, NOT that EXPENSIVE ROFL  LOLOLOL

Aaron M says:

Heck Samsung will probably make a net profit after insurance and tax write off.

ymcpa says:

you dont get a tax write off if the insurance covers the loss.

TechFreak1 says:

Goes to show how much they are actually worth lol.

6.3 is $157 per device.

Natsuga says:

Shamesung got fuced up. Lol. O.o

ashfaqgazi says:

Gr8.shud have destroyed all da useless stuff Samsung makes specially there worst galaxy series phones

Sin Ogaris says:

Maybe they can use some of that money from the stolen goods to get you some spelling lessons.

ashfaqgazi says:

Omg so helpful . Is this possible ?

We must invest in our future

ericr42 says:

Maybe Microsoft should relax security at their factories. This seems like a great way to get more devices out in the wild to increase market share :-). Glad no one was hurt.

ali27677 says:

BTW is this article on wpcentral related to WP??

Acbuono5 says:

As Fade_z put it 2 of those 40000 devices were ativ s windows phone!

Fade_z says:

hahaha touché acbuono5

psychotron says:

It's related to WP and Windows since Samsung makes the Ativ S and a bunch Samsung PCs were stolen which also run Windows 8.

ali27677 says:

Windows Phone Will Be Able To Run Android Apps [Rumor]

Wow did they stolen any windows phones....

Jazmac says:

Get ready for google thumping their chests announcing a surge in activations for the month of July and August.

Sin Ogaris says:

Pretty sure all of those devices will be IMEI blocked and restricted from the store/activation so they won't be doing squat.

peachy001 says:

I wondered about this too. Surely they could disable them?

Jazmac says:

Lots of hacker tools out there for the IMEI. Not to mention one huge market in China and other countries that have no penality for this kiind of theft.

lemonsteveo says:

Samsung are not having a good week, first, reduction in profits, now reduction in erm... phones to sell.  What's next?

Fade_z says:

Maybe getting aquired by microsoft

Sean Burns1 says:

If we had Bruce Willis those cheap plastic Samsung phones won't be bullet or bomb proof

HomeBound12 says:

Now start e-bay searching... I have a hinch about some amazing deals on Samsung products in not so distant future... :)

Marco Pires says:

Braziiiiilllllllll !!!!!!!!!


gerrymad says:


Lipe13 says:

That's a shame. I'm glad no innocent was hurt but it pisses me off that only criminals can have weapons in Brazil, such as assault rifles and submachine guns. Those security guards had like .38 cal 6 shooters to protect the company, and probably a poor combat training.

Fade_z says:

It's not like criminals register themselves at the goverment's office to get those guns anyway

HyperKid says:


chataddicted says:

The gang loves sam shit

MrWhiteman says:

Bet they wish they added that 'kill switch' by now eh?

guri21 says:

Sounds like a movie scene.... Lol....

webnoi says:

Just to let you guys know the size of the robber, they used 7 fully loaded trucks to take the goods.

DJCBS says:

Wow...they robbed 40000 pieces of sh*t! Amazing!

Next time, perhaps assault a toilet production factory. Same result, better quality products.

Duduosf says:

I'd never rob any Samsung gadget. If that was Nokia/Microsoft I'd be envious as hell right now.

Tiemen_S says:

Seems a worthless robbery to me, as those IMEI's can be blocked right?

EspHack says:

So? You can buy simcards on the streets

batkingnz says:

IMEI is specific to the device, not the SIM card, additionally they would need the carriers to blacklist the IMEI.


Also, laptops don't have IMEI's, and neither do non 3G/LTE tablets.

EspHack says:

Having someone's physical address means nothing if they are out of your reach

Dazzi says:

Nah mate I wouldn't say it was worthless. I reckon the phones will already be getting melted down for scrap. Pretty clever way of getting shite "Samdungs" off of the street, while making cash. It's a win win situation ;-)

Bruno Sain says:

Fantastic news!

eyesoreM says:

All those phones lying about and no one bothered to call the cops. Inside job!

life3000 says:

3.6 million between 20 people......
I assume there would be alot of Samsung products on the black market soon

EspHack says:

Better hurry up selling them dear robbers, Samdung toys loss 30% profit every 4 months, and that's considering they are all plastic flagships otherwise the devaluation margins go even further

Rajat Lath says:

aaaahhh sad for robbers they robbed 40000 pieces of sh*t...!!!!!!!!!!

Dazzi says:

Yes you're correct in terms of consumer goods, but not in scrap value ;-)

batkingnz says:

Think about how much effort it would take to scrap a cell phone or laptop. Probably more than it's worth to these guys.


This shit will end up on the black market, most probably not in Brasil. Being sold in market stalls etc. Shops that usually get their stuff from 'grey' suppliers anyways.

Dazzi says:

You have got a good point mate. However, you do realise $15000 worth of precious metal can be extracted from a ton of mobile phones alone? I would say there is plenty of tons in 7 wagon loads full, wouldn't you agree mate? Then you have all the glass and plastic to sell.


Furthermore, only fools would get involved in such a high profile crime by selling "red hot" products. So think about how much effort it would take, to get rid of these items on the Black-market? I mean, this ain't Hollywood mate -- like it's that easy to get so many "hot" products out of the country as they are. Come on, professional criminals aren't stupid. I mean it's not like they won't have low paid workers doing the dirty work of dismantling such products. Therefore, I would say if they are clever they will already be melting sh*t down, which is a lot easier to get out of the country ;-)

batkingnz says:

Lol I know it wouldn't be easy to transport and offload all that stuff but I think it would be just as difficult to scrap em. Selling and exporting them seems more likely to me, and let's not forget it can be pretty easy to traffic things in south america... if they can do it with people, why not electronics :S

Dazzi says:

I get your point mate in regards to people, but it's 7 wagon loads of hot stuff and not people. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the investigation ;-)

raul_junior says:

Wow 3 hours to do it all and they didnt get caught? Wow

HansTj says:

Sponsored by Apple?

ZuneEtunes says:

This weeks feature, "Raiders of the Lost Patents ". Next weeks feature, "The Re-Attack of the Clones". The final feature of the trilogy is coming in November, and it's going to be a blockbuster, "The Smartphone Wars 3D", featuring McLaren.

Cellus13 says:

They'll be disappointed when the s5 isn't all they imagined.

sintg says:

raging against the massive German 7-1 defeat haha :D