Lumia 920

AT&T: Amber coming to the Lumia 920 in the “coming weeks”

The GDR2 update for Windows Phone starting rolling out for a lot of folks earlier this summer. And if you had a Lumia device you’d be getting the Amber update alongside it. Nokia also promised that their handsets would get both updates before the end of September. Depending on where you are, today is the end of September. So where’s the GDR2/Amber update for all those Lumia 920 customers on AT&T?

AT&T has been fairly mum about the status of GDR2/Amber for their Lumia 920 (and 820) handsets. Which has led to an inside joke in the Windows Phone Central community where nearly every blog post has one of you asking about the update.

According to an AT&T representative on their official forums the update will be out in the coming weeks. Vague? Yes. Community manager statement? Yeah, it’s not the most official statement, but it’s all we have right now. The delay in getting the update to AT&T customers has led a few to believe that they’re holding out for GDR3/Bittersweet shimmer and will push out all updates in one big push. Unfortunately, the forum post only mentions GDR2.

AT&T Lumia 920

There you have it folks. GDR2, AT&T, and the Lumia 920 in the coming weeks. By then we might be seeing GDR3 on competing handsets and networks.

Source: AT&T Forums

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rdubmu says:

Hopefully it will come

I still doubt it will come. Might as well package it with gdr3 by the time it's released.

infosage says:

AT&T has tentatively scheduled GDR3 for 2nd Quarter 2015, but they don't want to make any firm commitments.

RayWP7 says:

ROFL.  Sad. Much longer and I won't even remember what either of the dang GDR2/3 bring to the table. /sigh ;)

Odog4ever says:

Seriously. Hopefully WPCentral does wrapup of all the posts they did on the Lumia specific features of GDR2.

Im Expecting Windows Phone 9 by Q2 of 2015 ;)

Joseph Avena says:

I was never a fan of the IPhone and went with Andriod.  Got sick of Andriod because of the lack of updates and the WP intrigued me 3 years back.  I have been a WP fan especially thinking the updates would be similar to the way Apple does it.  So here I am stuck with the same shit.....waiting for updates at the mercy of the carrier.  Why can't MS just do as Apple...and take charge of their destiny and really create the user experience, after all we all get our Windows updates, especially Win8 every Tuesday.  I hope not to become an IFan.

WixosTrix says:

Nah, they'll surely make us wait months for that one too.

dreonedon says:

It feels like forever

Planblover08 says:

Everyone voice your concerns here.!/ATT?hc_location=stream
I did so and pple are getting pretty vocal.
UPDATE2: Nicole also replied from AT&T. She is probably an intern...
UPDATE: Tracie A. (AT&T FB page manager) responded to my post. So if you want to give her a piece of your mind comment here (on my post).!/ATT/posts/10151886780983909?comment_id=29647...

walter1832 says:

That's what she said

What happened to OTA's updates Microsoft stated?

phirefly says:

These are OTA updates. OTA has nothing to do with timeliness

xkimo says:

Hopefully we can watch videos purchased from Xbox video

ktl88 says:

This whole AT&T GDR2/Amber update reminds me of the question asked to Stephen Elop about the horrible support from AT&T for windows phones. People now are really getting pissed off!

ari kami says:

Please sign this petition to have Microsoft tak control of the update releases.

Tyetus says:

Probably a copy paste response

lubbalots says:

It is. That was said two months ago.

rdubmu says:

It is a copy and paste

bsd107 says:

Agree - not news-worthy at all

JoeDizzle33 says:

At least we have a timeframe now. This is better than "we are working on it".

lubbalots says:

"in the coming weeks" is no time frame. Its a stall tactic.

JoeDizzle33 says:

No way am I letting them off the hook. You're right its a stall tactic but at least they have given us something other than we are working on it. This at least confirms they are releasing it and not skipping this update like some have feared.

John20212 says:

'in the comming weeks' is the exact same BS as 'we are working on it' it means absolutely nothing
I am pissed off at Tech sites as well for not calling out ATT on this with a 'bad press' article each week.

lubbalots says:

They're afraid ATT might disconnect their iPhone cellular service.

carlosrdd says:

The time frame was by end of September all Lumias would have it....

Ken Morgan says:

If I remember correctly, that was a statement by Nokia, not AT&T. We are all at the mercy of AT&T. I don't understand what the hell could be the hold up.

MadSci2 says:

Last time I recall AT&T using those weasel words it was over four months

lubbalots says:

Funny though Nokia USA twitter said they almost done testing?

Rishicash says:

"In the coming weeks."  "We can neither confirm nor deny."  "We will take that into consideration."  "Our data suggests."  

xratola says:

And I thought carriers in Peru were cr@p... -.-

noelwilliams says:

I thought EE was bad, this takes the biscuit.

Mayur says:

and candy from the baby too...

rockstarzzz says:

Along with baby's diapers..

erzhik says:

And baby teeth...

RafRol says:

Don't forget the carriage...

saket87 says:

And then put the baby on contract to their parents

For the ATT NEXT price of 19.99 and then let them upgrade to a new baby in a year with that new baby smell ;-)

lubbalots says:

... For a WP/nokia premier carrier.

Kristijan87 says:

What's so special about AT&T that it requires such extensive testing? O.o

Kristijan87 says:

I'm from Croatia (Europe) so all of these "exclusivity deals" are very strange to me. We rarely have such things. Yes, sometimes a certain carrier would offer some device no other carrier wants to offer but there's no branding or special treatment (or if there is, it's extremely rare and barely seen, it usually comes down to some exclusive ringtones and wallpapers on older dumbphones and that's that), not to mention manufacturing a special and unique models for a certain carrier! Why the story is completely different in the US I have no idea. :S What's gained by it? Some minor differences in design and specs and months of agony with updates. 

Yes, our phone market is and has been carrier driven. My cell phone bill in any given month is either my first or second highest utility in a given month. Outrageous. Which is why a lot of people are switching to T-Mobile or prepaid plans. For such a large country we have a semi-monopolistic situation, where areas outside of large cities are lucky to have one, maybe two carriers. Prepaid and no carrier exclusivity makes sense on many levels. If Metro PCS gets a high end Windows phone I will switch, or I might just buy the phone from Rogers in Canada, which uses the same LTE frequencies. One more year.

Shay Legacy says:

Extensive testing they say...either being idiots for the long wait or adding more features.

Kormiko says:

More like removing features.... i.e. Nokia Data Sense. Microsoft really needs more control in updates. Apple wouldn't put up with this.

lubbalots says:

MS already stated they not gonna deal with updates. They give to carriers and after, its up to them to roll it out. What a flubber attitude. No responsibility at all by MS.

John20212 says:

If this crap from Microsoft continues and if they don't take responsibility for their updates the Lumia 1020 is my last Windows Phone. I am sick of dealing with this update shit. If Microsoft wants to learn something from Apple it should be how to handle Phone OS updates.

ymcpa says:

So, you will go with Apple? Android has to deal with the same crap and it's even worse because not only do you have to wait for carriers to roll out updates, you have to wait for the manufacturers to create the update to work with their customizations.

Jack Larson1 says:

As long as the updates come, and don't ruin the pretty design like one OS just did, I am happy.

toddos says:

The only Android phones worth buying are the Nexus or "Google Play Edition" phones (HTC One, GS4).  Every other phone is at the mercy of the manufacturers and carriers for updates, but Google updates these Nexus/Nexus Experience phones directly.
Maybe Microsoft will finally make a Surface Phone following the same approach, now that they (will) own Nokia's device division.  If they do, hopefully they don't limit it to T-Mobile like Google did for so long with the Nexus.

But at least with android - you have a choice.  You can either wait for the releases OTA - or you can root your phone and install whichever ROM you want with whichever features you want.  Same with Apple.  You can jailbreak it, and do a lot more with it.  With Windows, you can't do that.  So we are truly stuck with whatever upgrades that they decide to give us.  And if they're not willing to make the upgrades, at the very least they could open the APIs up so that developers CAN.  That's the frustrating part.
And let's keep in mind - we're not asking Windows to make our phone do backflips or anything like that.
We're asking for them to do things that Windows has already done in the past.
Case in point: My favorite feature of Windows Mobile was the automatic profile, because that way I could leave my phone on ring, but when I was in a meeting or whatever, the phone would switch to vibrate to correspond with the event in the calendar.  Where'd that go ?   The requests (complaints) aren't "Hey Windows, IOS/Android does this - can you do it too?" but rather "Hey Windows YOU used to do this, why do you not any longer?"
Windows Phone 8 reminds me of Windows Vista - releases have been driving by the marketing department, not the sales department.  I love the facade, but the foundation needs work. 

Josh Harman says:

Your 1020 (if your not just trolling) already had GDR2... so you're not waiting on anything. Also, Microsoft released GDR2 several months ago, which was delay shortly by Nokia who was behind schedule on Amber... now other AT&T customers (without 1020's) are waiting on GDR2 because of AT&T - not Microsoft.

Jefe32 says:

Considering the Iphone can download software updates on day one, I have to agree with you. Im just going to flash Amber on my Lumia 920 and hope I don't brick my phone.

ladydias says:

Not much MS can do. Apple got to the carriers first and the carriers have made sure no other companies can get the same deal ever since, including Android handsets. They don't make money from people updating their phones versus making them impatient enough to buy the next best thing.

Steakman33 says:

That's the case exactly. You can't tell me that they still need to "finish testing the update", when you have two phones on your network that already come with it. IE: 1020, 925. 

scdkad says:

Excellent point. +1020

ymcpa says:

But the other carriers did provide the update pretty fast. Only AT&T is dragging their feet. Hopefully, now that MS is releasing Nokia hardware, there will be no more exclusivity deals. MS doesn't need that money. They can release to all the carriers at once. When AT&T starts losing subscribers to other carriers because they have poor customer service, they will start paying attention. Customer retention is a big deal for any carrier.

Shay Legacy says:

I hear you @Kormiko !!

blushrts717 says:

They are stalling so people lose patience and upgrade their phone.

DatManWolf says:

They have to strip out the useful features so that they can charge extra for those features provided by them but only shittier

Now we know what exclusivity means in the AT&T dictionary.

Correction, Windows Phone premier partner, what a joke.

lubbalots says:

Premier, in ATT dict probably means first to stall.

Clavitox says:

Lmao I'm sorry I had to laugh

gamo62 says:

In the coming weeks, GDR 3 will be out.

Jf.Vigor says:

Lol nah. The first gdr3 devices will be coming out November 8th. Won't see it coming for other devices until Dec at the earliest

kwambe5 says:

And who's to say that AT&T's 'few weeks' is not really early November? Just saying, it took them this long.

Jf.Vigor says:

That's ok because I'll have the 1520. But I'm sure my gf who is getting my hand-me-down 920 will love the new glance features

erzhik says:

"in coming weeks" usually means several months in electronics world.

Shay Legacy says:

You mean, several months in AT&T world.

Jack Larson1 says:

Kinda like "Steam time". HL3, anyone?

Better late than never. Or even better, GDR3 instead.

Clavitox says:

Better late than never, but never late is better

richddr says:

I officially hate att, slow af!

BK-one says:

And we wonder why its hard to convince people to #switch...

Shay Legacy says:

About to switch...Out of AT&T.

DHHSMichael says:

Unfortunately every carrier does this. Verizon is even worse, especially with their Android updates.

Josh Harman says:

I got Amber/GDR2 from Verizon over 1 1/2 months ago.

lubbalots says:

Apple never fails to commit to a deadline. How is this not possible for MS/ Nokia!

Josh Harman says:

When people constantly say Apples does this or does that... it makes me wonder why those people don't have iPhones.

operand says:

Which is why I am starting to question myself by having any WP device. The app situation has no end in sight and now dealing with massive delays on the update front.

lubbalots says:

Should get myself an iPhone and use it daily for a week just to get the feel. After see if I will convert or not. But you know how it is. The minute you step our the door, MS gets it right.

lubbalots says:

We luv WP. Want to see it succeed. But also want utmost commitment and dedication from MS to their product and customer. Right now its as though MS playing by chance or trial and error. You won't see that from Apple (Steve Jobs). Apple- bug found today, patch send tomorrow. MS/Nokia- bug found today " oh we'll fix it up in the update and its up to carriers to deliver". BS!

Josh Harman says:

Steve Jobs is dead.
BTW - Microsoft delivered GDR2 months ago.

Jack Larson1 says:

The stress (and cancer) got him.

lubbalots says:

I haven't seen the delivery since it was delivered.

Paul Acevedo says:

That does AT & T customers no good. You shouldn't apologize for Microsoft so much. They created and agreed to the update process that we're all forced to live with.

Josh, I hope that's rhetorical and you're intelligent enough to know the answer to your own question.

Josh Harman says:

I do. Many people are morons.

xpxp2002 says:

Because we're trying to make a point. Most of the Apple ecosystem does not work as well with my Windows-based PC and Xbox, so I opt for Windows Phone. But if Microsoft wants to compete against Apple, they need to be able to deliver at least as well as Apple does. And since Apple had a three year headstart on Microsoft, that means it's all the more important that Microsoft be able to deliver updates quickly to catch up. (Say what you want, but there are components of Windows Phone that still need to catch up.)

Josh Harman says:

Good lick making a point to Microsoft in the comments section of a random website on a random article. I'm sure that is the best way to get Microsoft to hear you.

lubbalots says:

Yeah man! Good lickin!!

SmoothDog says:

You do realize that Apple has the carriers by the balls, right? MS would demand or push out their updates themselves if they could. The problem is that WP has a sliver of the market share that Apple has. They hold little influence to get AT&T to do tricks for them like Apple does. Android is another story. Although Samsung has good market share, they could care less about updates. They just expect you to buy their new device instead of updating your current one.

arallan says:

Me Too never coming back

John20212 says:

Better to switch out of WP if Microsoft does not sort out this update mess ASAP and send those idiots in Redmond a message that they can either stick their heads up carriers asses or they can sell and increase their WP market share by actually listening to customers.

Josh Harman says:

Wow. Yeah this guy must be a troll.

Microsis says:

Sweet! If this keeps up maybe we will see GDR3 before 2014 is over!
Seriously, at this point isn't it worth just bundling GDR2 and GDR3 together?

Lumia 8x says:

What a slackers.

ArchieVellie says:

This is awesome! Just in time for everyone else to get GDR3. ( o.O )

lubbalots says:

Read you wrong. You're right! ATT gdr2/Amber. Everyone else gdr3. And trend goes, ATT the "premier" gdr3, everyone else wp8.1.

Nerdy Woman says:

The delay on the update from AT&T irks me, but at the end of the day... their plans are cheaper, their national coverage is excellent, and I love my Lumia 920. T-mobile won't even work inside my house in metropolitan Orange County, California.
And while Verizon is advertising their 4G LTE coverage and comparing their coverage map to others (seems they have the everything east of the Mississippi covered), trying to find a Verizon wifi hotspot sends you into Econolodges instead of McD's or Starbucks. Which explains why Verizon needs fantastic 4G LTE coverage... it's the only way you're going to stay connected, even if you have to pay more for more data.

erzhik says:

I wish their plans were cheaper, at least in my area T Mobile is cheaper but their coverage sucks and AT&T recently installed antennas in subway tunnels.

Nerdy Woman says:

Here in So Calif, AT&T share plan (shared w no one) w unlimited talk/text and 1GB data is only about $20 more than T-mobile. I'm finding 1GB is more than enough (I don't think I've exceeded 100 mb in any of the past 5 months) since I spend most of my time connected to wifi.
Might be a different story if I were watching streaming videos while riding on mass transit...
Moreover, I can drive all the way to mom's in Oregon without ever roaming for data or voice. Good enuf.

Jack Larson1 says:

NYC? Heard about that.

Josh Harman says:

LOL - Econolodge
Anyway, every McDonalds & Starbucks I've ever seen have free WiFi for everyone, not just AT&T customers.

gamo62 says:

Actually AT&Terrible is having you buy the newest Lumia if you want the latest software. 1020 already had GDR2, and the 1520 is likely to have GDR3.

erasure25 says:

I would not be shocked if they did this to try to seduce more people into their more expensive upgrade every year plans...

erzhik says:

That's what carriers usually do on their flagship devices, forcing people to upgrade instead.

jmazzei says:

Thats gotta be it and is crappy! Really just a terrible way to do business. Makes me wanna just get a nexus device, or I guess I'm gonna try and flash it. Bummer

scdkad says:

And with their ingenious new "Next" upgrade plan you will pay another $20-$30 month..

erasure25 says:

20 weeks from now is still in the coming weeks.. Is it Oct? Nov? Dec? They should at least give a month.

fpostrow says:

but you know they won't. Being vague and non committal is the whole point.

aleclunsford says:

They did "end of September"

NZSteveC says:

First out with the Lumia 920 last out with updates,and they are for ever pushing the newer models and not offering any way short of large penalties to upgrade. AT&T = A**holes Today &  Tomorrow

gamepop says:

Coming 20 weeks?

erasure25 says:

No, I'm just saying "in the coming weeks" is not telling us much... As an example, 20 weeks is still in the coming weeks. They should tell us a month it will be released instead of some vague timeline.

leo74 says:

Screw this. And then the next waiting game for GRD3? Idiots

Rick Smits says:

My guess would be somewhere near the end of October.

Keith Porria says:

Is there a time frame for GDR3?

bpmurr says:

Late November for existing devices but the new Nokia devices will ship with it on launch.

Keith Porria says:

Possible timing with the Xbox one?

walter1832 says:

In the coming years

bpmurr says:

It will be released on AT&T by Oct. 21st. Bank on it!

walter1832 says:

10/21 @ 9:20 am

Zenpharaoh says:

Finally something at least. Can't complain, my 920 is still awesome and works perfect. Hopefully we get shimmer sooner than most.

A year from now is coming in the "coming weeks" as well.

raul_junior says:


walter1832 says:

And I'm confirming it here, it must be true!

xaeryan says:

I'm confirming that you're confirming.

Shay Legacy says:

When Amber Update finally comes for my Unlocked AT&T Lumia 920, I'll be selling it. Hate you AT&T...

aeonstar says:

This makes no sense! They are intentionally doing that to sell 925 and 1020 handsets. They will also delay bittersweet shimmer so they can sell 1520. Their corporate practices suck!

erzhik says:

Customer service sucks but as corporate practice goes, this is a genius way of making bank.

Octonabz says:

Whatever happened to cursing in cursive?

RegalWinston says:

Im going to flash my 920. Eff that. I LOVE my #Lumia but damn all the little update hiccups make me want to leave for a lame ass iPhone.

Josh Harman says:

Sounds more like you need a new carrier.

Jf.Vigor says:

lol so dramatic
Look, does your phone suffer from the disappearing keyboard bug? or does it lose WIFI signal like the dell venue pro did when it came out....
These type problems REQUIRED a swift and essential update. GDR2 doesn't do much except brings on not-so-important new features. Truly truly nothing to get your panties in a bunch about

Fritzly says:

Not so important updates.... for you! My battery life has improved, I love Data Sense and all the other small features that I got with Amber.
Note how I referred exclusively to my experience and not as I am the High Priest speaking for everybody.

Jf.Vigor says:

Regardless of how cool the update is, it doesn't fix crucial issues sooooo I don't see a reason for someone to say they're gonna go to at&t because they haven't gotten the update *yet*
Note how I put emphasis on yet. As opposed to at&t saying we aren't getting it ever?

Josh Harman says:

Critical issues... like the "other" storage problem...

Fritzly I wish this had a like button. Great response.

jwiley9 says:

I did the flash to the French ROM on my 920, it was super easy and I have had Amber, Glance et al... For a while now. Data sense is there and nothing AT&T can do about it. And with the phone unlocked, T-Mobile has some decent coverage in Miami if they keep it up.

Seriously ATT is always late.
I recommend we create a good acronym for ATT that sticks to show how bad they are with updates and twitter that everytime they do something like this.


Josh Harman says:

Weren't they among the first to release GDR1?

Ultimateone says:

Yes it was super fast

Josh Harman says:

Yeah and AT&T customers were poking out their chest, touting AT&T's dedication to WP and thumbing their noses at all other carriers... oh how things have changed.

dwigfor says:

Do you think the extensive testing is to make sure Data Sense is included or whether 920 works after it's been revoked.

erzhik says:

Revoked. No way will ATT allow data sense.

kwajr says:

This is the thread where y'all can rant about it not every where else on here

Jack Larson1 says:

Because this is my favorite thread. Drowning in self and unified pity. ;D

zeke009 says:

I would hate to be a a community manager when AT&T does this with the 8.1 update. I hope to be amazed, but I doubt it.

erichon99 says:

Why bother at this point

EzraWard says:

Everyone, take a second and read this. I've been hard on AT&T, but they may not be ultimately at fault here.

So Microsoft let loose a faulty update and AT&T would rather suffer customer's wrath than release GDR2? Why does that make sense on some level? Thanks for sharing.

T Moore says:

The update is just fine on the rest of the 920's.
Why would you try to blame Microsoft?

I guess I am, that is what that blog post is implying, if it is full of misinformation, generalizations, and poor assumptions, then my apologies, I just want my phone to get better, that is all.

EzraWard says:

I'm certainly not trying to spread misinformation by any means, but I do have to wonder about Microsoft in all of this. I posted this as a something to think about. No one knows what's really going on inside of Microsoft.

EzraWard says:

Microsoft certainly can be criticized in this as well as AT&T and Nokia.
Microsoft is the reason that we still essentially have the WP 7.5 Mango feature set two years after it was released. Show me what major things have been added to WP since Mango. There are feature gaps people pointed out in 2010 that still haven't been addressed.
Microsoft is also the reason that I've only recieved one update since last falls Windows 8.0 release and it was a bug fix release with a feature or two added in.
Guess what phone won't let you play back videos purchased on Microsoft's own video service. Any Windows Phone 8 device. This STILL hasn't been addressed. (Probably in GDR3, I know.) When I upgraded to a shiny new Lumia 920, I was greeted with one major feature less than I had with my first-generation device.
I still have bugs in the music player of my phone that I noticed early this year. You know when Apple fixed issues with the initial build of iOS 7? Within days. This may be fixed in GDR2, which was done in May(?) and we still obviously don't have.
Hidden Pineapple, a software dev outfit, had bugs in their twitter app for probably 6+ months(and may still be there closing in on a year after its discovery) due to a bug in the WP8 API. A bug in the API that may never have been fixed.
While this may be on AT&T, I definitely don't think that it's impossible that Microsoft has some fault here.
Sorry for the rant, I'm just frustrated like you. :)

Josh Harman says:

That article is full of misinformation, generalizations and assumptions.

EzraWard says:

Keep in mind that no one really knows why that the update isn't out. His speculation is as good as any. He did write and publish the article before the announcement that AT&T was releasing GDR2 in the coming weeks, so he had less information to go on.

Josh Harman says:

I've seen much better speculation, mainly from on people not as misinformed.

Weird, because new builds of GDR2 showed up on NaviFirm today. But of course, I'm clueless and misinformed.

Here in Brazil the only device that still don't have Amber is the 820. I don't get why. Ok the Lumia 920 was the first one to be updated, then the 520 (ok too, because is the device with the most  market share.) THEN the 620, e THEN the 720. I don't * get why the 820 has to be the last one.
I'm so in hurry to get Amber and see if the quality of the photos will increase, cause I'm so disappointed with the camera quality of the 820 :/ Even some 5 mp android takes better shots than I and I'm not kidding. The photos are just too damn noise for a 8 mp sensor, I ALMOST get better photos outdoors with a Sony Android from 2009 that has 3.2 mp (that was my previous phone.). That not to mention other devices with 8 mp that real CRUSH the quality of my phone :/
Sorry, I'm just venting here. :S
If you have the same problem with the 820, please reply me here. :/

jwinch2 says:

Ridiculous.  One of the big points on Windows Phone would be that it allowed for the pushing of updates in a way that bypasses the carrier so that people would get timely updates.  Obviously, that was a lie.  

I keep saying that. Can some please tell us, what in all hell happened to that????

bbennett40 says:

I believe Microsoft had to backtrack on that to gain foothold with carriers. After getting abandonded by AT&T with an android phone, I was really excited about MS announcing that updates were indpendent of carriers. However, that changed rather quickly.

Fritzly says:

MS has hinted about direct updates since the time of the HP Journada... never happened.
Same happened with the "Early adopter" program or whatever was called what Myers announced when presenting WP8... lost in the Redmond rain...

theefman says:

Never promised, carriers were always part of the equation.

It was promised at the dev conference I attended. By Myerson & Belfiore.

wapoz says:

Its an even bigger insult that this is happening on a "flagship" device. Meanwhile my younger bro has had GDR2 on his HTC 8x for over month now.

rockstarzzz says:

Microsoft never said that. When OTA for WP8 was announced over enthusiastic peeps like us decided to explain OTA that comes from air without any network interaction. Microsoft never denied it or accepted it back then

Mystictrust says:

+1 Exactly. I remember shaking my head and trying to correct people then, but many were too convinced to believe otherwise.

Tjalsma says:

Allow me to use my inner valley girl personality. "Whatever!"

mop#WP says:

They said that it would be a few weeks a few weeks ago. ATT sucks.

RaRa85 says:

"In the coming weeks..." well when else would it I hate these "in the coming weeks/months" statements. We know it's coming eventually. Duh.

budney says:

For AT&T in weeks = 52 or 104 weeks lol smh.
This just makes me want to wait for a unbranded/unlocked version of the 1520. I am using a 720 with Amber now, while my 820 sits a drawer. AT&T FAIL!

Memristor says:

Exactly my thoughts, I'll buy an unbranded/unlocked 1520 as well. Even if I have to wait an extra month or so for it.

seenable says:

Oh how I love AT&T...

Cool...and I'll be leaving you "in weeks". I don't have the patience for people who drag their feet when I'm paying them handsomly.