AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 to be released on November 11th?

AT&T Lumia 920

There is some speculation out there that has the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone becoming available from AT&T on November 11, 2012.  We can't really call it a delay seeing that AT&T has never announced a date for availability.

Rum: 5

We report this with a bit of caution in that none of our sources have confirmed the November 11th date. We still are leaning towards a November 4th release with pre-orders beginning this weekend but for now, we see this latest rumor going either way.

While the AT&T release seems to have a moving window, luckily we won't have long to wait to see which date may or may not be right.  As always, if we hear anything more concrete we'll pass it along.

Source: BGR; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!



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I doubt it. Bad taste to announce it on remembrance day

aubreyq says:

Um, the Lumia 900 was released on EASTER? Anyway, Veteran's Day will be observed on the 12th in the US.

walkingdogs says:

That's my birthday and it would be the perfect self gift! I want it on the 4th just because I want it sooner than later.

ArthurWhite says:

why arent there any "to be released" dates for Lumia 820 ? 

gobble01 says:

Please don't make me wait till the 11th :(

Argh. I have a business trip planned for Nov 10 through the 14th. I was really counting on having my new 920 in time for that trip.

mjrtoo says:

Huh, me too, the 11th would suck!

erzhik says:

This is one screwed up launch. It's end of October and still no dates.. If 920 doesn't sell well, it won't be because its expensive or its exclusive. It's because of another pathetic launch by Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft. Such a perfect product..such a shame.

VagrantWade says:

The majority of the phone buying world doesn't even know this phone exists yet. So the time we have been waiting, is pretty irrelavent.

Banstyle says:

Not really true. Windows 8 and Surface launch today, but no Windows Phone 8. All three should have launched together. Someone screwed up big time. But we should be used to heartache by now.

aubreyq says:

I disagree. Windows Phone still needs its own attention, that's why MS didn't lump it with Windows 8/Surface launch. Nobody has "screwed up big time."

Reeves says:

Disagree greatly. People are in Microsoft stores or Best Buys or wherever NOW buying Surfaces, upgrades, or new machines with Windows 8. 
You really want to just have dull, low-spec WP 7.5 handsets that are about to be forced into obsolescense for them to see? Microsoft will never have more hands-on eyes on their products in 2012 than they will this weekend.  
Perfect time to have flagship WP8 devices onhand to up its visibility. Some "event" on Monday followed by another two weeks untul retail availability is a missed opportunity. 

TiLoBrown says:

Releasing too many new products at once causes major headaches for people that have to work and manage the stores

Reeves says:

Microsoft doesn't manufacture any Windows Phones as of yet. They're just SKUs to them, as far as Microsoft stores are concerned. Best Buy, Verizon and AT&T would care even less....if Microsoft got it together and had training and promos ready to go previous to this week. 
What would it matter if the current Windows Phones SKUs were depleted a week or so ago and replenished with Lumias and 8X devices?

Banstyle says:

Phones are sold at AT&T and Verizon while Surface is sold as Best Buy, etc. No headache there. Unless you are talking about MS Stores, and those people should know what they got themselves into. :)

erzhik says:

And the majority of people won't know about it even after its released. The longer they take to release it, the more time it gives Apple to increase stock of their iPhone 5s.

Z10YkakPES says:

You mean iphone 4ss?

chriscookz says:

iPhone 4SXL :D

erasure25 says:


Banstyle says:

It boggles the mind. Celebrities have it, but the date keeps getting pushed for the normal folks. It's like they want people to give up and get locked into an iPhone 5 contract.

TiLoBrown says:

My Foucs is pretty much shot, but I'll never be impatient enough to go out and buy something just because the product I want isnt out yet.

Banstyle says:

That's because you are already a WP7 owner. People who might want to switch over from iPhone or elsewhere might not be as patient as you and me.

I agree, it's a bit of a clusterfuck. No solid release dates or pricing yet? Kind of kindergarten the way they've been handling this launch.

aubreyq says:

You'll get dates next week. Only us nerds and blogs know about these phones so that's why we're "hurting." The rest of the world will find out about the WP8s soon.

Reeves says:

The September Nokia launch got mainstream AND tech press attention all over the place, so people besides us know. 
But that's not the point. The point is that possible holiday customers have been free and remain free to impulse buy new iPhone 5s, Galaxy Note IIs, HTC One X+ devices, iPad 4s, iPad minis and so on and so on because there is no current Microsoft phone product in stores. 
This is a huge high visibility weekend when they have convinced a lot of shoppers to come pick up preorders, buy now, or hit Microsoft and Best Buy retail locations to see what the hubbub is about. The phones should be there now. They aren't. 

Jessica Alba knows about them. She's no nerd.  :-/

Banstyle says:

* - Unless you are Jessica Alba

Rican_One says:

I did my pre order at Best Buy. Still waiting for them to release the 920. The wait is killing me

Rodhouse says:

Me too! And on top of that I have to use my wife's crappy old phone because I lost my iphone last week.

WinFan1 says:

Lost it or conveniently misplaced it :)

ChrisLynch says:

Come on and provide a pre-order option already!!!  I know MS is set to fully unvail WP8 Monday, but this wait is killing me!!!  I also hope MS releases more info about the Surface Pro.

I doubt this date is correct because att has changed their product launch dates from Sunday to Friday starting next week.

Jf.Vigor says:

Can you imagine if while people were waiting in line today at the ms store for surface, they also had a windows phone demonstration? Too bad they botched the development of windows phone 8 and there were delays.. I think they originally were planning for a 10/26 launch for everything

tgr42 says:

lol @ drama ...  get a grip folks.  Another week or two isn't going to kill us.
I guess it's easier for me though, as I'm only curious about this new stuff and not planning to buy for another 6 months or more unless it's ridiculously well received or my current phone dies.

erasure25 says:

Death to your phone!!!!!! (just so you can be all in a tizzy like the rest of us) lol.

wpguy says:

I am kind of glad WP8 was not announced along with W8 and Surface.

Look what happened to Apple. They announced a boatload of new product, and really you only hear anything about the iPad Mini. The rest of their new stuff was largely ignored.

This way, there is time for the masses to focus on Windows 8 and Surface this weekend. Monday, Windows Phone 8 comes along to wrap up the rest of the package, complete with a definite date the next week or two following for actual retail availability (I hope). Later in the week it's Halo 4. Each platform gets its day in the spotlight and more attention from the masses.

aubreyq says:

Agreed on all. You'll be hearing/seeing tons of Microsoft-related marketing (Windows, WP, Surface, Xbox) this holiday season. I was watching Game 2 of the World Series last night and it was wonderful to see lots of Windows 8 ads. Great ads, to boot.

wpguy says:

I saw both Windows 8 and Mac ads last night. Wow!

Windows 8 ad: clean, modern view on the shiny new laptops/convertibles

iMac: Steve has got to be spinning in his grave. View of screen was like a bad Geocities website attempt at showing multiple aps on the screen. Almost no clean, empty white space between items on the screen. Very dull, dated looking ad, not at all like what you would expect from Apple.

erasure25 says:

You also hear bitching from iPad 3 owners who now feel obsolete only 7 months after its release.  Not saying this is a bad thing.... lol

penetronn says:

AT&T store rep confirmed his training on WP8 is November 11.

Steakman33 says:

I went to my local AT&T store yesterday and spoke to a rep there who was very willing to answer my questions about the 920. He said that nothing had come in yet, but he was suppose to start training for the new Windows 8 Phones during the week of the 5th. A little surprised, I continued and asked if he knew when they were going to be released, hearing the rumors that it might be the 4th. He said he had an internal document in the back, outlining the release of the Windows 8 phones and went back to check it out for me. He came back and said that they were suppose to have them in hand on the 15th (a Thursday). I mentioned that from my understanding that most of their new phones are usually released on a Sunday. He said that was true, but some of the bigger releases (IE: the Iphone 5s and Galaxy SIIIs) were released during the week. He had no info on pricing though...

Training varies I have taken mine already and have some fellow peeps taking theirs today and next week 

procen says:

Are you getting a free 920 for just working at ATT?

mab664 says:

Red, white, and black = 3 colors? Yellow and cyan online only? No gray?

jdep1 says:

So what device will be the first one to be running wp8 on at&t? HTC gets first dips? I think the push forward date is fake. But who cares besides google who will release there nexus phone & will make a difference to some that might consider the lumia but have never used WP os.

pookiewood says:

UGH!  I sure hope not.  I haven't even switched to AT&T and they are already leaving a bad taste in my mouth!  In that case I should just go with Verizon for the 8X.  Can we get pricing?  A closer release date to the announcement?  Please?

David Ray says:

I won't wait that long. Sorry. It's ridiculous that we've had to wait as long as we have already. Don't announce a product that you're not ready to release that month. As bad as I want the 920 that's still way to long.

rianext says:

Its almost been a 2month wait...am sure a 2week wait isn't as ridiculous in comparison...

JoeDizzle33 says:

I hope it isn't the 11th. The wait is excruciating.

Nakazul says:

11th 'ish on Telenor Sweden

MaulerX says:

God I hope not. My wife's B'day is Nov 8 and she is stoked to be getting the 920 as a gift.

What worries me is that Nov 11 falls in line with Verizon's rumored Nov 12 launch. Making this rumor more than plausible.

Guitarpik says:

I guess the 10 rumor meter for the 11/4 date shouldn't have been a 10 huh?

MaulerX says:

Lol. That same thought crossed my mind.

eak1570 says:

One thing I like about Apple is everybody know when can we buy their product..

jdep1 says:

Well go eat your Apple when they tell you

jkimrey says:

So my wife is in her upgrade window, but she's happy with the phone she has.
I'm not in my upgrade window yet, but I'm really wanting a 920.
Is it possible to get the upgrade using her number, then switch the new phone to my current number and "reactivate" her old phone to her number?

MaulerX says:

Yes you can. I have 4 lines and do that all the time.

phirefly says:

I'm just going to go into hibernation until it's released.  Someone please wake me up.

procen says:

Okay! Get up you lazy ass! :-P

NIST says:

Anybody know of any Windows Phone 8 commercials coming? It seems only proper after all the Windows8 and Surface advertising.

txaggies07 says:

I would imagine maybe starting Monday.

NIST says:

No countdown commercials?

MrVol84 says:

iSwear, this wait has been excruciating. No more, please!

ycy198472 says:

Are you kidding me, ATT and Nokia? What are you two stupid guys doing there? Just see and wait there to see Nexus 4 and iPhone 5 kick your ass? D**n you! I just kick lumia 920 out of my list!

Hears the problem I have with this wait. They got me excited so excite that it convinced my brother and his wife to not get iphone 5. Well they having never used WP are tired of waiting and just got the iphone 5 today. I hate to imagine how many sales are lost because they want just release the damn phones.

gobble01 says:

I agree.  I'm trying to hold out for the Lumi 920, but am really tired of being strung along waiting for anything concrete.  If iPhone 5's were readily available I might have picked one up by now out of impulse.  Really disappointing.

Finger Tips says:

I am placing an order for the iPhone 5 on Monday.  I ordered the cyan 920 from Best Buy.  At this rate, whichever phone I receive first will be the one I keep.  The other will go on eBay.

eak1570 says:

Apple releases mini Ipad on 23 and they start selling on Nov 2 so..what about you Nokia? Hope this is not true.abd we can get more news on Monday..

I was hoping for the 4th, i am off that week. Happy with my Lumia 900 and my Lenovo Yoga with Windows 8 right now though

erzhik says:

I heard that Nexus will launch before 920.

jjmurphy says:

I'm just sad I won't have the 920 to take great pictures of my kids trick or treating.

How hard is it for MS to give a release date. Everyone else announces a new phone and gives release dates. I don't understand it

sinistar25 says:

I'm going to take a guess that the release is sometime in the week of the 11th, hope I'm wrong tho.

Finger Tips says:

It's been nearly two months and yet Nokia has not announced a launch date.  It has single handedly destroyed its sales for the 3rd quarter of 2012 and now sales are imploding for the 4th each day that it drags its feet.  
Windows 8 is out.  But still not a peep from Nokia.  This company is going to file for bankruptcy at the rate is it going without one 920 phone being delivered in the U.S.A.