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AT&T not planning to roll out 8107 update to Windows Phones

WP Central

We're going to batten down that hatches on this one for the comment storm that is sure to follow, but at least according to an AT&T Community Manager, the company is not planning on supporting the famed 8107 Windows Phone OS update. That's the one that fixes the super frustrating "disappearing keyboard" bug as well as some other security fixes.

The word comes from Jamileh, a Community Manager on the official AT&T support forums. In response to an ongoing discussion about the update and whether or not it will be coming, Jamileh finally chimed in today with what sounds like a definitive answer:


"I got some news about the Windows Phone 8107 update and wanted to share it with you all. We are not currently planning to offer the Windows 8107 update. I don’t have any additional information right now. If and when I get details, I will update the thread."

While we can leave some wiggle room here for the company (Jamileh does work for AT&T but obviously is not an official PR person), her response does sound like a fairly black and white one with little room for reinterpretation.

Of course this raises all sorts of questions e.g. is it because they are opting for the bigger "Tango" update which would be a legitimate delay (why role out 8107 when you you have build 87xx coming in a a month?) or is it because they just don't have any immediate plans to update their current lineup? For now, we're going to assume that AT&T won't be supporting 8107 but we're not ready to get the pitchforks out yet either.

Hopefully AT&T will chime in sooner than later to give some respite to worrying customers who have a lot invested in their Windows Phone.

Source: AT&T Community Forums; Thanks, Sheeds (WPDownUnder) and Bill J., for the heads up



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wpdownunder says:

ATT you suck. I have a Samsung Focus rotting in a top draw because it is an ATT branded device.
* No Internet sharing update from you and Samsung (Omnia 7 did for international)
* Now no 8107 update.
Screw you.  My voice on this here:

OMG55 says:

I'm not very happy to hear this but c'mon people, use a little common sense here. Why would att roll out this update when Apollo is just around the corner. I have a first Gen focus and the keyboard has only malfunctioned 4 times total. Its not that big of a deal when my wide iPhone is always freezing up and rebooting dispite the nay saying ifans. Again maybe there decision is because they know when Apollo is coming out and we don't.

willied says:

Tango is right around the corner, Apollo is later this year.

alodar101 says:

Why are you assuming that tango is an update to mango? I was clearly under the impression that tango was a peer of mango, designed for the lower end, lower cost windows phone models, like the lumia 610. It generally lowers the feature set and options based on a lesser set of hardware.

I could be wrong....but...just don't be disappointed.

ymala1 says:

You are wrong. Tango isn't a 'peer' of mango, there is no branching of the OS here. Everyone's getting Tango, and it's not lowering any feature sets on any current devices. It however has been optimized so that lower spec devices are supported, they will have lowered feature sets, as a result of their lower specs. But it's not completely moot for those running 2nd gen devices, it does add a number of minor enhancements to current devices.

rodneyej says:

Apparently the keyboard issue affect certain phones more or less. Mine must be worst than yours. Mine will drop 4-6 times trying to type one message, multiple times per day.. I guess the Focus is not so perfect after all.

TonyDedrick says:

To say it's not that big of a deal when the update actually exist is asinine. I don't care WTF is around the corner. If there is an update to fix my keyboard, then give me the update. And good for you its only happened four times.
I contribute to a crap load of message boards, many when I'm on my Focus. I do alot of emailing and texting. I can legitimately say the keyboard drops a good 20 times during considerable usage.

OMG55 says:

Maybe you should move on to droid for fragmentation or the iPhone which both suffer from more than keyboard issues. I say this because of the profanic short hand you use in your response. Anger isn't good for you and if it's affecting you this much, maybe you need professional help!

TonyDedrick says:

Actually, I'm not angry. Its a phone, not a matter of life and death. But if I'm gonna invest the kind of money i do into having the phone, it isn't too much to ask that we be provided with fixes that improve user experiences. And if i wanted a Droid or iPhone, i probably would have gotten one. I chose to take a chance on WP. The least AT&T and MS can do is look as if they care

MS does care its AT&T that doesn't. Maybe u should switch to a better carrier

TonyDedrick says:

Its Microsoft's OS. I have yet to see an update for a bug to their OS. I realize AT&T is dragging their feet on this. So why isn't Microsoft calling them out to get their act together?

ymala1 says:

Man, you really are a bit of a dick aren't you. Don't compare this issue to android 'fragmentation', what does that have to do with anything? You want to bring android in? Why not consider its other advantages as well then?
People on this forum are generally here because they're WP fans, that doesn't necessarily make us the puppet mouthpiece that must turn a blind eye to this kind of idiocy. The fix has been written and deployed. All relevant testing has clearly been done. This isn't bricking any phones, nor adding any features that would be a strain on a network or cause it any issues otherwise. Nobody's asking AT&T to write, nor deploy this fix. People just want AT&T to not stick its nose in and BLOCK the darned thing.
And if there is a legitimate issue, which is a possibility, acknowledge that there is a problem, inform the customers the reason as to why they must put up with a buggy device and advise them as to what measures are being taken to rectify the issue. This isn't about being unreasonable and demanding. It doesn't matter how serious the problem is, there is a problem, it's been fixed, don't lose customer satisfaction over something so simple and stupid. This is harming so much more than AT&T's own reputation, that it's just unbelievable that this is happening over something so mundane.
Oh, and I totally take offense at the profanic shorthand  in your username taking the Lord's name in vain. But that's hardly a valid reason to not rebut your asinine comment head on.

AndreHBuss says:

Twitter #WindowsPhoneSmokedbyATT :) lets go \o/

PeterFnet says:

Wow, just wow. Hope this lack of commitment doesn't apply to Lumia 900.

New motto? "AT&T: We do just good enough"

KeegdnaB42 says:

Unless they're planning on going dirctly to Tango, then this is inexcuseable. The update fixes a well-documented bug and they owe it to their customers to fix it.
That said, at least they're saying anything about it at all. Verizon probably already forgot the Trophy even exists.

uberlaff says:

Agreed... I always assumed they would not offer this fix and go straight to Tango. This was what they did for NoDo and Mango as well. Hopefully that is what they mean. If not, it's on!

Baka says:

The US update situation is atrocious (Sprint here), and it will cost MS in both the short and long run. And let's be perfectly clear - 8107 is not some kind of "Feature" update, it fixes bugs created by MS own Mango update.  Carriers preventing MS from deploying an OS fix is unforgivable.  If addressing the update process isn't MS's highest priority for their mobile business then they are fools.

I got my update here on T-mobile. Not MS' fault that ur with a crappy carrier

Baka says:

not your fault you're a moron.

Not my fault you're a dumbass.

Pauldro says:

I also have t-mobile, but it took too long for it to reach me, I believe the 8107 was released January 16th, I got it a week ago. 

I got my 8107 update from T-mobile a week after it was released! You must have an HD7, because all 3 of my families radars updated at the same time.

AndreHBuss says:

Twitter #WindowsPhoneSmokedbyATT :) lets go \o/

wpdownunder says:

Make sure you sign and add your voice to the ATT community - help them fight the fight for #wp7 !!!

AndreHBuss says:

Twitter #WindowsPhoneSmokedbyATT :) lets go \o/

mparker says:

It's "batten down the hatches" not "baton down the hatches".

That was just my mparker test.

jbrandonf says:

Awesome response.

dtboos says:

The way I think about it is they won't be releasing 8107 as an update in and of itself.
They will still update things to Tango, which means skipping one update since Mango (the 8107) and it will be bundled.

wpdownunder says:

They also missed 7740 (as did most, jumping to 8107) - so officially that now makes 2 !!!

dtboos says:

Let me hope!!!

schlubadub says:

Since Mango I've received 3 updates (in Australia) 7720, 7740 and 8107.

wpdownunder says:

Oh - and if you have any news for me, don't forget my US "Where's my Update page" for Windows Phone
Now updated to include the latest ATT advice :/

gentry33 says:

Taking a file to my pitchfork. I have nearly a year to go on contract with 1st gen device (maybe 6 mo. with early upgrade). Stupid stunts by AT&T and my honed pitchfork will be put to work.

Whodaboss says:

TMo made the release available.  That's why I'm so happy the AT&T / TMo deal crumbled.  Because AT&T... well to put it mildly - sucks!  But AT&T do get the best phones. Now that, sucks for TMo... :(

xpxp2002 says:

It's clear that removing that layer of transparency that the Update Central page provided, that held the carriers' feet to the fire clearly didn't motivate them to improve the update process at all. If anything, without that pressure they now publicly acknowledge that they aren't going to provide an important bug fix/security patch.
AT&T is supposed to be the "premier US carrier?" What a joke. I think it's time to start writing directly to Ballmer and Belfiore and let them know, it's time to double-down on carriers. If Microsoft wants its only supporters who use word-of-mouth to promote this product to others to continue supporting it, they need to make it possible to defend. How can I tell my Android-using friends to buy a Windows Phone from AT&T instead of the new Android phone-of-the-week when neither of them are guaranteed to get updates anymore? Most people I know are deeply entrenched in the Google/Android ecosystem and convincing them to give up their investment (in apps and their knowledge of the OS) to move to something better means it needs to be a lot better. I think Windows Phone is, but with annoying bugs and security vulnerabilities going unfixed for months after patches are made available makes it a pretty tough sell.
I love Windows Phone too much to watch it fail because Microsoft won't step up and take charge like Apple did when it came in with 0% market share. The only loyal customers who want to promote this platform are going to be left with nothing to defend because Microsoft won't do what it takes to tell the carriers where to stick it and control the update cycle themselves like Apple did.

AndreHBuss says:

Twitter #WindowsPhoneSmokedbyATT :) lets go \o/

Rich Edmonds says:

Superb comment :-)

RenatoFontes says:

Guys... guys! calm down ....
We all know AT&T sucks.. just go to xda forums and download the update there.
It is EASY to install =)

llanos5000 says:

Not easy if you have a Mac...

NH3MAN says:

The last update I forced made me have to do a hard reset later so I could get the official ATT Mango update with the proper ATT radio. I don't want to and shouldn't have to do that again if ATT took care of their customers. Every ATT WO customer should complain to the Better Busibess Bureau. I had the KB glitch happen 4 times typing this. :-/

WixosTrix says:

There has to be some way for customers to make AT&T deliver these updates.  The disappearing keyboard is an issue that hinders the usability of the phone.  That is unacceptable considering that we're all play monthly services charges for these devices and service.

fogel35 says:

I would attack it two fold:
1) take them into the store and complain.
2) call customer service often enough and it will change.  

preriz says:

Following step 2. Get the word out!

Etyrnus says:

I love the OS, but like I just posted on the WP fb page, if I wanted uncertainty and fragmentation I'd have an Android. Seriously considering just going to iPhone, at least there's consistency there.

prowade says:

^This. I DO NOT want to go with tue iPhone but wtf MS, ATT, whoever!?!

ShortStuff says:

Since this is Microsoft premiere partner so if there not planning on the tango update either then Microsoft needs to get on Att ass bout there updates!!!

eshy says:

This is just as black and white as that no angry birds space for windows phone story
stating this as and absolute fact because a community manager posted one line and has no other details is not serious. I know you need to create content, but comeon
to those of you who say at&t sucks, you're right, but the reason is the bad network not the lack of a minor update that fixes issues most of their users didn't encounter.
The update situation is still a lot worse on android (my poor Evo, still under contract, will probably never see another update and the last one was a while ago)

"This is just as black and white as that no angry birds space for windows phone story stating this as and absolute fact"

Sorry dude, you have it backwards. The Angry Birds thing is because ROVIO SCREWED UP not because of bad reporting. When a member of the company emphatically says something that is incorrect, blaming the media for covering it is a jerk thing to do.

Same situation here. Sorry, she does work for AT&T and she obviously received information from her superiors on the matter where she felt she could definitively say "it's not coming". (That and it's been weeks now and there are no signs it is coming.)

This isn't about creating content, it's about reporting what companies are saying to their customers.

Don't like it? Don't read it. But please, don't tell me how to do my job.

rojar19 says:

New found respect for journalists.

Kadcidxa says:

This is not good.

prowade says:

Shouldn't unlocked phones (dev or otherwise) get the update regardless of carriers?

What is stopping MS from managing the updates directly?

Shoddy update promises is why I left Android in the first place....i dislike Apple very much but got to respect how they do crap right.....

wpdownunder says:

Unlocked = device not set to only work on one Carrier's network. Can be used on any compatible 2G/3G carrier.
Unbranded = a device with NO carrier ROM on the handset (no bloatware, carrier splash screen or settings). Just the Operating System and OEM firmware.
Unbranded devices are supposed to be able to get their updates once the OEM and MS finish their testing. It does not need to have Carrier testing or approval before MS deployment.

N that's what's makes getting the lumia 900 from AT&TRASH a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy am I happy I don't have ATT. I have been frustrated with T-Mobile because of a lack of new Windows Phones, but at least my HD7 keeps getting updates

Don't get me wrong I love WP7 and have a HD7 workhorse but T-Shmobile is what I'm going all in with ... Maybe we'll get a WP8 this year..... But I will Not go with ATT&Trash

lonewolf674 says:

The biggest mistake Microsoft ever could have made with Windows Phone, as far as the US market goes, was leaving updates to be pushed out by the carriers.  After seeing the fragmented mess Android became, this should have been clear.  Also, AT&T seems not to do anything beneficial for customers unless they can figure out a way to nickle and dime them for it.  I like my Titan, and there are things I like about WP, and certain things I think it does better than my experience with iOS.  But because of AT&T, I'm now very cautious about getting myself too entrenched into the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Pauldro says:

Microsoft should take charge like apple distributing updates through Zune. We already have to go to Zune to do it, but it'd be easier to bypass carrieres

pfe1223 says:

I'm a new convert to WP7 on AT&T, and I am finding a few problems with my phone. Nothing major, but annoying nonetheless. If AT&T won't give me the latest updates I wonder if these issues will ever go away. I've got about two weeks left to decide if I want to keep the phone. I like WP7 I really do. But I can't help but wonder if it is worth it to stick around. And this isn't a knock on MS. My wife keeps telling me to get an iPhone. Not the biggest fan, but they are the only company who seems to get the updates out on time. Sigh.

rtecson says:

iPhone has a lot of updates because it has a lot of problem. I left AT&T because it's too pricey. Now I'm with tmobile and I have htc radar, and I don't have any problem with updates. BTW I used to have iPhone and I used it like a baseball pitchers throwing a fast ball to the concrete wall. It's always freezes, and Android is no different. Now I'm a happy with my Radar.

vincentw56 says:

Microsoft made such HUGE mistake letting the carriers control the updates. Not sure why they would do this when none of their competitors did this. They need to take back control. It is a disservice to their loyal Windows Phone users. I hate having to HACK my phone just so I can get updates that I should have.

5tephen says:

^this. I only got rid of the disappearing keyboard on my focus flash because of the little hack posted in the forums here. Ugh AT&T get it together.

chaz_uk says:

When I go Android I go Nexus to avoid this type of thing and now it seems I will never own a carrier branded WP7 handset.

Feels kind of good owning a sim free model HTC Titan and GNex.

I take it us "sim free" model owners are directly updayed from the OEM? I.E my unlocked, unbranded Titan is updated from

HTC direct with no bearing on which carrier SIM it has in it?

Microsoft - I love my Titan and enjoy being a WP7 user. Please don't let carriers ruin things with this crap. Thankyou.

Cyruss1989 says:

The weird thing is that open devices often get the updates after branded phones :/ Updates are screwed up in the WP7 world :/

Nitaino says:

Happy with The ancient HD7 and waiting for Q4 to buy WP8 Apollo for Tmo USA

rtecson says:

Same here waiting for WP8 Apollo and right now I have htc radar and i love it. I have two friends that is also waiting too for the Apollo.

thirdday2002 says:

*****Insert at&t rant here*****

nicholaseix1 says:

I feel that Microsoft should not leave the updates up to the carriers (Mainly ATT).  All updates should just be pushed to the devices, and nobody will have to worry about their carrier releasing an update or not.  My main gripe, having to do with the last major update, is ATT not allowing us to have visual voicemail, while the opposite is true for the iPhone.
I just hope that ATT releases Tango. I get sick more and more of ATT everyday when they deny their customers something else.

MannLou says:

If no Tango I'm done. I'll go back to the iPhone and enjoy jailbreaking. This is a shame. I hope Windows Phone does not go the way of Zune, a great product with no support. What a shame. Simple update and it can't be released. Why?

I paid top dollar( 5bills) when the HD7 came out thinking I was going to be able to get something better from T-Shmobile and now I just can hope ........ Then AT&Trash picks up the 900 when we know signing with them is like signing with the horned one... What the hell WP is there a bunch of monkeys running the show

I paid top dollar( 5bills) when the HD7 came out thinking I was going to be able to get something better from T-Shmobile and now I just can hope ........ Then AT&Trash picks up the 900 when we know signing with them is like signing with the horned one... What the hell WP is there a bunch of monkeys running the show

when Tmo refarms their network we can use any phone. So shut your mouth! I don't know how many times I've had to say this already.

luimende says:

That's two years!

patsfan06 says:

It's things like this that make me wary of getting the Lumia 900 when it comes out. ATT is always the last to push out the updates and now it sounds like they are just going to skip some altogether! No internet sharing, no updates, no visual voicemail, and they can't even announce a date for the 900! I would drop them in a heartbeat if another carrier was getting the 900's. There is no way Windows Phones will ever take off if these update processes aren't fixed. Clearly AT&T doesn't care about Windows Phones.

rtecson says:

If I were you get an unlock Nokia lumia 900 to bypass the crap of ATT.

The joy of owning an unbranded/unlocked device! Sorry fellows, I feel your pain. Don't give up on WP!

T-Shmobile HD7 users are the true WP7 rebellion "hold the line" "hold the line" arghhhhhh

J4rrod says:

Do what I did, unbrand your phone and get it :)

Face2000 says:

This is tragic I am not a fan of ATT even before my wife convinced me to switch over. They hike there prices up every time I blink and phone calls being dropped is just ridiculous but if 8107 is not buddled with tango I will drop them like its hot and head back to tmobile l have had it with there crap. I still love WP and ill just have to settle for what they have.

rtecson says:

That's why I left ATT too pricey and you don't get shit. Sorry for my language!

"We will not go to AT&Trash"

alex6272 says:

I've heard it's possible to change the registry so that the phone appears to be from a different carrier and gets those updates instead. Would it be possible to unlock my HTC Surround and change the carrier to Rogers to actually get updates? Or even to just get updates from HTC?

cannon#WP says:

Yes, but if you have mango already, you can't. You'll have to flash back to NoDo at least to use the tools at XDA to unbrand.

alex6272 says:

Darn, there's some saved games I wouldn't want to lose. Oh well, I guess I'll just stick it out and hope AT&T wisens up. Thanks though

CJ Thunder says:

Better be because we are getting Tango it I will not buy a Lumia...god, I thought I own my phone.

And no I'm not from Philly mofo's

rpm5101 says:

Good thing I forced it ;)

We all know AT&T is the most consumer unfriendly carrier out there so this doesn't surprise me a but. But we shouldn't go over to iPhone because of this.

"live FREE not At&t"

I posted both on the forums of AT&T and a few blogs, if the Nokia 900 has the 8112 update, could it be that ATT's network cannot deploy the update 8107 and that's why they stated "no plans for 8107"? Maybe it creates a new bug? Im not giving up on WP or ATT, Im confident they will do the right thing...either offer huge incentives to previous generation owners to upgrade to LTE devices, deploy the mysterious 8112 to our devices, or be front and center in deployment of TANGO on day 1! :)

lippidp says:

Lame. I have to say, though, that I'm not clamoring for it anyway. They really do need to get a handle on updates regardless.

TheOHouse says:

All this complaining and whining... What kind of community is this? If you really care then find a way to make the WP community better, not a bunch of helpless losers

Etyrnus says:

What you call whining and complaining are legitimate gripes about a consistent lack of support from both the supposed major us carrier and the OS manufacturer. I have even gotten some of the att sales reps interested in wp7 in the past, and this lack of support has me considering walking away. We get tired of the inconsistent stance from Microsoft, and the persistent snubbing of our updates by ATT. You shouldn't have to hack your phone to get the current software.

I says. Plz bratha don't fight brotha.... t-mobile has sent the HD7 to the promised land yet AT&Trash has and will abandoned there good people, I say and I say again "Do not switch over to AT&Trash you will only b disappointed and left hanging, all u thinking of the 900 plz b4warned"

Siggystyle says:

That's what xda is for... But honestly, with this kind of business practice, the longevity if the platform is in serious question!! As a seriously faithful and strong supporter of the platform, this worries me greatly!! I know I can get my device to give me what I want (1st Gen HD7 here, and totally satisfied -for the length of my contract-) but for those that don't tinker, and even for those of us that do (but when it comes time to upgrade), this issue causes major alarm for those of us that want the latest and greatest hardware, with our preferred software (WP OS), and the chances of our carriers being able to provide it for/to us... If this crap keeps up, the masses will lose interest... Thus the inevitable fail of the platform... I KNOW this is the agenda for some of the big-biz's out there... C'mon MS pick ur partners better, or at least get some muscle behind ur proposals... Call em "Enforcers".... Haha. Seriously tho, I hope the carriers begin to see that this platform deserves to see the long haul, and that the consumers deserve the benefits that it can provide!! ;)

I'll just echo my complete disappointment with AT&T and Microsoft. The decision to let carriers to roll out updates was Microsofts, so I think we need to voice any rage we have to them. they should have put their foot on the throat of ATT when they didn't roll out the disappearing kb fix and now we don't get it at all and won't even get it if I buy a 900? The Tango coming out soon is no excuse for not pushing a important update.

iOS is dated and looks old but I get a pop up notification when there's an update. I'm beginning to think it's worth it to hold off on anything windows phone related until they show me and everyone else they can deliver a simple and important update.

MadSci2 says:

I seem to remember MSoft trumpeting that all the Carriers were required by their co tract with MSoft to push out every second update to their Customers? Well my Titan is behind by three and no word if it will even get Tango. What are the chances for getting WP8 from AT&Trash? Not much it seems.

I also recall MSoft stating that if a Carrier violated the every other rule that MSoft was entitled, and committed to, pushing it out to the phones themselves.

I vowed never to by another Samsung device since they and AT&T reneged on their promise to update my Galaxy Tab 7. Its also one of several reasons I will never buy a portable Android device again. WinPhone promised not to be like all the rest, but as usual AT&T is f@#&$Ng us over and MSoft better step up and treat their customers properly or like so many others there will be little choice left but retreat to the iPhone.
I expect that AT&T sees this as driving update-hungry Customers into the Store to get their "Hero" device, the Nokia 900. Someone better realize that clever screwing is not the same as building Customer loyalty. I think from now on I'll be buying unbranded devices and to hell with them.

I got a bad feeling this will separate us from some of our WP7 brothers n sisters but we will not b part of the AT&Trap.... "hold the Line my T-Shmobile brothers b sisters"

rchillin says:

Correct me if I'm wrong but Sprint (which I know for sure) and Verizon hasn't released the 8107 update either. So of the major carriers, only TMobile has. Not sure about the WP7 carriers.

Miistercoool says:

My keyboard hasn't disappeared in over 3 months :O and I have the Titan for AT&T! Just saying...maybe I'm just lucky..

LCARS says:

I hate you AT&T

jfreiman says:

I've mentioned it before and ill mention it again. I have a Focus S on at&t and had the 8107 update pushed to my phone after I upgraded to Win8 CP several weeks ago.
It's nice to have 8107, but doesn't have as much an impact as I would have liked. Hopefully the Refresh will do more.
I'm can't be the only one who received the 8107 update on at&t - can I?

Odd-i-See says:

Very unhappy with T-Mo's lack of a 900 series Nokia phone, but I will give them props on every single update that has dropped.

winniebaygo says:

Let's take it to the board of directors.  Here's the CEO's e-mail addresses.  You can get the address of the other board members by looking here:
Just put firstname.lastname @
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson
Also e-mail the Windows Phone 7 blog.  Ask for their help.
Please be civil.  Speak loudly but don't shout.  Don't curse.  Make good arguments as to why they should support us.  They don't care so make them care. 
Finally, go to and ask for help.  Someone out there has information we can use.  Maybe they'll post it.

"Live Free Not AT&tee"

Stay with tour carrier"do Not Switch Over"

Peter McCain says:

What if we get the lumia 900 from the ms store? Is that unlocked? Would that guarantee me timely updates?

N@vX says:

AT&T sucks!...any one of you know if there are custom ROMs available for 2nd generation devices?

rodneyej says:

This is complete BS! I hate this disappearing keyboard... It's ruining my perfect WP experience. What's next? Are they going to deny us the refresh? Lol!

bjax says:

This is BS!!!! The ONE thing that is bothering me about my windows phone is that damn disappearing keyboard! Why in the hell wouldn't they release an update that fixes an obvious problem!?

mjrtoo says:

I've been with ATT for a long time, like 20 years or so. I absolutely love WP, have had a quantum from day 1, but if the Apollo release is a bust I'm afraid I'm going to have to go to Android and Verizon, I've given them (ATT) many years, only to be let down at the far. I'm hoping Apollo and the new 2nd Gen devices work out...I'll stick around until then with my quantum that is still amazing.

mvierling says:

Been saying all along that AT&T won't roll out the update.  You can be sure they won't roll out Tango or Apollo either (to existing phones).  AT&T is done updating "old" phones.  They want you to purchase a new one.

nicholaseix1 says:

I hate your comment so much, because I know that it is true.

TheOHouse says:

They did mango.... Certainly they saw the value in that. Why would Apollo be different if it will be compatible with previous gen phones?

cannon#WP says:

They almost had to do Mango because at that point they only had 4 phones to sell. By the time Apollo rolls around they'll have Tango phones and new Apollo phones to sell. Also by that time, the original 3 will be 2 years old and AT&T will not want to support 2 year old EOL phones. We will have to updatw them ourselves.

albertleao says:

Someone at microsoft should just accidentally push that big red "emergency - update all devices" button that sits somewhere in the corner of the windows phone department.

AriesDog says:

I still don't understand why updates are handled by the carriers instead of through the desktop client.

Nakazul says:

Feeling with US customers. The keyboard fix essential + security. I also won't put salt in your wounds telling when I got my update here in Scandinavia. I wonder if these update problem affects app development? If a lot of apps is done in US and there most on lower versions, couldn't this result in problems with app stability or compabillity.

Shane says:

Visual Voicemail

Asshole r u preventing me from commenting I hope those cost u millions AT&TRASH

U can't stop the truth

erzhik says:

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why you buy unlocked. Nobody to tell me that you can't get an official fix.

Darkstar1756 says:

Lets not forget about Verizon! At least ATT gets some damn nice phones instead of getting one least featured, first-gen Windows phone to see how well the os performs and then going and riding their little droid-train. My (android fanboy) friend even personally commented saying he liked my HTC Trophy Verizon better than his Samsung Nexus S 4G. Windows Phone FTW! 

Shane says:

Its all about the money.

cannon#WP says:

This is why everyone should know (and teach others) the Cab Sender method at XDA. It's the only way my Quantum could have been on 8107 for months now. You also can update OEM and carrier drivers and radios with it too.

At some point it seems, we're going to end up right back in the same hole that WinMo was in with customers supporting themselves and each other. All because MS didn't have to balls to stick to their original "we handle the updates" stance, which is why they forbade oem/carrier customizations in the first place.

In one week MS took two steps forward with the Lumia 900 seeing a launch date and the new advertising, but then took a HUGE step backwards being slapped around by AT&T.

EMH says:

I've been on 8107 for the past couple of days on my AT&T Dell Venue Pro. Got a notice that an update was available, plugged into my computer, and presto. Has been working great so far.

Berls says:

This IS a big deal. I have the keyboard bug on my Focus, just like everyone else who uses live tiles or gets other background updates. Whenever the radio is doing background tasks, the keyboard disappears. This should have been fixed months ago. The fact that it has but AT&T withheld the fix - and Microsoft let them - is inexcusable. As much as I dislike Apple, they would NEVER let this happen.
I've been waiting for the Lumia 900 to upgrade, but the update situation is making me reconsider WP altogether. That's bad. I'm passionate about WP and Microsoft products in general. I don't like Apple and I don't like Android. I'm a MS fanboy who won't recommend WP to anyone because the keyboard bug is a daily nuisance, but even more because Microsoft is not controlling their product. 
Waiting indefinitely for updates is ridiculous. Not getting them at all is obscene. Why should I buy another WP phone when I can be pretty confident that whatever bugs come along will NOT be corrected by AT&T, even when they have the means available?

JD Miles says:

I am feeling your pain as I am in the exact same boat. The fact that the KNOWN fix to the problem is out there and only UNAVAILABLE because the provider could care less if I and other AT&T "hostages" are shined on.
Being helpless and held "hostage" is an incredible deal with those of us who bought into the WP7 enviroment in good faith and we only want what is fair and right from our PAID provider. Thanks to MS for getting the "fix" out there and available to the carriers and shame on AT&T for your current as well as  historical dis-regard towards your contractual service hostages. If the shoe was on the other foot AT&T would be suing us over such behavior for not living up to our side of the contract.
Thanks for letting me vent, just wish there were a way to force AT&T to live up to it's portion of the 2 year contract.

agm353 says:

Congrats ATT, everybody hates you.

aubreyq says:

If I have to put up with a disappearing keyboard until the fall, it's over between WP and I.

boarder2 says:

I think a lot of us are waiting to see what happens with Windows 8 and/or Tango. If Microsoft or the carriers screw the pooch with this one... A lot of us are going to bail. Myself included.

Microsoft started this whole thing with some great values. Known hardware, "forced" updates, etc, etc. Everything they're doing now is becoming more and more lax on all fronts and that's just not going to cut it.

MS, you have a small window of opportunity. Don't waste it.

My keyboard has disappeared three times while I typed this on an HTC Titan.

My HD7 keyboard disappeared 0 times while typing this message.

Pbear74 says:

I wonder if this girl will still have a job on Monday because of the fire storm she created with her comment. 

The 900 will have the fix, all new WP phones will have it, furthermore major OS updates will be pushed just like mango was, seems no one remembers how great the mango update was handled. Don't be traitors and turn ur backs on MS now because of stupid AT$T ,VZ and sprint.

WinFan1 says:

Is there any way us users can protest this carrier decided update policy I mean it is just fucking pathetic I am sick and tired that apples iPhone gets updated whether you have 3g 4 4s why the fuck are those stupid fucktard phones able to do it MS fix this fucking policy these stupid fucking carriers are just gonna do this everytime a new fucking phone out.... You at least owe us this for our support goodness man.....

DaSchnee says:

Guys, even if you live in the US, just stop buying phones on contract. Here in Germany I stopped doing that ages ago. I know that you are missing some ATT bands then but I think it's still worth it...

theefman says:

I'm sure the wpcentral team have tmobile connections, why not give them a push? Seems T-Mobile can easily step in here and poach dissatisfied WP7 users from at&t by offering better WP7 phones as they actually release updates and have cheaper rates. Why are they not capitalizing on this? They have a history with htc for instance, if Nokia is going wth at&t why dont they work with htc to bring the Titan or T II to their network? Seems all the US networks are just a bunch of WP hating gits.

lvalen91 says:

When you have, money to spare you can limit the sale of a device to a particular Company. Right now AT&T bought the Titan and the Titan II to stay exclusive to them in the states. Give HTC or Samsung enough money and they will not make an international version. If T-Mobile had money to spare they would bring in more devices but right now Verizon and AT&T are the dominant carriers with more than enough to throw around for exclusive contracts. Right now T-Mobile compensates with having an open network, Bring any GSM phone and they will help you to set it up while AT&T makes a fuss about customers doing the same.

lvalen91 says:

Like we all know, Microsoft Makes the Update, Manufactures makes it work on their devices then it gets released to the Carriers (if unbranded then you get it first), Carriers add their crap to it then let it sit on their servers until somebody remembers. Only probablt reason Microsoft gave carriers the right to control the update might be so they stick with them same reason bloatware comes on Android/WP7 devices, it helps lower the price of the phone.
The Carriers don't make any underlying changes to the update. AT&T doesn't add an updated radio, thats Samsung/HTC's job. I got an HTC Titan and the first thing I did was fired up Boot Camp on my MacBook and used the cab sender to update to 8107. 
So if you are not on 8107 that is because you chose not to update it. Just because AT&T said no to 8107 that does not automatically mean they will say yes to Tango or Apollo. Sure, Radio updates are important but some do more harm than good when available so whether you have a Mac or a PC theres nothing stopping you from updating.

TonyDedrick says:

Well, I'll just hook my phone up to Zune and make the update appear with my magical powers.....

Quin 2013 says:

I think that carriers that do this kind of thing does it to hinder the success rate of WP because they don't want it to be better than Android and iPhone.

Fortunately, tmo finally gave me the update, but am looking to move to Verizon and they too do not want WP to succeed by saying that WP phones aren't as good. Serious issues there.

jabtano says:

Makes really want to drop T-MO for a new 900 or i can jst wait another month....nah I gave up on AT&CRAP YEARS AGO

MediaCastleX says:

Daniel...daniel...DANIEL! There will be pitchforks-a-plenty and you WILL leave witty replies to snarky comments, because you cater to us! So there, I just told you how to do your job. Not effectively, mind you but its an attempt at some humor and its wayWAayy too late in the morning..? Zzzz -_-

MediaCastleX says:

Ill have to answer for this later...

Big Supes says:

Absolutely disgusting. Basically they've sold faulty phones and they have no plans to fix them. I'd be looking to legal action to either force the refund or exit the contract with them. And, they expect people to go with them for the Lumia 900?! If any carrier pulled a move like this in the UK, people would steer clear of them. AT&T clearly have too much of the marketshare in the US. People need to act otherwise that won't change.

AndreHBuss says:

Twitter power :)
@AndreHBuss: @BenThePCGuy @windowsphone @wpcentral My #WindowsPhoneSmokedbyATT
join us \o/

MaulerX says:

While I agree this update not being rolled out sucks, all this hatred toward ATT is somewhat hypocritical.

How quickly we forget that Verizon turned down a Nokia phone. They have constantly talked crap about the platform and...the one lone Windows Phone they have did not get the update as well. Same thing for Sprint, no new phones much less an update for their phone. That leaves Tmobile as the only carrier pushing out this update.

But ironically here we are, hating and burning and urging people not to touch ATT with a 10 foot pole. Just when they are about to make a Windows Phone...their flagship phone. Really?

DavidinCT says:

If you want 8107, just go to XDA, you dont evern need to be unlocked to do it. It's just installing a update cab. The only thing it wont take care of is firmware/radio updates but, it should fix all the OS based issues.
The ONLY reason that Verizon got it because it fixed a MAJOR problem where the phone would perm lose 3G after traveling over seas and switching back from GSM to CDMA.
I'm sure we would be in the same boat if that MAJOR (tons of problems with world travelers) issue was not there...

safesax2002 says:

Verizon does not have the 8107 update. I'm still waiting but loosing hope. Cab Sender may be my only hope.... :(

AndreHBuss says:

Twitter #WindowsPhoneSmokedbyATT :) lets go \o/

Pappa Ed says:

Why can't MS make 8107 available through Zune? Seems like a fairly straight forward solution to me.

cool8man says:

Okay everyone time to start talking about hacking these updates onto the phones themselves and making it easier to do the updates without carrier participation.

Waiting for word from AT&T on Tango or Apollo is a bad idea. I do not think Windows Phones will be getting anymore updates from AT&T. They want you to buy a new phone for these updates, they do not want you to update your old phone and say that it's good enough.

So if I get a unlock 900 I wouldn't have this problem right?  And I would get all my updates 

MaulerX says:

You shouldn't. But then again it's the Lumia 900 we're talking here. ATT gave thar phone has Hero status. I'm sure they'll groom it quite nicely.

MaulerX says:

I just want to clarify my first sentence. You shouldn't have update issues with an unlocked/unbranded phone.

Sunofabob says:

Ehh, whatever. I'm cook with my focus a at the moment. I do hope this does not become a habitual process in which they are always holding back small updates. Either way, if we get the big stuff later on, I will be ok with it.

usnavydoc says:

Down with AT&T.  I wish Verizon would get more windows phones

jiggaman135 says:

What exactly is the 8107 update contain for updates ????

SauX64 says:

Microsoft must change its updates policy. They should do the same but some time (say a month) after the oficial update, force it for those with carriers that doesn't care. Fuck the carrier if they wont do it.

agm353 says:

Dear ATT,

We hate your guts.

Love, Everybody.

winniebaygo says:

They are actively deleting posts on the AT&T community forum in the 8107 thread.  Guess they don't want everyone to hear what's going on.  Make an account over there and demand to know what is going on.  I'm interested to know why.

ccarp1975 says:

If this affects you and you are not happy watching iphone users get regular updates while windows phone users languish in the community forum hell waiting for the community manager from AT&T to let you know you're screwed, contact the Better Business Bureau. The complaint process online is simple. Windows phone users have a clear reason to complain -- well documented usability and security issues that could be addressed by the update are not being addressed.  Good luck.

tiptop11 says:

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