AT&T lowers price on Quantum and Focus

On the fence about buying an LG Quantum or Samsung Focus and just can't justify spending $199 on the new Windows Phone?  We've learned of some good news from AT&T in that they have dropped the price for both these phones down to $99. Enough to knock you off that fence?

Not sure when it happened but AT&T dropped the contractually discounted price and out-of-contract price (now $399) one hundred bucks.  The phones do require a minimum data package of $15 a month and new activation (not sure if upgrades qualify).  If you order online, AT&T will throw in free shipping to boot.

Not a shabby deal if you're in the market for a new Windows Phone.  You can find all the details over at AT&T Wireless.

Thanks goes out to Eli for tipping us on this!



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ducttape36 says:

amazonwireless.com has it on sale for a penny with a new contract regularly. including right now.

thoughthalo says:

Does this mean that updated Windows Phones will be announced at CES?

Rodney5 says:

Is this a bad sign? Does it mean that sales are low? It seems a little early for them to be dropping the price of their flagship WP7 phone. And the quantum just came out! I'm a little worried.

Neofire says:

Nothing to fear, they just have a goal of getting these phones in as many hands as possible. I've recently had android defector come over wp7, didnt pay the $199.99 at Att but they sure ordered it from amazon for a penny. Lower prices are good. Get it to the people, let the awesomeness shine.

Ezence01 says:

They most likely are trying to get as many as they can into peoples hands. I'm one of the said "Android defectors", but not really because I still have my Rooted Evo and Rooted Nook Color. I for sure didn't think much of WP7 until I actually got one in my hands. I was so impressed with the experience that I purchased one for my mother (focus), my son (surround), and myself (focus). Technically it's no where near Android at the moment, but Android was in a similar situation on launch also. I say in a couple of years, if MS keeps adding key features, WP7 should have a large share of the market.

I don't think they should have lowered the price on their flagship model, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I about these things made the decision. Plus if you think about CES coming up, dual core phones, and what ever else being announced, maybe it makes a little more sense they'll be trying to push these out the door asap.

Hombaca05 says:

Good on them for lowering the contract free price, too.

jfa1 says:

I just checked on ATT my contract is npot up until November next year. The price for me now is 399. for upgrade on focus, quantum or 16gb iphone 4. Thats a quandry as my wife wanted to upgrade to the iphone 4 from her samsung eternity so that was her Bday and Christmas present so she and our daughter (on my family plan have iphones and I have the tilt2. I think I am probably going to stand pat with the tkilt2 but I am thinking harder (pun intended) about hardSPl and going to a replacement rom like illuminati with the att bloatware stripped out Or i could get a new phone and sell the ilt2 and the pure and hopefully only be out a hundred or so. I am also waiting to see whats announced at CES and bhope that HPalm is goming out with a slate w/o phiz kb that would give me pause!

dyne2199 says:

I can verify that if you're eligible for an upgrade on an existing contract, this price applies to you too. I logged into our account and my wife is eligible for the $99 price as the subsidized price, (I'm not eligible until Feb 11th so I'd be shelling out full retail for now). I did notice that she does get an extra $50 off of any 2-yr price, so she'd get it for $49.99 with a waived activation fee and free shipping if we sign back up for 2 more years, (we've been with AT&T/Cingular/AmeriTech for 14 years with no problems, so we'll more than likely sign back up). Not bad at all, but if you can scoop it up on Amazon for a penny, do it up. Another way to look at the price drop is to consider that if you buy a Focus, you can use the extra cash you would've spent on the phone anyway to plunk down on a 32GB microSD card (WP7 compatible, of course).

benjitek says:

...gotta move them somehow... ;)

Rico says:

Realistically, AT&T needs to boost their subscriber base before the iPhone goes to Verizon, and before Verizon gets Windows Phone devices. It makes sense that they'll cut their hardware sales margins a little closer to gain subscribers, which generally won't cancel service unless it's been absolutely horrible for them.

I went into an at&t store today and they told me that the $99 price is for a limited time. Only a promotion...nothing to see here