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AT&T reaffirms commitment to updating Windows Phone with post-8107 OS

WP Central

A few weeks ago we spoke with AT&T about the lack of OS updates for current Windows Phones, specifically the 8107 update which fixes the disappearing keyboard and applies various security fixes.

During that conversation, AT&T informed us they were committed to updating current Windows Phones and were evaluating a post-8107 update aka "Tango" or Consumer Release 3 (CR3). You can read that whole situation here but the important take away was that AT&T users would get a significant OS bump in the coming months (no time frame was committed to).

Now in their help forums, AT&T has once again come out publicly to reiterate this position. From Community Manager Jamileh:

"Hey all - I know you're eagerly awaiting news about this. AT&T plans for a Windows Phone update that will contain the improvements in the 8107 update and more.

I will likely start a new thread as I get more information as this one is getting a bit tricky to find information in.

Stay tuned!"

Again, no time-frame was given. But at least AT&T have twice gone on record on the matter. Now, it's just a matter of waiting which for some of you will be too long no matter how quick AT&T pushes this out.

Source: AT&T Support Forums; Thanks to all who sent this in



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Alaera says:

I'll be sure to hold my breath :/

AzD says:

I, too, not breath holding.

piaqt says:

Hold mine while you're at it.:-S

Ninja1043 says:

I saw somewhere in XDA on the Lumia 900 thread that apparently AT&T has Tango approved for the Lumia 900 and Titan II?? In a month's timeframe..

They'll most likely update all their Mango phones (+ 900, Titan 2) around the same time.

dtboos says:

This would be the perfect month to do so.  Actually makes sense in a way to release Tango+ to the phones after a couple weeks of their Hero Phone launch with the Lumia 900.  Will make newcomers to the platform happy to see an update so quickly, and then Apollo is just another 6 months or so down the road.

rodneyej says:

It's coming late May.... I always know these things. Watch!

AzD says:

Late May, 2013, knowing AT&T.

uberlaff says:

Has Tango been announced for current phones?
I've only read about Chinese Language & Localization and 256 MB support.

Getting the 900 has been a great change for me. At&t has been completely different & nice, for a change! Don't know if it's a company wide thing (fingers crossed) or just them showing a strong commitment to their new hero device. Either way it's been a pleasant change. Also like how they're keeping people informed, as much as is reasonably possible. Still have T Mobile for my personal phone, but have been impressed with AT&T so far. Oh yeah & LTE......yeah that good, lol!

Banstyle says:

You are judging them way too early, wait a year and see if they still have a commitment to your phone. It's too early to judge their commitment to Lumia. The true test is when Apollo comes out, see if they update your phone then or just leave it behind for a bunch of fresh new devices.

aubreyq says:

But Apollo compatibility may not be up to AT&T, will it?

Banstyle says:

There's no way to know at this point, but I still think it's too early to judge AT&T's Nokia commiment. At least wait until the next vital security update (one which my Samsung Focus will never see, I'm sure).

Will the LG Quantum get this future update? Even if it is no longer sold at AT&T?

scdkad says:

I hope so. I use both keyboards about evenly and it is annoying when the on screen kb disappears. Just stinks ATT dragging their feet with the update process.

220SeaChaser says:

AT&T screwed us around with an update for my wife's LG Thrill(Android) saying back in Oct. 2011 with a list of Froyo phones that would receive the Gingerbread update before the end of 2011. A month ago, we received it and it wasn't even pushed through AT&T. It had to be handled through LG.

I only hope this isn't a trend to become with our Windows Phones. Gonna be holding my breath also, but a lot longer than some. Have a Samsung Focus here and can't upgrade until the middle of next year. Would be very sad to have to wait until summer of 2013 to be getting my Apollo on, or whatever's newer.

Im quite surprised how many people really believe that their devices won't be upgradable to Apollo, its inevitable, MS has been optimizing its OS to run on bare bones specs and the strict hardware requirements set by MS at launch were designed for this very reason.They were insuring each device would get latest and greatest and unlike ios, would still operate smoothly. Patience, they aren't announcing anything yet because they need to find a way to use this as a way to beat the competition...when they do, they'll let us know :)

Nakazul says:

My thoughts exactly

Banstyle says:

It doesn't matter if MS allows a path to Apollo, it matters if the carriers will let us. It begins and ends with the carriers. Why would AT&T bother upgrading Samsung Focus 1 when they don't sell it anymore? Why bother spending money to test the OS on it? They won't. There is nothing in it for them.

newfiend says:

Better get it to us soon!! This prolonged update process by AT&T is B.S. Why does everyone overseas get updates before we do.. Its just crazy IMO!

gman1868 says:

Vaporware. They don't care to update exising phones, they just want us to upgrade.
And why no news on WPCentral about the software glitch on the Nokia Lumia 900? AT&T is screwing up the chance for Windows Phones to take hold in the marketplace.

KjBleau says:

I was just at the art store and the sales associate told me to look for an update tomorrow to address an issue with not being able to use the internet, even though it shows as available. I haven't experienced this issue, nor can I vouch for the validity of her claim, but she said " we were told about it yesterday, and it happened to me today, look for an update tomorrow" . Don't know if it is a hot fix, or the much awaited fix,