AT&T teams up with Microsoft – to deliver enterprise cloud solution in 2014

Microsoft teams up with AT&T

Microsoft and AT&T have announced that they will be working together to deliver a more secure and reliable cloud solution to enterprise customers. The new solution will connect clients to a Windows Azure based cloud platform through virtual private networking, to deliver a new level of security to businesses around the world.

In addition to enterprise-grade security, Microsoft claims that customers will be able to access the cloud platform with “as much as 50 percent lower latency than the public internet”.

While many of us at home feel secure enough using SkyDrive, Dropbox, or one of the many other cloud services available today, enterprises and corporations with large amounts of confidential data are looking elsewhere.

Microsoft and AT&T claim to have that answer with their new partnership that will address existing “concerns about security and reliable performance.” The two companies will work together to enable “enterprise customers to quickly and reliably connect applications and services from their own datacenters to the Windows Azure cloud service.”

The new service will use “protective confines and high transmission speeds of a highly-secure virtual private network” to deliver an experience unlike consumer services.

Andy Geisse, CEO of AT&T Business Solutions made a statement about the future of business computing in the cloud:

“This is a game changer for businesses that have been seeking a more secure way to reap the benefits of cloud services, by bringing the security and performance of our virtual private network to Windows Azure; we expect to energize enterprise demand for cloud solutions.”

AT&T states that they plan to use their cloud technology, NetBond, to allow network and compute resources “to flex in tandem to support the fluctuating demands on systems.” The result is a high-speed network that can adapt to changes and provide top-notch service.

Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise for Microsoft, Satya Nadella, also made a statement in regards to the company’s new partnership with AT&T:

“There’s no question that the time for cloud computing is now, and it’s critical we help enterprises embrace the cloud on their terms. “Through this strategic alliance with AT&T, we can reduce the barriers to entry for cloud computing by providing a more secure and reliable connectivity option for enterprise customers, accelerating the growth of cloud computing and the rapid adoption of Windows Azure.”

While Microsoft has yet to comment on how exactly they will provide a more secure experience to enterprise customers, AT&T is very open on their approach to delivering high-speed connections to those who need it. Microsoft’s secure Azure platform coupled with virtual private networking is the first step towards a more secure computer cloud experience, but we expect more details about how the company plans to keep their service “enterprise-grade secure” in the upcoming future.

The new cloud service is aimed to launch in the first half of 2014. There is no word yet on pricing or when the service will be available to all and not just a select few corporations.

What do you think about Microsoft teaming up with AT&T – what do you think they will name the new cloud service?

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First. At&t blows.

hopmedic says:

Yes! Microsoft, deal with Verizon!!!!

Whodaboss says:

Yes.  Deal with Verizon... Hmm, is this the same Verizon that told Microsoft and their Windows Phone platform to take a hike until they deem it was good enough to sell on their network.  Unlike AT&T and TMobile that embraced Windows Phone from the START!  As far as I'm concerned Verizon doesn't deserve any Windows Phone or Microsoft support!  None!

hopmedic says:

Let's be fair... Would you be referring to the Microsoft that released the OS without CDMA support, and didn't even put that support into the first update?

If my company is lucky this will come packaged with GDR2, which I can then make a copy and use for my L920. Can't wait till 3014 ;) Take that AT&T. Though you'd hold that hostage until IPhone proved to be a hit didn't you? Speaking of which, the Iphone is already out and good number of units were sold (which I believe not to be true 100%), so you can go and release GDR2 now.

Eas195 says:

dude, we're 1001 years behind 3014! :P

At&t may blow as far as consumers' perception, however, I believe their approach with enterprise (More Lucrative) will be more reliable and professional. "Sad but True."

Spoken like a true Metallica fan!

jlynnm350z says:

Second. At&t can't deliver on sqwat!!!! cough. . . . Amber

walter1832 says:

AT&T, how about you deliver something else first. Douche!

bpmurr says:

Probably will come out before GDR2 on the 920.

infosage says:

Does AT&T even know what they are doing to their reputation?   I mean, you'd think with their WP options, this group would be their natural champions.  However, they've screwed up the phone updates so badly that they're losing all the good will their other efforts have built up.
I'm an AT&T 920 owner.  As I read that updates are heading out to eveyone, but AT&T users, I feel pretty pissed off right now.   I'm actually considering a switch back to Verizon.  It not only the fact they won't allow my phone the upgrade (who knows why), but that they won't even tell us their plans... at all.  It's like they are telling their customers, "Shut the F up and pay your F'ing bill."  In fact, that communication would be better than being completely ignored.

Korn1699 says:

They should aim at delivering GDR2 to lumias before any of that...

irvin792 says:

My infatuation with all that is star wars and at&t being the deathstar is all that is left for me to like with them.......oh and they have good coverage where I'm at

DalekSnare says:

Yep, I love the coverage and the death star logo is nice. I got 50 MBits on an LTE speed test last week. But if GDR3 and 8.1 don't come out on time (and if Verizon continues to provide good service to the 928), I'll jump ship when my contract's up in April.

When I saw at&T in the notification, I thought that meant they would have the surface 2 LTE model.

OMG55 says:

Do you think they can team up with Microsoft to Market Windows Phone like they do Apple & Android? Do you think they can instruct their sales team to show all phoned equally and know how to operate each correctly when demoing to potential customers.

Josh Harman says:

I would atleast say that AT&T advertises Windows Phone more than any other US carrier.

blur510 says:

instead of speniding billions in advertising they should just give employees $10 for every wp8 phones they sell.

Josh Harman says:

Microsoft only gets about $10 per phone.

K_lando says:

The corporate At&t store near me does a good job promoting... signs everywhere, Windows Phones are the first ones you see when you walk in the door.  The employees didn't know much though (that was a year ago).  And a section in the middle showing off accessories like the JBL speakers.

Josh Harman says:

AT&T customers have 1 week left in September... so either you'll get GDR2 in the next 7 days or you will indeed have been screwed.

GregAllen says:

I would say we're screwed

PeterFnet says:

Now if they could only team up to deliver GDR2

RodimusMajor says:

Enterprise, huh? Sounds like Microsoft is rushing to fill Blackberry's niche now that they're on the way out.

pallentx says:

what? Blackberry's enterprise niche (the tiny one they had compared to MS) was replaced loooong ago by Exchange.

 This is completely different

I'd rather they team up and update our F***ING PHONES in a timely manner.

FiXxXeR520 says:

Now if only they could deliver me my update for my 920.

DaveGx says:

How about they team up to get Updates out in a timely friggin manner?

ahandeman says:

i was going to post about GDR2 - Amber but looks like everyone had the same thoughts as I did. #getinthegameAT&T

Xsled says:

It sucks we don't have GDR2, but, fuck, let it go. Why does every post regarding at&t become this. This community will be the end of this community. They obviously have a reason for not doing so. At&t has been a huge, if not the biggest supporter of our platform. They aren't here to fuck us. Do I wish we knew why there was a delay, sure, but come on...

PeterFnet says:

For me, I frequently check to when new posts arrive on WPCentral to see if GDR2 was released.
Why the hate? Microsoft fed us to the carriers will. AT&T is prioritized on new phone sales more than maintaining existing sales.
While others and I rage at AT&T, more rage should be directed at Microsoft.

Josh Harman says:

Or should it be directed at everyone's darling Nokia? Samsung & HTC deliver their phones almost equally.

PeterFnet says:

Good point. Honestly not sure. Nokia delivered a firmware update with this release. I'm not sure if HTC did.

K_lando says:

I fear this is correct... something up between Nokia and At&t, not MS or AT&T by themselves. I remember reading the HTC 8X on At&t received the GDR2 Update.
Heck, it might even be an issue w/ At&t 920's specifically. Still not anything to get angry about, and technically there's 7 days left to keep the promise.
I want my update as much as the next person, but not letting it get to me. That was an angry game I used to play when owning Android phones and I realized how pointless it is to constantly be harping on it.

Banstyle says:

This was a huge problem with WP7 and MS said it wouldn't be a problem any more with WP8. They lied. That's why were pissed.

paulxxwall says:

And now ever since wp7 saying that att is windows phones biggest supporter is not really saying much!

peterfares says:

Any company would be stupid to use a proprietary system offered by a single carrier. Stay away from any carrier services - you never know when you'll have to switch carriers or use a different carrier in a different location. 

lippidp says:

There are plenty of incompetent IT Managers. This will be a huge success. It all comes down to CYA. The incompetent IT Manager goes with the big name so if something goes wrong his superiors won't second guess his decision to go with the big guy. If he goes with the small guy that is better and cheaper, but something goes wrong, his superiors will ask him why he went with the niche player and maybe fire his ass. This is American business today. One huge CYA effort.

Fndlumia says:

Ms teams up with att to delay gdr2

fpostrow says:

T minus 7 and counting. Come on ATT, you can do this. GDR2 me baby.

Josh Harman says:

I'm surprised that an article involving AT&T doesn't have many comments on GDR2.

If you read everything above AT&T, Pretty much no one believes a word coming out of your mouths because of the lack of support, or at best the dead beat foot dragging of the 920.

WPmunkey says:

How about they team up to give me an update that is months old already?

paulxxwall says:

" what do we think about Ms teaming up with at&t" what a question ! I'm sure mr archumbalt knew what was coming. I'm wondering if he was seriously asking or just teasing us to get sum laughs out of us. Well comments here are funny so he wins either way thanks at&t .

alijahg34 says:

Team up and get me my update

dalydose says:

Lets just hope this improves the relationship between Microsoft/Nokia and AT&T. This premier carrier thing hasn't played out how it should, but maybe this joint venture will give MS some internal leverage to get proper treatment for Windows Phone.

jswantek says:

Couldn't think of a better, more efficient way for AT&T to pass along all of your communications to the DEA, NSA, and any other government agency that wants to have a peek at what your emails have to say.  
(Notice I didn't mention the lack of support for my Lumia 920?)

ovancantfort says:

Totally agree. They forgot to mention NSA as third partner. Do not see this ever taking off in Europe after all this Snowden story.

adrian1338 says:

Well.. is anyone actually speaking about the news or just complaining about GDR2

fpostrow says:

I think we're almost completely sticking to complaining about the lack of GDR2/Amber on our @ATT Lumia 920's.

jswantek says:

Everyone's afraid to speak out about it, we'll have NSA drones circling our workplaces and DEA agents kicking in the doors of our houses. 

Kyle Moreno1 says:

AT&T put out the Amber update for the 920 already OMYGAWD!

jdawgnoonan says:

We need a new carrier in the US that brings European style practices to the US. Our carriers suck.

I wish they would partner together to give me my damn Amber update on my Lumia 920!

Rishicash says:

So looking at the drawing here....I'm not seeing anything for the NSA.

jswantek says:

There's an AT&T-branded drone that will circle the network, collecting and transmitting data back to an NSA collection point that then reads, filters and stored your communications.  Then, the NSA, or DEA, can write their own warrants and go through your communications.  Because, after all, your browsing history, your wife's amazon purchases, your kid's video games.....they need to know all about them for national security reasons.
But don't lose faith yet.  Since it's an AT&T-branded drone, it doesn't get any software or firmware updates, and there's a good chance it still thinks the earth is flat.

terrokkinit says:

YES!!! I may not like AT&T personally, but with one of the two highest contenders involved in a partnership (VZW and them), this is a good sign that the US carriers have our backs. They want change in the device ecosystem, especially since WP requires NO subsidies like what the iPhone does. As for cloud computing and the enterprise, first Azure and collaboration, next tablets, Windows Phone, ActiveSync Exchange setup, and group policies all collaborated by B2B AND the private sector. This is HUGE!!!