AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 receiving ‘Black update today

We’re a few hours behind on this one, but it looks like at around 1 PM ET time today, AT&T and Nokia began pushing out the Lumia Black firmware, which also has OS Update 3 on board. Indeed, a few people have chimed in on our forums and numerous tips have rolled in confirming that the update is now live.

Interestingly, the Lumia 520 on AT&T launched with double-tap to wake back with Amber. It was pretty much the only Lumia 520 to have it, though others have since received the feature since getting Black on other carriers.

Lumia Black includes some under the hood optimizations, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, camera improvements and greater support for Nokia software. Update 3 from Microsoft brings Driver Mode, custom ringtones for text messages, and the ability to close apps in the task switcher, to name a few.

To get the update, head into Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates. You’ll want to be on Wi-Fi and have your battery charged before the update. No information will be lost and it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Once completed, you should be on OS 10521 and the Lumia Black firmware (found under Extras + Info).

Dive into our Lumia 520 forums if you have any questions or want to talk about the update!

Thanks, Nathan F. Topher J., and NYRBeezer (for the screenshots)



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Mister Gore says:

Jeez, at this rate it seems that Rogers is gonna roll out the update the way AT&T did with Amber.

lorettaboy says:

I feel your pain

pookyjoralyn says:

L720 here (Cambodia) hasn't even get Amber yet :(

Dreyer Smit says:

Down here in South Africa the Lumia 520 got the Black update last week. All other devices a bit earlier. I enjoy the speed at which our carriers approve updates.

tony620 says:

Not all other devices buddy, 620 is yet to recieve it globally!

toyotast165 says:

Well I know what im doing tonight

Great for at&t but us t-mobile and Verizon folks are still left in the dark -.-

operand says:

I received the update yesterday on 920 At&t so there may be hope soon for all phones through them.

kurtd says:

Yup. Tmo starting to tick me off and they were my favorite carrier.

kullkid92x says:

I don't EVER complain about update timing, especially since my first WP was the Lumia925 it already had Amber :P

BUT now...now.. I feel the dragging pain lol dammit Tmobile I want Black and Update 3. I had update 3 thru Dev Preview but for some reason my phone had major signal issues weeks after.

We can only hope that we wake up anytime this week or next week and see that post "Tmobile 925 receives Black and Update 3" sigh...

jibreezy1982 says:

Yeah tmo's slacking!!

vielze says:

what is that glance pinboards app in extras+info on that images ? i though glance doenst work on L520 ?

RyanAMG says:

I think it works with the black & update 3

vielze says:

i have 520 but when i updated it to Black , the extras+info dont show Glance Pinboard App like the image in this post

RyanAMG says:

Did you install the app? Check out "Glance Background" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=7c3378ff-2844-480b-b2e2-783537201b84

I have the glance pinboards agent but haven't gotten black yet. What exactly does the agent allow me to do on my 521?

SwimSwim says:

Well glad AT&T isn't doing nearly as bad as they did with Amber (still could be a little faster with updates, but not nearly as horrendous when it comes to making people wait).

Now, US people are waiting on T-Mobile and Verizon...

raul_junior says:

What the heck at&t actually beat all other us carriers except sprint

toph36 says:

Sprint doesn't have any Lumias, so they had Update 3 probably since November, so they didn't need to wait for Nokia to provide Black on top of it.

RyanAMG says:

Sprint just got update 3

life3000 says:

I think disabling Data Sense is what took at &t so long with Amber

mab664 says:

Downloading now. AT&T / Dallas

CCAZPastor says:

And..... T-Mobile???? Chirp chirp chirp chirp..... Time to move on to a new carrier or an OS that presses carries to push updates. Suggestions???

John20212 says:

If you want quick updates for a long time sadly the only option is Apple. Hopefully Microsoft pushes the carriers out of the process and makes getting WP updates as easy as Surface updates.


kullkid92x says:

You know the answer to that one lol... iOS... not that I am suggesting it but ya know.. at least its' UI is flat now like windows phone :P

upsidedown says:

Verizon 928 PLEASE.

RyanAMG says:

Verizon 929 please :)

justin071894 says:

I agree. They were so quick to roll out Amber!

badger8080 says:

Couldn't they have t
Released it all at once??

cybermoose89 says:

Not sure if its in the uk yet

Joeul_Ramos says:

What's taking T-Mobile so long tho?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Well it is the UNcarrier I'm sure no one needs an update there cause you can just go and get a new phone.

Yakko Warner says:

Which will probably be the only way I'll get it, considering I have the Phone That Must Not Be Named (810).

cesar ruiz1 says:

T-Mobile said its not gonna give any more support to the 810 on march 2013. No matter how cheap there plans are customer service sucks.

Montpbm says:

@montpbm T-Mobile is working with Nokia to bring the Black update to Lumia 521 and 925 once our rigorous testing is complete.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Ok thanks. I have a 521 and was wondering if they were gonna even send out an update

aemehran says:

Daniel, could you reach out to someone in Rogers Canada and see when we'll get it on 920. I thought maybe you have sources familiar with the matter. Thanks,

ttsoldier says:

strange. i sold my rogers 920 to a friend and he got the update a few weeks ago.

pankaj981 says:

Nothing on a Rogers 920

S Vaibhav says:

+620 What the heck happened to the 620 update? Here in India,all the other phones,except the 620 has received the update........What's going on?!?!

tony620 says:

Tru..its like they left us out ever since the lumia 520 became thier new baby

lee_D says:

Question: why is it that lumia handsets have to wait for individual network providers to approve their updates and yet iPhones update all at once?

Jabid21 says:

I guess T-Mobile isn't the best carrier to have if you want a Windows Phone. Anyone remember Lumia 810? From what it looks, 521 might not get much further support either. I use t-mobile but my windows phones are unlocked versions of at&t devices.

Yakko Warner says:

If you have an unlocked phone from another carrier, is it even possible to get updates like this? 

It will update when the original carrier releases the software.

T-Mobile doesn't care about Windows Phones. Remember the Lumia 710? If you didn't update it manually (like I did), you're still on 7.5 until the end of time.

toph36 says:

Verizon is really not a good partner for Microsoft/Nokia. They have to work with them, but only 1 Windows Phone released since the end of 2012? It is a great phone, but they need better support for the platform. The Icon is becoming a joke. I just bought my wife a white 928, but had to order it online because the Verizon store had ZERO WPs in stock. Best Buy didn't have the white 928, but not sure if they had anything else. I don't want to switch carriers, but might have to seriously consider going with AT&T in the fall. Although they are not much better, but at least they release a great variety of WPs. Let's get Black approved already Verizon!

ItsMcDiddles says:

Yes, they were so quick with amber. What's taking them so long now? Are they taking turns on who will release the firmware first. Like with amber.

At&t: No, it's alright guys. You can have this one.

T-Mobile/Verizon: OK, thanks!

At&t: I get the next one though.

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drozdpatrick says:

So much bad pub last update, prob. wet pants to be 1st on this one!

tim3804 says:

Verizon is terrible. Time to start looking for another carrier. I love my 822 but getting updates this slow is truly ridiculous

NOLATechy says:

If you are a Verizon customer who paid for a phone, you have full rights to the latest version of software that supports that phone. Check out the FCC rules and regulations for telecommunication companies like Verizon.

As a Verizon customer, you are entitled to your software update the day Microsoft or Nokia releases it. If you don't have an update notification on your Nokia device, contact the FCC at "www . fcc . gov/ complaints" (links not allows so delete the spaces and quotation marks).

If Verizon is going to sell a device, it is their responsibility to support the device on a timely basis. The issues of "testing on our network" is not the consumers problem. It is up to Verizon to seek earlier beta or release copies of software updates to test within a reasonable timeframe. Failure to do so will result in Verizon receiving fines from the FCC based on complaints that are filed.

There is no reason to feel like Verizon has any kind of stranglehold on you. You are the customer. You have rights. You have choices. You have the responsibility of educating yourself on what your options are with each carrier. While US carriers have more control over phone hardware than you see overseas, you still have a number of rights - and the FCC is there to back you up to make sure you get what you paid for.

bhrich902 says:

Any chance we can go through an article with pictures and you not promoting your face?. Thanks.

Someone's jealous of Daniel's handsome mug.

bhrich902 says:

Dude, stop jerking it to his face for a sec and look up his articles, it gets annoying really quick.

Do you know what's annoying? You.

neener neener

bhrich902 says:

awww, hurt your feelings?

Anyone know anything about updates on MetroPCS windows phones?

patstar5 says:

How can I get off of developer preview and get this official black update? Also my nokia lumia 520 has never been able to double tap to wake. (I don't know if it is att, I broke the sim pins on the first one and had to get a replacement)

Still waiting for tmobile to finish their "rigorous" testing for the 521.

Cristoby says:

I had to erase the crap out of my 520! I need to just unistall apps that I font like right away.

T-Mobile release it NOW!

abailey535 says:

What ever happened to the new colors for the live tiles???

Montpbm says:

Here's what stupid T-Mobile told me again!

@montpbm T-Mobile is working with Nokia to bring the Black update to Lumia 521 and 925 once our rigorous testing is complete.

Got this same response earlier this week.

Im on Telus in Canada, so the update has not reached me yet, but something I just noticed on the screenshot was the 'Hardware revision number'.

The screenshot shows

My Telus Lumia 520 is

I know that there is likely not a massive difference, but does anyone know why there is a difference?

edsal says:

Quick question i live in L.A and i have the Telus 620 do you know if the phone received the Amber update yet ?

wpn00b says:

Are these Daniel's devices that get pictured? Or just someone else that has him pinned to Start? I tried having my Me Tile on home but got sick of it. What can they do exactly?

mjrtoo says:

You mean other than review every communication you've sent and received on your phone? (This is where the toast notifications should reside too, we don't need another hub/app/swipe)

ahmadcrofton says:

And yet.... Still not Verizon... No update... No Icon... Smh

F#%k you Verizon!!!

pbjr92 says:

And still nothing to Lumia 620. How long do we have to wait yet?

Jack Neill says:

I got OTA to Black, I already had GDR3, My internet sharing is no longer blocked, and my double tap to unlock finally works, never worked with Amber, overall the OS seems smoother.

mjrtoo says:

Perfect, great little phone now even better!

S Vaibhav says:

What happened to the 620 update? No 620 in the planet has received one as of yet... :'(

S h a n e says:

Denmark Country variant 620 shows available

Thea Ly says:

How abot lum620 ?

LaNiQuE says:

Going to update my 520 though I have the 1520 now and it looks like a baby Lumia in comparison

Richard_Indy says:

Installing now. Had to uninstall a few things and freed up to about 1 GB of space.

Jim Bob4 says:

Come on T-Mobile..ATT is kicking your butt!!!

Jack Neill says:

and that is a sad sad day when att beats you to an update...

mjrtoo says:

No it's not, it's a great day!

kc77 says:

Verizon was fairly quick to roll out amber and now they're screwing the pooch. I like Verizon's cell service, but att keeps looking better and better.

Jack Neill says:

grass may look greener but doesnt always taste better...

maghedo says:

As a 928 owner this is depressing.

John Rivett says:

Wow. Taking forever (Milwaukee) 

jhlin says:

does any one know how to unlock AT&T Lumia 520? I am stuck with this phone, can't find unlock code.

Jack Neill says:

Ive heard after 6 months of active service ATT will unlock it, I havent tried though, they still wont unlock my Focus Flash I paid for on a 2 yr... 

rafsal1819 says:

Just before 1 week we got update for 520..Wot about this update???

kjordan_29 says:

Microsoft/Nokia/carriers need to get their act together and provide updates on all devices simultaneously. Can't grow your product with support like this. 928

dante501 says:

We nerds are way to fixated on updates. Just enjoy the phone and ur life and don't worry so much update a update. I mean phone works with or without it. Nothing to really concentrate our life on. It is just a update. Nothing really life changing. Just relax.

Signed by your friendly neighbor nerd.

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drozdpatrick says:

Why don't you go grease your buggy wheel and leave us techies alone.

L0gic Bom8 says:

Molly Wood is STILL...not impressed...

dante501 says:

Unlock code from eBay for like a few dollars. That's how u unlock phone or from unlockr.com

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Stop whining people, this is still so much better than several android devices in 2011 that were flagship devices and yet never get any update (Motorola photon, droid bionic , atrix)

raguram88 says:

Great and i came across the article from http://www.gadgetride.com/review/nokia-lumia-1520-vs-galaxy-note-3.html, comparision with Note 3. Nice devices. 

Shawn Magm says:

Just got my update on my AT&T Lumia 520.  I had the Developers Preview GDR3.  My double tap to wake worked maybe 50-75% of the time before.  Just the few times I tried after the update to Black, it seems to be more reliable.

Am also updating mine to black here in Nigeria

Ejay Lozano says:

Lumia black is available for the 920 on at&t, I did the update last week. I thought Lumia black was available on Verizon, since last year or was that only on the 8x?

The_Traveler says:

Daniel please reach out to Rogers, or troll them a bit on your front page, because they're taking forever and I want my driving mode with alternate Bluetooth operation!! The speech doesn't work over my car's Bluetooth.. :'(

Downloading now. AT&T/ Georgia

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