AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 unboxing

We just came back from one of our local AT&T store, actually two of 'em, looking for the new Lumia 920. Our first store only had the Nokia hero phone in black (we were going for glossy white) so we had to drive a few miles in the other direction to grab one. Lesson? Call your store first to make sure you have availability.  We ended up paying $350 for it as the rep extended our contract from 17 months back to 24, saving us a few hundred bucks.

No stores had charging pads either but if you press the store manager on it, they should be able to order you one for free. The HTC 8X was also in short supply, with a lot of stores reporting no-stock. And although we didn't see any lines, we did see a few folks purchasing the 920, so word is out.

Check out our quick unboxing video to see the Lumia 920 in its mediocre enclosure. And don't forget to share your AT&T Windows Phone 8 experience in our comments here for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.



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NickA says:

Mine is out for delivery.  Come on FedEx driver!

fhumphrey04 says:

Damn, no headphones included :(

fhumphrey04 says:

The headphones that came with my original focus were actually not bad and they had the volume/call controls on the wires. I think this will be the first smartphone I've ever had that didn't at least come with a set :(
For $99 you cant expect to get everything for free, I guess.

outlaw_d says:

I agree! I got the Focus and those were some of the best earphones I ever had.  I was so sad when I broke them :(

rokat says:

Yupp... same here.. felt so bad when i broke it.

Munkeyphyst says:

+1 for the focus ear buds. They were nice. They had the clicker on the wire and had different sized silicone plug pieces too

cdbstl76 says:

I still use mine...

toyotast165 says:

I still rock the Palm buds, the ones that came with my focus felt and sounded like crap compared to the Palm buds, will sell the focus ones though lol $5

ejlee072006 says:

One thing I don't understand is I don't know why Daniel won't give a full review of the 920!! That matte black really looks awesome

I said in the video it's coming today...just been busy. Plus it's well over 3k words...lot of work.

Adretheon says:

Honestly now that I've ordered mine I don't care about a review. With that said I'll still read it when it comes out :D

Dre325 says:

How is getting it for $350 saving you "a few hundred bucks" when the off contract price is $450? A bit misleading there. That is awesome they provided a discount for only 7 months of contract extension though. Is there a graduated scale for this or is it standard ATT negotiations? Many of us with WP7 devices under various contracts would like to know!

The store showed me the full purchase price: $499 plus tax, not sure why it was $50 more but I saw it in the system. Not sure on the scale/discount but they do that for me regularly.

mmali386 says:

The 349 price is the early upgrade and 1 year contract pricing for the L920. I guess the original $99 pricepoint for the L900 and them letting potential L920 buyers upgrade early is at&t's way of appeasing L900 buyers.

Daniel, when is this Lumia 920 and 8X review??

NickA says:

"I said in the video it's coming today...just been busy. Plus it's well over 3k words...lot of work."
From the comment above...

Cartman says:

Ordered on the first day and still waiting. Not even a tracking number yet :(

sholokov says:

It is well worth the wait. My experience has been awesome. I love the city lens.

Camera in daylight is not as sharp as I expected, but in the dark/low light, it takes unbelievable pictures.

mjfadaway says:

I see where costs were cut. That box, lack of headphones, and that generic charger lol

tilemaster says:

nokia is a european company, and here in europe every phone must be chargeable with a generic charger, so you can charge every phone with every charger doesnt matter wich company.

And the box of the lumia 920 here in germany is made of environmental friendly paper and is fully recyclable :-)

rmichael75 says:

Does this include IPhone as well?

tilemaster says:

Yes it does. But apple doesnt care and sell an adapter as a compromise imho. Apple is a special case xD

stoickiwi says:

My glossy red was just delivered! Now once work is over, i will be posting a 3D unboxing video! Its going to be hard to contain my excitement!!!!

LaNiQuE says:

I called yesterday and got the same info I think paying $450.00 would be smarter then the $100.00 off cause that means my upgrade will still be there when I need it or if I want to to leave at&t I can im not adding more months while almost paying full price when I have a blahphone upgrade right now which pisses me off

typhon62_1 says:

Can someone with one of these in hand let me know how the ear piece volume is?

cdbstl76 says:

Personally, I fond it a little weak

angelsimaren says:

Hey guys, I ordered mine on the 7th in cyan. It's on the way with the free charging plate coming in a separate package. This is my 2nd smartphone, Samsung Focus was my first. I have to say that the Lumia 920 is the first phone I'm not getting a case for, since it's so beautiful and sturdy, but I am getting the ArmorSuit to cover it with a clear protector to keep it from getting scratched :D hope everyone else enjoys the 920!

Munkeyphyst says:

The ArmorSuit is nice. Got it on the 900. Protects the back and screen without dampening the phones sexiness.

My local store said they were not allowed to state quantity or color over the phone which pissed me off...

tilemaster says:

I buyed the the white lumia 920 today. Here in germany you can get it without contract if you want, so I payed 597 euros. In the store i could hold all 4 colors in my hands, and in my opinion the black version looks lighter - I mean you can easier see on the other colors how big this phone is. Hope you can understand what i mean... but i choosed the white and i love it! Sadly there is no source here to buy the charging pad, no store sells it :-(

outlaw_d says:

597 EUR!!!!

Pontifex says:

I paid 670 Euro (with 6 months of contract with 4 GB data) in Denmark

feizai77 says:

Not a happy camper here. Preordered on the 7th for a red one. Still processing. The only reason I preordered is to receive by the 9th! Maybe tomorrow?? Really bummed. :(

Bernard Wei says:

White colour looks so good but I doubt Rogers is going to carry it. Going to wait a bit to see if it shows up.

swimdng says:

I'm totally with you that the glossy white 920 looks and feel awesome!! That's what I'm getting.
Got to try the black 920 as well, it looks nice, but not as cool.  Wish I could see and try the Yellow as well, but ATT don't have Yellow in stores.

walter1832 says:

I saw her looking at me from across the room.  My body shook with excitement.  I walked casually towards her in anticipation. Her sexy curves called out to me.  Her skin was shiny and bright white.  I picked her up, but was surprised by her weight, and caressed her in my hand.  My eyes teared as I turned her on for the first time. Then as I was just about to do naught things and play with her...
My wife slapped me across the head and said, "It's just a phone you stupid idot"!
Excuse me while I take out the trash.

swimdng says:

You are funny!! LMAO...

Cartman says:

Wonder why they switched the charger from the kind they had with the 900. Maybe to save a bit on cost? I could of swore that I saw a video from a 920 in Canada(?) that included the same style charger as the 900.

joanzen says:

I went to a local AT&T store for a look at the 920. Very nice, but frustrating that they had their tether stuck right on the camera's lens. SERIOUSLY, AT&T!!

Tegraa says:

Does the AT&T version work on T - Mobile?

Highmay says:

I just got back from my local AT&T store.  They had only received one Lumia 920 for the launch, and sold it.  No one could tell me when they were getting any more in stock.  No one really cared.  Sad.

saket87 says:

Can anybody verify that the NFC tag that came with att box works with their Lumia. I tried mine the phone doesn't read it

cdbstl76 says:

I didn't even get an NFC tag in mine

saket87 says:

Maybe you missed it, look again. Its like a leaflet that says NFC

mase123987 says:

It worked for me.  Doesn't work when the screen is off.  Try when you are on the start screen and make sure you touch the upper part of the phone to it.

simbadogg says:

I'm a little pissed off that i'm going to have to wait til monday, maybe I can pick up my phone at the fed ex location when it arrives on saturday. This is kinda BS

andyt82 says:

Out of the 3 'ee' stores in derby uk, i got the only 920! Anyone have any opinions on the vibrate? Seems to rattle a bit and doesn't sound too clever. Small niggle on an other wise great piece of kit. Worth the wait

cdbstl76 says:

Its just like the 900. I had to use a Focus for a bit again, and I kind of missed the rattle when it vibrated. Funny how something that initially bothered me grew on me.

Cellus13 says:

It would have been nice if he recorded it with the black Lumia 920 :)

Goodeye says:

Picked up the white 920 today! Grabbed the last one my local store had.

mlfj4901 says:

I'd share my experience, but don't have a win 8 phone yet. Still loving my lumia 900, although am sorely tempted to get the 920.

Drugar says:

Absolutely loving my red 920! Been showing it to my buddy and I think he is going to dump his iPhone for a 920.

yohanyoung says:

Got a black 920 for me and a red one for my wife. My 920 has randomly frozen on me about 7-8 times the last 12 hours. It happens randomly in any app doing nothing in particular. Any one else seen this?

eggman19333 says:

Picked 920 up yesterday and really impressive. Local ATT has no clue about the capabilities of this phone. After walking the rep through all the features the rep said she may switch from Android. Here is an idea set up an Xbox at each store and let folks see smartglass in action??? Set up a kiosk with NFC tags??? Sell the sizzle!!! This thing is a great steak!!

dabs1710 says:

Won't be able to experience WP8 until Microsoft makes a deal with ATT to allow Lumia 900 users to upgrade for free or at a subsidized price :-(