AT&T Dell Venue Pro not shipping till 8/30, getting Mango? [Speculation]

Here's some speculation that sort of makes sense: we just reported that the AT&T Venue Pro is available to purchase again direct from Dell. What's odd (and what we missed) was the expected ship date: 8/30

That's a long time off for a phone that has been out for awhile. Considering that we just got word of "Mango" being RTM'd and sent to carriers, could this 6 week delay be due to Dell putting Mango on board? Dell did just pull the Streak to load some new update, so it's not unprecedented and AT&T is pretty aggressive in the Windows Phone area.

We've heard that Toshiba-Fujitsu are launching a Mango device in August, so why not Dell? Then again, this is Dell, so lets not put it past them that this is just NoDo.

Source: Dell; (Thanks for catching this, @wp7ap)



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theefman says:

Think its for the 2.12 firmware.

Could be, though they didn't stop selling the T-Mo version for firmware. Perhaps AT&T is a bit tougher on them...

pwachleman says:

It does seem kind of odd that they would do a massive price reduction and then pull it to put mango on it, which is so highly anticipated. You'd think if they had pulled to add mango they would have kept the price the same as before.

But the DVP is getting Mango, regardless of price.

adp says:

I'm going to order one just to see if it comes with #Mango. I feel carrier approves phones with update installed quicker than updates for existing phones...that appears to be the trend.

Azolo says:

I think it's more AT&T. I remember when they released the Palm Pre Plus they wouldn't release a WebOS update for a few months because they "didn't feel comfortable releasing an update so soon after launch" or something ridiculous.Here's the link to the precentral story:http://www.precentral.net/webos-1-4-5-mostly-track-ATT-users-face-delay