AT&T and Nokia release Lumia Black update for Lumia 1020; Lumia 1520 also gets new firmware

In a surprise announcement, Nokia and AT&T have pushed out the Lumia Black update and new OS patch (Windows Phone 8 Update 3) for the Lumia 1020. In addition, there is a new firmware release for the Lumia 1520.

The updates are now live and going out to both devices. Here are the changes:

Nokia Lumia 1020 Lumia Black (3051.40000.134x.00xx)

  • Daily delighters: lock the screen rotation, close apps easily in the app switcher, use custom ringtones for messaging and mail, among other things
  • Update to Nokia Camera that combines Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera. Available from the Store app.
  • Get the latest version of Nokia Glance Screen – see quick status notifications, for example, about calendar and messaging events on the lock screen.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE – preserve energy while staying connected via Bluetooth
  • Get enriched camera performance, enhanced battery monitoring, and other stability and usability improvements
  • NEW: OS build 10517

Likewise, the Lumia 1520 also received a new firmware package today.

Nokia Lumia 1520 (1028.3534.1347.2001)

  • General performance and usability improvements

To get the update, dive into Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates. You will need to be on a Wi-Fi connection to download.

These updates are only for US AT&T devices. There is no indication that these updates are going global at the moment.

Update 4 PM ET: Read our follow up article detailing all the changes on the Lumia 1020!



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Sam Sabri says:

Download faster! Also, you guys need to be on WiFi for the Lumia 1020 to download the update, at least mine said so. 

Coolaaron88 says:

All things in due time Sam. I know you really want that update though :p

For once, it pays that I have updgraded internet :)

cesar ruiz1 says:

WiFi on 1520 also can't wait to get home

Judge_Daniel says:

I believe it is because there is no data sense app on AT&T phones. On Verizon, if I have my app set to unlimited data it will let me download updates using data. If not, they must be downloaded through Wi-Fi.

sebblk says:

Holy cow,is this true? Downloading updates using cellular data? I thought there was a limit preset by microsoft

Coolaaron88 says:

"Its way darker this time."

-J Cole

But honestly awesome for all Nokia Lumia 1020 owners!

Nakazul says:

Not all, im in Sweden and havent received any updates :'(

theefman says:

IT'S. NOT. POSSIBLE. NOOOOO, now there won't be months of people crying about att and providing endless comedy, Curse you At&teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

marky_yo says:

No now people will just complain about windows 8.1 in about hmmm 5 hrs!!!

HAHA true that!

But they must get rid of the carriers' dependency!

I can't wait for 8.1 to bring my 1020 into the 2013 era, but I'm also scared of how buggy it could potentially be.

Nik Rolls says:

If there's one benefit of Microsoft taking so long to release their phone updates, it's stability. Bugs are usually few and far between.

It didn't seem to go that way with the Lumia 920. The 1020 should be better though, I agree.

Nik Rolls says:

Do you mean initial launch of the 920? Because Windows 8.0 was a fairly significant update.

Tips_y says:

I think you're confusing WP8 (which was the work of MS) and Lumia 920 (which was totally Nokia's work). For sure it was not perfect but your characterization of "how buggy..." implies WP8 was full of bugs, which it was not.

The only thing I can recall is that originally the 920 had reset problems, Bluetooth problems, and lack of clarity in the camera. Don't know who's fault that was....and I'm not mentioning the hardware problem of dust in the front camera...and this is coming from someone who loveeeddd that phone! :)

Nik Rolls says:

All three of those are almost definitely Nokia, and even then they fixed them pretty quickly.

Because Windows Phone has very little fragmentation, you can pretty much see who it is with the following question:

Is it happening on all Windows Phone with that software version? Yes: then it's a Windows Phone bug. No: then it's a bug in a manufacturer's driver, application or software.

Ayush_WP says:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Lumia Black for Lumia 920

Coolaaron88 says:

You will just hear about where is black for the Lumia 920 owners.....like you are already noticing in the thread.

dreonedon says:

Yes where is the black for my 920

Pappa Ed says:

+1 (had to do it)

mdram says:

No black for my 900..:(

numetheus says:

The 900 will not get black. I thought this was well known.

mdram says:

Yeah I know...


I'm poor LOL...

erasure25 says:

Where 920 black?

theefman says:

Guess there is still hope for a fun filled few months! :)

Luckily, my 920 is already black.

HaibaneReki says:

Lol, mine too ^_^

ajftl says:

Black color lol

WilsonBlaze says:

Lmao @SouthDallas40, you rock!

cesar ruiz1 says:

Yes there will be, what about Lumia 820-920-925 and mini me Lumia 520. There shall be many screams and tears.

K Raghu says:

we will still complain as we didnt get for 920

Chacness says:

Not only where is black for my 920 but what's with the update install times. The updates that came out a few days ago for those of us running the preview of GDR3 took 5 hours to install. I know I'm a power user and app whore but seriously what could the phone be doing that caused it to take 5 hours to install a 2mb update. The GDR3 preview took several hours as well.

Markp74 says:

Certainly didn't take 5 hours for me, I would say 20 mins max

But, but I thought everyone said AT&T won't release Black until 2020?

kane4fire says:

That's only for 920 owners

marky_yo says:

Wow I'm shocked, happy and impressed!!! Great job Att!!!! Can't wait to get this on my 1020!!! Great week for WP!!!

smogg9 says:

what about the 920 users? :l

rodneyej says:

Yeah, the wait is kind of ridiculous.. My friend had update 3 on her att 8x for almost two months now.. What's taking so long❔... I could really use the close app feature..

Developer preview???

rodneyej says:

No, the real update❕.. GDR3has already been released for att 8X's..
I know we're talking about BLACK here, but most of us are still waiting for update 3 for our 920's.

smogg9 says:

i hope they release it before february 30th

rodneyej says:

What's significant about that date❔

smogg9 says:

the date doesnt exist, meaning '''i hope they release it some day'' .... .....

Mister Gore says:

Hmm, hopefully my Rogers 920 will get it soon as well.

Techywarrior says:

My GF will be very happy when she gets home tonight... but do I even need to ask where the update for the 920 is :( ? Hopefully it won't be 3 months late(r) again.

Ayush_WP says:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Lumia Black for 920

holy shit, /r/dota2 is leaking!

Ayush_WP says:

Hah! I knew there had to be somebody who recognised this :D

poots1101 says:

anyway to get black on unlocked 1020's on t-mobile?


xandros9 says:

you would have to wait until its pushed to unlocked models, the fact ATT pushed it early is a surprise, even before the int'l models, which is really weird

Unlocked ATT 1020 being used on T mobile I can confirm I received this update.

gamo62 says:

Still no Datasense.

Datasense needs to be enabled by the carrier, I frankly think that they would prefer you use their own tools to monitor your usage (text alerts etc)  .  Not worth their time to set it up.

Not really, I had datasense on my ATIV-S (imported from Canada) connected to ATT.

AMRooke says:

The MyAT&T app (what they say is the equivalent of DataSense) has about 1% of the capability of DataSense, and cannot be considered comparable.  It only tracks from their network side, and has no ability to track network -vs- WiFi data usage, nor usage by individual apps (really useful for identifying hoggish apps).  DataSense also maps out nearby WiFi hotspots.  We all need to push back to AT&T and get them to stop stripping out functionality.  After 25 years with them, this is what will drive me and my family away.  I flashed the ROM on my 920 to get DataSense on AT&T, but there has to be a better way (and I haven't heard of similar ROMs that can be flashed for other devices, in case I decide to upgrade my hardware).

asoyemi says:

Please, did you get 4G and or LTE with his unocked 1020 model on T-Mobile?

hacer619 says:

waiting for black update on my l520 and 920. however, black update seems to only add bluetooth 4.0 support and camera updates (most noticable).

Coolaaron88 says:

Im hoping the firmware update improves camera performance  on my 1520. Thats a little of a sore spot for me.

hacer619 says:

I'm waiting for the screen flicker fix, hope they solve it out :( 

Coolaaron88 says:

I havent had the screen flicker issue but I did notice that the swipe registering as a tap issue has rid itself which I am happy about.

Honestly, my 1520 camera is awesome, and I havent noticed any flickering or anything weird. The device is simply superb. Sorry to hear that you guys are having issues.  

Side note: Lockmix is an awesome app! 

xpxp2002 says:

I want the Black update on my 920 because I'm hoping it fixes Qi charging after they broke it with Amber.

Vavali says:

Me too, and here I thought it was just me.

jodahav says:

What's wrong with your wireless charging?  Mine works great...


Nakazul says:

I'm waiting for new camera firmware to the 1020 so I want black really bad.

FrankEpr says:

I'm running the latest Preview for Developers update on my 1020...is this the same thing? Should I download it? Sorry for the bad English, not my first language.

baron1996 says:

Yeah download it has the nokia firmware but the developer preview doesn't

_patrickc_ says:

Much much different. Download :D

xandros9 says:

pretty much, just with Nokia's awesomeness tossed in, so go for it!

So does that mean FITBIT and Nike Fuelband can finally work with a Lumia? I hope so.

NokFromApp says:

I remember when I bought the 920 and for all updates and app releases, people used to ask what about the 900? I feel like 920 is the new 900 :)

Devmer11 says:

I was that guy one time lol I miss my 900 sometimes

Tell me about it, I have my 900 sitting on my desk. it's still a great phone but still so peeve everytime i see that phone settting on my desk.

I still have it. I used it for a short time when my gf broke her 920 and we were waiting on a replacement.

So many features missing on 7.5

roxpace says:

No, the 920 is far from 900. Its still one of Nokias big cards and will receive updates but the new phones always of course first

I hope that this means they're still tweaking the update for the 920 as I still can't use my phone as a phone. It is inaudible when putting the phone to my ear and talking - I have to be on speakerphone or bluetooth which is ridiculous. I will gladly wait for them to fix this. I should be able to use my phone for phone calls...

rodneyej says:

Sounds like a device specific problem.. Not sure if an update is going to fix that.. You need to go to the service center and swap that device out for another one..

I'm not sure. It happened right after I updated to GDR3 and there have been other people reporting the same issue after updating to GDR3 with their Lumia 920. Of course this isn't everyone but for those of us affected it is pretty frustrating.

rodneyej says:

That sux... I guess there are all kinds of "batch specific" problems then..

hacer619 says:

I hope they've solved the flickering problem, mostly with 920s

Carlos Mota says:

Just send it to warranty. At least that's what they told me at the nokia store...

hacer619 says:

I sent it to nokia care and they replaced the screen and the problem still persist. however the problem appeared after portico update. so it's a software (firmware) problem.

Velayutham says:

+1 Thought, I was alone facing that issue. Thanks for sharing/ notifying community. 2 observations on this issue from my end:
1. When we use any charger other than the one provided by Nokia, the flickering issue occurs more rigorously i.e. Used my Xperia standard USB charger initially.
Also, when you charge phone from power points that doesn't render stipulated Output i.e. I'm from India - 220v is the normal power output. When i used it in bus/train which render sub-power output like 110v - flickering issue popped up again.
2. Instance i find more annoying is when you do a long press on Home screen or webpage or even few apps, flickering is mild & prominently.
As you rightly said, even I receive this flickering issue only after Portico update.
Now I have constantly avoided the type 1 activities, which had fairly reduced the issue. However, flickering does pops up during long press at any screen space..

_patrickc_ says:

I didn't believe it till I saw the downloading screen on my 1020. http://instagram.com/p/iHQUV8pxsi/
Way to go Nokia and AT&T!! Early Christmas present for me!

Broomcorn says:

Your phone looks... weird?  Like part of the case is gone.

SleepyTheDon says:

Wow the last time AT&T was 1st with any type of update was the Iphone

fwaits says:

Actually AT&T was first with GDR1, then they pulled it due to a bug with the radio and re-released the fixed version a week or so later.  Only with GDR2 did they take a long time.

m0unds says:

I appeciate any extra QA work Nokia and AT&T did w/GDR2. That first GDR update was awful for tons of people.

Daniel - Any love for Verizon customers? News on the Lumia Icon?

tribexx says:

I don't think we are getting this or GDR3 until the release of the 929...

Judge_Daniel says:

I'm going to throw in the towel when it comes to waiting for the Icon. A phone that has been delayed this much must have serious problems. Also, by the time it does get announced, 8.1 will be almost out, leading to another wave of phones. I wouldn't expect it until mid-January, though.

vitaliano says:

Holy cow! Is it that same att?

isi mcf says:

If at&t released an update this soon, the end of the world.must be near

gamo62 says:


majortom1981 says:

YAy Early christmas present from ATT. just in time. better pictures on christmas :)

kazemYK says:

When it will come to other phones

Well, I am from Brazil... The update hasnt reached this land.... or has it?

aerosmillie says:

Well this IS a surprise!! Looking forward to it hitting the UK

doomtuba says:

Yay! Earlier than expected!

restlessdan says:

Is there no where's my update page for lumia black like they did with amber?

...enhanced battery monitoring...

What does this mean?  I don't remember reading about this anywhere. 

droyces says:

I don't think Rogers has released gdr3.

I want on my l925 bring bring!

MorganRW says:

I guess AT&T is just going to keep crapping on the 920. I guess it will be time to uprade when WP 8.1 comes out.


Wow, the come one UK three! Maybe an early Xmas present?

spyderzWPC says:

The reason they probably pushed this first is because of how bad the gdr2 update went for at&t but again the question is the 920,  How long before the 920 users receive the update???

mahesham22 says:

This is surprising!!!! Att released update even before the factory unlocked phones .. I am getting jealous :-\

Ticomfreak says:

Please come on 920 by Christmas....

Ugh dammit why can't Rogers do the same

Ultimateone says:


tfc ninja says:

so nothing on q
worldwide modelz wierd

Pepe D Vegas says:

I think it might be time to switch companies. I've had it with at&t and nokias inability to provide a update to all devices on a timely fashion.

aitt says:

Guess you'll be getting an iPhone

Pepe D Vegas says:

LOL nah think not

chriswong13 says:

Nice! Downloading now; let's see if my 1020 breaks... :P

bobsentell says:

WTH? It keeps telling me I need to connect to wi-fi when I've turned everything but the Wi-fi off! I really hope Black includes a fix for the Wi-Fi connection on the 1020. It seems to have trouble with that. I can have a full signal of LTE and Wi-Fi and the phone pretty much loses all ability to connect to the internet. It is annoying as hell.

MethodGT says:

That reminds me of my old HD7 (R.I.P.), which absolutely sucked. I'm sorry to hear that about a Nokia. Have you tried contacting them?

E4est says:

So this will be good news for me in like 6 months, when branding-free 920's will get it in Germany...

lucky4ansh says:

is it for all countries or only US?..

Micah Dawson says:

I was actually just about to do the developer preview lol

Acryion says:

You can still do it. You'll get all the GDR3 goodness. You'll only need to wait for the Black update.

Is it only is us? Not on ee in the uk?

So i should be able to download it?

KKRLessey says:

It's not out yet sadly. Hopefully soon :)

Best surprise ever! I can't wait!!!! This and then the 8.1 update are going to make me feel like I don't need to replace my phone for another 3 years!!

Acryion says:

Let's not jump ship here. We'll need to wait and see exactly what 8.1 brings to the table.

Mohit dutta says:

my at&t lumia 920 just got updated to 8.0.10521.155 ....that's the lumia Black Firmware right???


court6714 says:

Did anyone that did the dev gdr3, get the black update with no problem?

majortom1981 says:

 mine is installing now and I had the dev preview. do a mnual check for updates.tok a little longer on checking updates but eventually found it.

No issues here it installed perfectly.  I'm not seeing an update for the Glance app yet though.

Do we need an update to get message alerts on the glance screen?

Ultimateone says:

They are there now after the update

TK2011 says:

Does it add RAW camera support for the 1020?

TK2011 says:

Thanks for confirmation. Daniel probably should add that to the list because I think a lot of photo buffs are waiting for that landmark feature alone.

I'm doing a whole separate article on new features.

majortom1981 says:

each file is about 40mb so its not something you want to keep on. only for important pictures.

DJCBS says:

Something that you never mention but that's also a change on GDR3: you can now use FULL MP3 songs as ring/sms/alarm etc tones

Acryion says:

Wait, how? I know about ringtons for different contacts but you're telling me now you can set the default ringtone to a normal, full length MP3?

dznk says:

AT&T first with an update? Wow. I wonder how quick they'll be to release it to the rest of their Lumia phones. Still nice to see them release it early. So they should though, there's no excuse for the main seller of Lumia phones in the US, not to be first for updates to these phones.

Ultimateone says:

GDR1 for the 920 was instant

deansmilk says:

Installing now... its pretty slow going though.


Hmm, stuck at 100% I think? (Nevermind its restarting)!

Dare2Blink says:

Uau I never though that I would benefit from having a AT&T branded 1020 over an international version (I don't live in the US and have an unlocked 1020)

alijahg34 says:

920 920 920. 920 920 920

kjnoel says:

Color me surprised

thenordicgod says:

is there DNG support for the camera now on the 1020?

jiggaman135 says:

Damm it....why not just push it to all Nokia att phones....what's with this selective B.S. ....?

Fragmentation my friend.

majortom1981 says:

the black update finished .  It popped up a message saying welcome to lumia black. i dont remember that happening with gdr2. the funny part is the page it brings you to is still for amber

troylytle says:

Noticed that as well. I was like whaaaaaa?!

AT&T stole this from under the carpet... Nokia, where is our Lumia Black Update Status Website by region???

Acryion says:

I keep looking for that on their website. Sadly it's not there yet :(

HM02 says:

Cool. I'll be getting my 1020 on Jan 5. fo free

lippidp says:

I got mine fo free 2 months ago. ;p

Montpbm says:

Uuuuuuh! Come on T-Mobile!

navidee says:

oh why does my wifi at work have to be so spotty!!!! very happy about this though. Can't wait to kick the tires on the RAW capabilities when its slow here at work next week.

lippidp says:

Your IT guy sucks, your CFO is cheap, or your device is faulty.

navidee says:

I think its the first two haha

hagjohn says:

I don't have enough of a charge to complete the install.... damn.

nanoware says:

Yea don't risk it bro

troylytle says:

Just in time for work.

BikemanAMD says:

Any Info on Lumia 920 Users getting the GDR3 update and Lumia Black Firmwire?   Never understand why 920 users have to wait, so we're not a flagship phone as much as the 1020 and 1520 anymore, but we still our loyal Windows Phone users, So kinda wish our 920 model was treated the same as 1020, 1520, 820, and all the line. 

(my contract ends April 2015) so depending on how the updates go for GDR3 and 8.1 update will determine if i stay with At&T or Windows Phone entirely at that point



navidee says:

Seeing as this brings RAW support to the 1020, i can see why they pushed it first to the 1020. Gauging by all the early next year posts, I would assume Black should be rolling out in the next two weeks.

Pepe D Vegas says:

I agree at first a fan of both companies and lured into the 920 hype and guaranteed support I bought it.

theefman says:

What's the big deal if you have to wait? You'll get the update eventually, is there any specific reason why you can't wait for it to be released? Being first, last, second or even 21st means nothing, what matters is whether you get the update and we are more than likely to get updates for a while yet. So what's the hurry?

ScubaDog says:

Could that mean that Black for the Lumia 920 isn't too far behind?  I have both the 920 and the 1020 (the 1020 is updating as I type this).


Josh Gabel says:

My 1520 touch isn't crazy sensitive anymore. Perfection! Anyone who is on the fence about the 1520- it's now perfect!

TonyF64 says:

This is good to hear.  The screen sensitivity has been driving me bonkers.   

The other issue I have is the display brightness when set to automatic.  If I'm in a dark area, the screen is too dark.  The rest of the time it is just fine.  I find I have to turn off automatic and go to low when it is dark.  Have you noticed any changes?

rubenbest says:

Does this get rid of the annoying yellow tint after pictures?

SwimSwim says:

It does update the camera algorithms, so hopefully. Anyways, with RAW support now enabled, you can handle all the color and white balance processing yourself. So if Nokia doesn't address the issue, you're free to take matters into your own hands.

rubenbest says:

Yea but the photo wont be 41 mega pixels i like zooming in

SwimSwim says:

It will still be using the full sensor. That's the beauty about RAW, it takes the raw (see what they did there?) info from the camera sensor, the software doesn't touch it at all. You get exactly what the pixels see. That means it's not ready for sharing out the gate, you've got to do all the touching up and such.

But if you have the right software and the know-how, that results yielded are tremendous. So yes, you can still zoom in. Not on the phone, of course, but you're free to use whatever software you like to over sample the images.