Assassin's Creed: Unity brings the Assassin/Templar fight to the French Revolution

Ubisoft has just properly unveiled Assassin's Creed: Unity, the next game in the massively popular Assassin's Creed series, on stage at E3 2014. Set in 1879 during the French Revolution, the game follows Assassin Arnold Victor Dorian across Paris in his fight against the Templars.

Unity is said to feature Ubisoft's biggest playground ever. There are hundreds of quests, activities, and rewards. Players will be able to form their own Assassin's brotherhood with up to three of their friends on Xbox Live.

Stay tuned to our ongoing Xbox media briefing live blog from E3 2014 for the latest.



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Aashish13 says:

Windows phone please please please

Kidding ? That can't even be a joke !

KM2612 says:

Wait what? Is that what you say to Cortana or you seriously asking for AC:Unity on windows phone? Damn man!!!

ahmedjan87 says:

I think he meant AC : Pirates

Pushynachan says:

Change WPcentral to XBOXcentral -_-

Zomby Jeezus says:

Why take the time to comment? Is it possible to just avoid reading the article? Are you forced to read it? I don't complain to CNN that they are posting "breaking news" about Lindsay lohan's ankle bracelet coming off. I simply choose not to read or follow CNN, or I choose to follow the stories I find interesting. Is it not kosher for wpcentral to post stories that branch outside of the phone community and into the broader realm that involves Microsoft, which owns wp? Ohhhhhhhhh, the insanity!!!!

Pushynachan says:

But No posts about windows phone -_-

Zomby Jeezus says:

Wpcentral doesn't post stories about windows phone??? I can't argue with you for reasons that are obvious to logical and sensible thinking humans. Maybe you should try reading MSNBC opinion columns. You might understand the "logic" being dished out over there. Unfortunately, they too don't post articles about windows phone....buffoon

Pushynachan says:

I am talkin about today Bro!

Jas00555 says:

So you're saying that just for today, they should change their name just because they're covering an Xbox event? Sorry, bro, but that's a dumb idea.

Sagar Limaye says:

There's no need to give him a hard time about what he said. He's not wrong!

A simple filter for news would actually work, so we don't have to search news related to Windows Phone (you know, the stuff we actually care about), amongst all the carrier news (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T garbage) and their financial reports (really?), kickstands and cases I couldn't ever be bothered about, some new game or weather app (like we already don't have enough weather apps) and the list goes on.

IceDree says:

They will change the name just for you :p

It'll be released on windows too. I've ended all assassin's creed series games on my laptop.

txDrum says:

Dude, it's E3. It's going to be ok.

swizzlerz says:

It's all about search terms. The more words the better the listings. You want more pple on WP get them by searching Xbox!

Jas00555 says:

"I'm just a man with a blade.

On a crusade!

I'm down in the land of the French and the Templars

And I'm here killing guys, using Eagle Eyes"

Assassins Creed musical, coming exclusively to Xbox One

DJCBS says:

It would still be better than a lot of crap that has hit Broadway and the West End in the last few years lol :P

lorisuzan says:

+1 and I am French so I aprove this !

TonyDedrick says:

Might be the first AC I play since the first. Looks great and fun.

leftbower08 says:

The French Revolution was a hundred years earlier...so don't plan on climbing the Eiffel Tower

onysi says:

I love that they saved France when they finally upgraded their gameplay. I wish they could revisit Italy with this new engine

Xarok says:

Milk that goat Ubisoft, milk that goat.

DJCBS says:

If it's as good as Black Flag, it will be awesome. Can't wait to play it on whichever console I'm using when it comes out (though it will probably still be the PS3 by the looks of it).

Black flag is the most boring one I've found (apart from the first, both are tied, in a different way). Its way too slow at times, and the character is just a pirate ? The real life story: a game being built ? Both the stories are trash ! The others' stories were amazing ! But not black flag.

DJCBS says:

It's is your opinion. Mine is the radical opposite of yours. Starting with the fact that it was the pirate theme that lured me into it in the first place ;)

mab664 says:

Brotherhood was my favorite. Whistling and assassins drop out of the sky... So I'm really excited for this. Beat thing Xbox showed at E3!

txDrum says:

Yup! My two favorite so far have been brotherhood and black flag.

This does everything with WP! Ben Rudolph the marketing ceo of windows phone is at the E3 to.

I hope he's presenting Cortana for Xbox.

supask8a23 says:

I know this is a tech site and its a**holish to point out minute details but its 1789 not 1879...lol

Starbane says:

Are the people complaining about wpcentral covering E3 the same ones that play games for Xbox achievements and not for actual gameplay? If so, that makes sense. Game haters

swizzlerz says:

Didn't finish the first or third. I will sit this one out. So many options today!!!

wphashan says:

I'm not a fan of this dude's outfit. Edward got some awesome outfits in bf.

French revolution was in 1789... In 1879 It was the 3rd Republic...

pookyjoralyn says:

Sorry, the French revolution was in 1789.

KaraNari says:

I now need an Xbox

I don't give the damn about the misspelled year for French revolution, but I just love ❤ playing AC

anirban130 says:

That kind of assasins series I was expecting for long time.... Haha brutal.. Absolutely insane killing

Didn't the French Revolution occur in 1789?