Around Here - App Spotlight

Around Here is a location based search app for Windows Phone 7. With the Windows Phone app you can quickly discover restaurants, bars, parking, gas and more around you. It was developed with one thing in mind, getting you where you need to go fast.

Around Here automatically returns results by quickly identifying your current location using GPS and then provides you with the closest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Parking, Pharmacy, Pub, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre or Taxi.

In one click Around Here will give you information on the business along with distances from where you are! From the map view you can call the business and get turn by turn directions. In just tinkering with Around Here for a few seconds, it looks like a nice travel companion for your Windows Phone.

You can download your free copy of Around Here here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.



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mjperez100 says:

im trying to get it but zune says theres an error when i try to download it. i also cant find it in the marketplace. hmmm

RayWP7 says:

Ditto, sounds like a useful app if its fast - but Marketplace doesn't show such a listing. Bummer. :(

I've got an email out to the developer to see why the apps no longer available. It comes up off the link they provided http://bit.ly/eQjBq9 (opens Zune) but it doesn't have a download button.Once I hear back from them, I'll update the post.

Please do, I'm interested in it too, looks useful for those days when a cab is necessary. Thanks :)

Eggyoren says:

Can't find it on the market place. Market place search has it but no install button comes up. Any answers to this yet.

sayonical says:

Doesn't Poynt in the marketplace do the same thing?

Narblellc says:

Hey guys,Thanks for all your inquiries. For the moment we've been forced to pull the app from the Marketplace due to business concerns.We're working hard to get this back online and I'll keep everyone posted as to when we are.Thanks,JustinNarble, LLC.