AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 featured in today's 12 Days of Deals (Updated)

AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520

Update: It appears the door buster and $99 deal is in-store only. The promotional material did not make that distinction until the pricing was listed online.  You can still save a little online though.  The price of the off-contract model has dropped $100 to $449 and you will receive the $50 gift card and a free download for Halo Spartan Assault.

Today is one of the larger deal days in the Microsoft Store’s 12 Days of Deals promotion.  Today you can pick up the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone for a steal if you are fast enough.

You know the set-up.

Today the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 will be on sale to the first twenty customers at participating Microsoft Stores (US/Canada only) and the first one hundred customers online for FREE.  As an added bonus, Microsoft is tossing in a $50 Windows Phone Store gift card so you can fill the Lumia 1520 up with all your favorite games and apps.

12 Days of Deals

After the door buster deals are gone, the Lumia 1520 will be running $99, while supplies last, and you will still get the $50 gift card.

The sale starts at 7am PST/10am EST and before you get too excited, these prices do require a two-year contract with AT&T.  We do not expect the non-contract price ($549) to waiver.  You can find all the details on the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 here at the Microsoft Store’s website.

If you are on the fence about whether the Lumia 1520 is right for you, check out Dan’s follow-up review on the Lumia 1520.  He may answer some of the questions you have and help you decide if the Lumia 1520 is your next Windows Phone.

For those in the hunt for the Lumia 1520 this morning, good luck! 



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treiz says:

First in line at the woodlands TX location

surfacenerd says:

So it is available online too. Microsoft told me it is only in-store.

aitt says:

It stated in the article about online...

surfacenerd says:

That is why I am confused...

They told me that is was only available at a brick and mortar store. Guess I won't believe anything else they say.

aitt says:

Every deal has been available online for the first 100 customer. Most times store associates are well, dumb, and half don't even know their own products. I went to MS Store and knew more about their own products than they knew.

Rich Edmonds says:

It has been an extremely confusing promotion to say the least, lol.

tribexx says:

Done by the same people in charge of releasing Xbox One features.

indieimprint says:

First in line at my local store

ajftl says:

U mean is only u. Lol

indieimprint says:

For awhile, I was.

indieimprint says:

Got mine! :D also ordered the Qi shell so I can mod it and a nano-micro SIM adapter so I cab rotate between the 1020 and 1520 regularly!

Trust1421 says:

I was told it was $449 off-contract for the promotion...

aitt says:

$100 off is not at all for this phone with its specs.

infosage says:

AT&T intentionally gimped the Nokia flagship phone and now they have to discount it to move inventory.  Nice job.  It would be funny, but I'm actually rooting for WP. 

At least in South America and Europe WP is doing really well.  How's that AT&T exclusivity deal working out for you Nokia/Microsoft?

Reeves says:

Pretty well, actually. Do people think there are a wealth of carrier options in the US? Sprint doesn't care and is still in a downward spiral anyways. T-Mobile isn't paying for top of the line models from most manufacturers. Verizon wants variants, customization, and their ugly logo all over everything. AT&T - for all of their faults - is still the best US game in town for Nokia.

Joe Acerbic says:

Dumb. T-Mobile AND THEIR CUSTOMERS don't even work that way. We are not fooled by the subsidy/contract scams and many of us would gladly pay the full price for a decent Windows phone if Nokia only let us buy any.

Janak Patel says:

Amen, screw Sht&T, I'll wait....

cesar ruiz1 says:

Just buy one no one is holding you back. If you want a Lumia phone just go to best buy, Microsoft stores or anywhere else they sell Lumia devices and put your t-mobile sim card cause if your waiting for t-mobile to get good wp8 devices change carriers today cause t-mobile sucks in that area.

Joe Acerbic says:

The good WP8 phones are LOCKED to AT&#*@!!T: are you dense or obtuse?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Never said your sim card is gonna work just said insert your sim card, anyways just buy it unlocked from negri electronics.

They say the offer is in Canada as well? The Lumia 1520 hasn't been released in Canada yet, also the Microsoft Store (Canada) says nothing about the Lumia 1520, only the SOL Headphones.


Pelldom says:

Yeah, that's what i was told too in Edmonton. Though she wouldn't say what was going to be on sale here in Canada....

My corporate rep at Rogers did mention last week that the phone should be released "in the coming weeks" on Rogers.

But I'm curious if the MS Canadian store will actually sell the 1520's today. That would be slick!

What a crock,

Today's Canada Microsoft Store deal is a FitBit Wireless Activity tracker. Where the eff is the 1520????

MrGoodSmith says:

How reliable is that Rogers rep you talked to? Did he sound confident while saying that or did he sound like guessing?

I am expecting the Lumia 1520 in Canada by January

He sounded pretty confident. Especially since in the past whenever I've asked him about phones not released, he usually tells me "no idea". I was kind of shocked that I got a response that wasn't "no idea".

Edit: And one thing to add. I also asked about the 2520 at the same time. He said 1520 was in comming weeks, he said "no idea" for the 2520.

aitt says:

Guys I assure you you will not be disappointed with the phone. I can't even look at me 920 the same. I paid outright for this and did not regret it. Also the flip case is not as bad as I thought it would be and doesn't sacrifice the phone's slim design. It compliments and sits flushed with the camera bump. It will be worth the wait in line if you get this free. I'm sure we're hear the rhetoric 16GB no wireless charger whiners. I haven't regretted it since and all the apps back on my phone in still rocking 8GB free.

kbilly70 says:

It's great that 16GB works for you, but for many of us whiners, 16GB might just not be enough. For those locked into a two-year contract it can be even more problematic. Plus, many have invested in wireless charging even though you may have not or don't care about it.

aitt says:

So DONT buy it. Simple to resolute. There will be a 32 coming or buy the int'l version. Problem solved. If YOU lock yourself in a 2 year contract that's YOU.

kbilly70 says:

You're right, I don't have to buy it and can wait for the 32GB verison or buy the global version. But YOU are the one here acting like since it's ok for YOU that anyone who doesn't like the fact that AT&T gimped the phone is a whiner or spouting rhetoric.

myrandex says:

10.2GB free on my 32GB Lumia 920, and we have 5 charging plates throughout the house supporting the Qi standard, so the international version is my preference for sure.

aitt says:

See a sensible person with a sensible plan. +1

jamreal says:

Waiting for a good deal in the UK so I can pick one up too.

Waiting for 8.1 devices

Waiting for the 1525 on T-Mobile. I'm not buying a unlocked phone again because I can never get access to the "mobile share" feature on my ATIV S.

myrandex says:

What is mobile share on there? I've not heard of issues with buying unlocked phones and not having access to features on the phone.

I think its called "Tethering" or "HotSpot" and that feature has never worked on my ATIV S on T-Mobile Network and both the store and customer support have told me it will never work.

Janak Patel says:

....or WiFi calling....

That too, how could I forget.

Mark Guim says:

Love that photo

datengu says:

This deal is only with the contract, fyi. Only $100 off without contract. Still a decent deal I suppose. 

ajftl says:

Lol u really though u were going to get a 1520 free of everything? Really? wow.

Flavio76 says:

Be carefull with the noncontract, I'm having issues on unlocking my full price phone from Microsoft

Personally, I will NEVER lock myself into another contract.

aitt says:

+1 I'm still in a contract for one more year and then going back to off contract buys.

Jf.Vigor says:

Just got mine and using it to write this comment :)

I ordered mine 3.5 weeks ago from att and it still hasn't shipped..

Dusteater says:

I ordered mine 19 days ago from MS store and it hasn't shipped yet either. Really frustrated.

Reeves says:

I was tempted by this deal for about 2 seconds until I remembered that:

A) The 1520 screen is so large - for me personally - as to be inconvenient

B) WP8 has almost NO content that takes advantage of 1080P. Netflix looks just OK on my 720P Lumia 920. There's still no video store. Tiles don't go all the way across. WP MS Office is half-finished as it is, so using it as a mini-productivity device is out. Etc.

I mean, you're essentially buying this phone to support the future WP ecosystem, and by that time, there'll be newer, higher-spec phones with far better storage.


Pelldom says:

Though I'm not sure if I agree with all your points I do have to say that I TOTALLY agree with you on Office. Why oh why can we not have Bluetooth keyboard support!!

aitt says:

And by that time... And by that time. Phones will always stay one step behind technology. So either buy now or always wait.

Reeves says:

Totally different. I'm not talking about waiting for a phone that does ___________. I'm saying it makes no sense, IMHO, to buy a phone now that is basically built for the WP ecosystem of the future. The same way I wouldn't buy an Xbox One now. It has a paltry library, bugs in the OS, and the TV features are hindered by non-cooperative cable operators at every turn.

A couple of years down the line, it might make more sense to get a One. When WP actually gets an ecosystem of content AND games that use all of that horsepower and higher resolutions....then the 1520 might make more sense. But there will be newer devices built for the ecosystem of THAT TIME, rather than built for an ecosystem arriving "in the coming months".

I mean, someone has to buy the latest 4K TV when there is very little content for it. It just won't be me.

aitt says:

Ok. So wait...

marky_yo says:

Ya, I was considering it as a second phone but forgot about the micro sim card! ugh! Or whatever it is! Since it is smaller than my 1020!

Mavee Shah says:

Waiting for the next beast of Nokia Lumia equipped with 5" screen, quad core processor and more than one GB ram having large internal storage with SD card support camera must be like 92x series

A smaller, 1520 Mini, with its hardware specs, is more along my tastes.  

I've had a spin with WP8, but my current phone is a Galaxy S3, and that's about the upper limits of size that I'd want in a phone.

ajftl says:

No. A 1020 size with the snapdragon 800. Thats it. SPECTRUM PATRONUM

I'm not too partial to the 1020 camera hump.  I'd take a slightly less stellar camera for a sleeker device.

SACRIFICE_84 says:

Shame on MS.Every other deal for US customers only and yet they have only 2% market share their.What about india where WP market share is big enough and we deserve such kinda deal.

ajftl says:

Way to many scams over there sorry.

MadSci2 says:

Since I recently broke my foot I guess I'll chime in and wings that Microsoft is discrimination against its disables Customers with all these "in Store Only" deals :(

aitt says:

The offer also extends to online as well...

In addition, before jumping fully into WP8, I'd also want the ability to use an alternate browser like mobile Firefox, Opera Mobile or Dolphin.

Not that big a fan of mobile IE.  It can't render some of my go-to sites that well, and you get the old WAP sites made for legacy devices before touch screen browsers.

Reeves says:

THIS. We need browser options....badly.

marky_yo says:

agree! But after a week or so I got used to IE, and I am still a heavy Chrome user.  

aitt says:

UC Browser and Maxthon are currently the only other good options at the moment

wpguy says:

Switch to desktop mode and complain loudly to those websites who refuse to send the fully functional (non-WAP) website to your phone. Ridiculous that webmasters are still configuring their sites to do this.

nCogNeato says:

Very disappointed.  I've been eagerly waiting for this deal since the 12 day sale began.  The nearest MS Store for me is over 300 miles away.  Very disappointed.

fbendotti says:

No 32 GB. No buy. wish it had 64

fongzunester says:

8:00 here at san francisco store and ... 1st (and surprisingly ONLY) in line.  yeah, no qi (cant use my 920 charger stand) and sheez, no 64gb ... but cant complain too much for $0.  Just read Dan's review. my decision is cemented =D

marky_yo says:

Wish they would have clarified this was off contract!  For the past few days and coming weeks I was told it was new contract only!! BOO! Oh well

Nothing from AT&T is a win for the customer, I rather prefer to spend a lot of cash buying an international version than locking myself in a two year contract with AT&T

wpguy says:

So can I get buy one, get the $50 gift card, return the phone and cancel service, then spend the $50 card on a TMo 925?

matiu_00 says:

Suckers can't complain about being misinformed by a leak. FYI, if anyone had looked closer to the 12 days of deals leak they would have noticed that the 1520 deal was asterisked. Leaks with asterisks are red flag in my book.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned in here already, but I bought my 1520 for $80 at Fry's Electronics here in San Diego. Of course it had to be under contract and I didn't get a gift card or any other incentives, but personally thought $80 was a huge bargain specially for the amount of phone I'm getting. I'm not sure if this deal exists any longer but its worth looking into.

eortizr says:

once it gets Free again I'll buy it, I'm not paying for nothing with MS OS in it. it just sucks


What a crock. I would buy the AT&T version if I could get it unlocked. It has the frequencies I need and I don't care about the storage or Qi. Nothing that a SD card and back plate won't fix. They won't ship it to Canada though. $449 for the 1520 today or $700 for the 1020. Not a hard choice. And they wonder why they can't sell the 1020.

kassiusk says:

Anyone can confirm that "Nokia Lumia 1520 No Contract for AT&T" could be used with another operator? Or is it just without a contract but locked to AT&T? Thanks!

kassiusk says:

Ok seems locked to AT&T but MS Store support told me to check with AT&T to see if it phone could be unlocked after purchase ....

MojoDoj0 says:

Of contract here in Sweden, the phone will cost $ 930. With tax included :)

so Im eligible for a early upgrade for a iPhone on ATT but not for this phone or any windowphone. 

bnbliss says:

I walked in to the Century City store around 3pm this afternoon and I was number 12/13