AT&T Focus to get pre-NoDo and NoDo on Monday?

File this under rumor but plausible: Raphael Rivera of ChevronWP7 and who seems to have an inside track with Microsoft (see the Arrive prediction), is claiming that the AT&T Focus should be getting both the pre-NoDo and NoDo update this Monday.

AT&T devices have so far been left out of the pre-NoDo update fun, leaving many to believe that carriers are actively blocking the fix, regardless of evidence. Instead, it looks to be what Microsoft has been saying all along: carriers are testing and will roll out the update accordingly. AT&T seems to be taking the approach of doing both at the same time, getting it all out of the way for at least their Focus customers. Interestingly, this Monday is the 7th, which puts right around that rumored March 8th release date a few weeks ago.

Will it happen? We think so, so tune in Monday to see the fireworks. Lets hope that Microsoft/Samsung/AT&T can pull this off...lots of eyes will be on one of the most popular Windows Phone to date.

Source: @WithinRaphael, part 2 (Twitter)



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theefman says:

I guess T-Mobile is too busy making adverts for their so called "4G" network to provide an update. Just got to hold on a few more months for an unlocked Nokia....

deadXroutine says:

It's about time. I think it's a good idea to get both updates out of the way at the same time. Hopefully this is true.

KennyB1234 says:

The rumor excites me! Let's hope it's true. I can't wait for some NoDo action!

paspals says:

yes, i also heard the frenchies said nodo from monday... Now, everybody waits and dreams bout freedom- besides copy/paste which is a necessity!!

Paul Acevedo says:

Sweet. Can't wait to brick my phone and/or lose all my data on Monday!

Paul Acevedo says:

In case it wasn't clear... Ahem... I *am* a staff member, and that *was* a joke. :P

cdook says:

I find it funny Microsoft and AT&T have been pretty silent on the update schedule, yet a random hacker is giving us the news. We'll have to see what happens Monday. Can't wait!

scdkad says:

Don't forget the Quantum and the Surround!

jfa1 says:

HTC is reportedly doing their own pre no do update for HTC WP& devices.

onlywaytomo says:

ill see you guys when i get the update this summer thanks T mobile

devGOD says:

just love how rumors make it to stories so easy. i'm willing to be that there is over 20+ rumor wp7 articles on wpcentral since the release.

Meh.And what's wrong with rumors when properly classified as such? We tag them as rumors and mention it in the first sentence. You don't like it? Tough. Skip over the article--we don't force you to read and comment on 'em.Second, Rivera has been to the Microsoft campus twice in the last two months in closed-door NDA talks (Homebrew/Chevron meeting; Microsoft MVP program)--so yeah, he has some credibility here.

GP07 says:

MS said on friday that it signed up 10 more carriers for the update, which probably means the testing they did is done and the green light went on. Now you just have to sit and wait.

cannon#WP says:

I guess LG is chopped liver.

techimnot says:

Update? That would be cool. But even without it, you wouldn't get me to give up my Focus. I love this "Phone" just as it is. Any added functions or features would go beyond what it takes to call me a satisfied owner.

Yeah - any word on when the Quantum will be getting the pre-nodo and nodo updates?

Kaybrina says:

I did not get the focus because of horrid updates, if any, they had on Android. So when I came to WP I went with the quantum and really love the os and the device I just hope LG maintains it with updates.

I have to say I love the phone as is and this update will make it even better but if every update is going to be like this... ooh god help us all.I mean just push the updates yourself MS and let us move on with our lives.geees

chnkfc says:

No love from Tmo :[

mvierling says:

It is Monday, no update on my AT&T Focus.Edit: Looks like Raphael Rivera was wrong after all. My bet is that the updates will be released on 3-15, the date of the "big" Microsoft announcement.

HD7guy says:

I had a feeling the only way this update was going to happen was by replacing the carrier by carrier release plan with a carrier, make and model by carrier, make and model release plan.Good. The more phones with the update the better. It will also encourage manufacturers to make sure they produce a quality product.

bkaul says:

Tuesday and still neither update on my AT&T Focus. Has anyone seen either update yet? Guessing mvierling is probably right about the 3-15 date.

sirasoni#WP says:

He could mean Monday 14th?