AT&T announces Development Summit Hackathon Winners

AT&T Hackathon Winners

AT&T has announced this year’s Hackathon Winners who pitched their app/product ideas during the recent Developer Summit held at the 2014 CES. The two development teams will receive $25,000 to help with the continued pursuit of developing their apps.

Each of the finalists pitched their product to the live audience during the Developer Summit, who voted and selected the winners. There are two categories of winners, Wearables and Mobile Apps.

The Wearables Winner is SafeNecklace that creates a Bluetooth beacon to help parents and teachers keep track of children by setting an invisible perimeter. An alert will sound when a child strays outside of that perimeter.

The Mobile App Winner is the personal ATM app M. M is a social network of sorts that lets you locate individuals nearby that are willing to give you cash and enables you to pay them back. It is a head scratcher of an idea but we are told the presentation was rather convincing.

Both ideas are still on the drawing board with no specific platform identified and the $25K is sure to give both development teams a boost. 

Would either of these product concepts sound like a good fit for the Windows Phone platform? Let us know in the comments.

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Jas00555 says:

The first one sounds interesting, the second one leaves me going "huh?"

Chris_Kez says:

First one sounds very helpful but not terribly inspired. Second one sounds very inspired but not terribly helpful.

AccentAE86 says:

Sure, if it can help me find suckers to hand over money to me, I'm all for it.