AT&T rumored to unveil the Nokia Lumia 920 tomorrow in New York City

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AT&T announcing the Lumia 920 tomorrow? Yup.

Rum: 10

Bloomberg just came over the wire with a story citing two sources that AT&T and Nokia plan to unveil the Lumia 920 tomorrow.

Indeed, the story has merit because AT&T is holding a special invite-only event Thursday evening, which will focus on numerous upcoming AT&T phones, not just Windows Phone devices or the Lumia 920.

We only know about this because AT&T has the event annually and yes, we’re going to be there too.

What is not clear is whether or not AT&T will announce availability and pricing for the device. AT&T has been on a kick lately of showing off and announcing numerous high end phones but not giving and specific details. We point to the HTC One X+, One VX and Windows Phone 8X as prime examples.

For that reason, we’re thinking that AT&T will announce and possibly show off the Lumia 920 (in addition to maybe some HTC wares too) but they may not give out that crucial bit of info—hence our earlier post today on rumored dates.

We’ll of course be there and assuming we’re not sworn to secrecy, we’ll bring you all the hands on coverage we can for tomorrow night. Because you deserve it.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks, Bhavik, for the tip



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jabtano says:

I hate AT&T even if it means no L920 blah......

I know why many hate AT&T. But have you used it? Do you not like it because of the pricing?

lancguy says:

Why I hate AT&T....let me count the many ways....
Bad service
Bad rates
Bad billing practices
Just all around general douche bags.  I'll never go back to AT&T

Ok. Even though they have the best selection of windows phones.

rightisray says:

There is no way I will give up service for a phone as what's the point of having a great phone if you can't use the thing because of the horrible service?

Iconoclysm says:

I hear Verizon will be the premier partner for WP8 - hope it's true and I hope they carry the best phones.

rightisray says:

Where you hear that rumor?  Would love for it to be true, but not seeing it as all evidence suggests it's business as usuall with CrapT&T being the premier partner.

Adiliyo says:

i feel the same way about verizon. i had them since they were airtouch and since i left them for my OG focus i've been nothing but happy with att in regards to cell service and customer service.
billing wise they are the same as vzw, and while sprint or tmo might be cheaper by a bit, their coverage (and sprints phone lineup and non exsistant LTE network) don't work for me no matter how much i could save a month.
as for the article, i really hope the 21st pans out!

TMavZR1 says:

Been with them since 2005 and they have been great.  EVERYTHING!  

starblade876 says:

You can usually find someone on any other network who says the same things about those networks. For example, I feel the same way about Verizon and I'm not enjoying Sprint all too much either.

db4williams says:

All carriers are from the devil.

dont know where your at but in the 33411 is good

Murgatroyd7 says:

My AT&T experience over the last 10 years has been the polar opposite: excellent service wherever I go, cheapest rates in my area, simple bills, and great customer service. I always find it odd that so many people hate them.

jimski says:

Good to great service
Not so great rates (but competitive)
No billing problems
Great selection of devices on all platforms
An upgrade every 21 months, plus loyalty discounts when I buy off-contract.

I don't love or hate any Carrier. But I have no problem with AT&T.

absolutshame says:

I felt the same way until I left both Tmo and VZW for AT&T. The data speeds are not even comparable. My 900 downloads at 28mbs.

absolutshame says:

Yep. All carriers have issues, he shouldn't base just on that alone. Soon enough he will find all carriers have issues. Verizon and Att are virtually priced the same. Tmo is slightly cheaper but good luck calling customer service and Sprint is just slow and barely has coverage.

jerrynomenon says:

That's why I'm using straight talk (it's mvno), though customer service is not good

I'm on Straight Talk as well. It's great to have the coverage of AT&T while paying the prices of a regional carrier.

That's why im a very satisfied ATT customer, data speeds have been amazing for me too and I haven't had any coverage issues...

I've been on ATT since the beginning.  The reception has been fine for me, but it's their convoluted blling structure I can't tolerate anymore.  Their phone reps are deceitful and their processes definetely do not put the customer first.  I recently wanted to move my wife off of a company plan over to my account.  You'd think I was the first one ever to ask for that.
Verizon seems much more straight forward, and if I get better service to boot, great.
I'm very anxious for a Lumina 920, but I'm waiting for Verizon.  I can't take ATT anymore.

jabtano says:

Yes service. We had our company on it and my crew here at home. I can not say how many times calls poffed out important calls. When we asked for service on the bus.. end it wasn't very nice. so rather than risking blowing more bus.. we ended our service with them and hit T-MO on both bus and home on the bus, end been great same at home. Other than phone offerings  the service has been great. we run Lumia 710 on the bus end a few 710 at home and HD7's

mjrtoo says:

I have never had a problem with ATT in the over 15 years I've been using them. I live in Minnesota so the coverage is great, as it is almost everywhere. Although, there are places that Verizon works better, such as my small home town and ATT is weak when im there. It's all where you live really...

Mouthsmasher says:

If you think you hate AT&T, then try being a Windows Phone user on Sprint.

jfa1 says:

Wow!  I have been with Cingular ATT for over a decade and I have only had one issue with customer service.  I have good coverage  and dropped calls are only in areas oif spotty coverage  where its really rural.  As far as pricing  I have a family plan with 850 minutes  among 4 phone  IPhone 5  for  my wife and I have a L 900 and my daughter an Iphone 4s and my son Skyrocket II I have unlimited data and the others smartphone data plans 3GB  with familky texting and its less than 240.00 a momth including taxes etc.  I am very happy with the price and service.  Sorry for anybody with bad experiences  but I have no desire to switch carriers.  I may be getting a 920 off contract or the *x  waiting to see both in store and have a hnds on.  Hoping also for LTE here within the next several months.

rjohn05 says:

I thought the 920 was already unveiled.

Not by AT&T. See this week's earlier HTC 8X announcement by them too.

aubreyq says:

Was thinking the same thing, but an AT&T event will give it more press. Still, TWO "unveilings" with no pricing/availability info is honestly kind of ridiculous.

Higgs Boson says:

It really would be.

KeegdnaB42 says:

I was about to start cursing the name of Verizon when I saw the headline but if this is just a general thing for AT&T and not some kind of formal launch I won't lose hope just yet

Definitely not a formal launch. It's a teaser show of upcoming devices for the carrier. All I expect is to see the Lumia 920 and some vague "coming in November" information.

Mark my words, though I'd love to be wrong.

Either way, more play time for me :)

JoeDizzle33 says:

Daniel, while your playing with them can you please snag me a stormtrooper L920?

Me too. Yellow please.

Fuck yes!! Sorry language. I'm just happy.

JoeDizzle33 says:

I hope we will be able to pre order after tomorrows event!

Piro.Garay says:

20 bucks they say it'll come out the 21st of Oct... Anyone???

I don't know but so far Windows Phone 8 doesn't seem to excite me. I hope there is more than just the start screen and better hardware support.

There is and will be.

tissotti says:

It will always be WP.
The real change is under the hood with proper multitasking, better hw support (such things as bluetooth NFC etc), native code support and so many other things that the NT kernel brings.
With WP8 you will actually have proper PC OS/smartphone OS, not mobile OS that desprately tries to be something else but can't because of it's limitations on the lower levels. 
This to me is enough to make WP8 no brainer. Already love the UI on WP, did not like it's limitations. 

WilliamC1972 says:

What are you looking for in particular? The 920, 820, and 8x are decked out phones.

What did iOS 6/iPhone 5 do??

Glim12808 says:

So far all WP8 devices revealed don't have the added features of iPhone5/iOS6 like purple haze, chips at the back, static lines on the keyboard, so maybe those are what he's looking for in WP8! :-)

A cyan exclusive Lumia 920 maybe?

Even though I don't want cyan, they need that amazing color. :-)

Adiliyo says:

i would piss my pants out of happiness if they release a cyan model at launch.


Me and you rocking the Lumia when it comes out. :-D

Ebaneeezor says:

Ill have 199 on standby in case they open preorders.

inteller says:

contracts FTL...

Adiliyo says:

in the US, i don't understand much of the hate for contracts, you don't really save much (unless you go prepaid) by not getting a contract, and (again, in the US) it's not like you can buy a phone and then hop around whatever network you want. 
personally, i'm probably just going to add a line for the 920 since i have the IMEI's for some of my old dumb phones lying around, $200 (phone) + $240 (2yrs @ $10 a month) is still less than the off contract price.

Munkeyphyst says:

Too bad ATT will recognize your 920 when it pings the real imea from the phone and force you into the data plan.

erzhik says:

For the love of God, announce prices and availability even if its November.

ejlee072006 says:

I can't wait to have that in my hand....

sanshiro says:

This is just begin for a well-known meme/come back... :-) 

mrdeezus says:

White 920 64gb if you have it!

Ebaneeezor says:

Only 32gb on all 920's.

DavidinCT says:

Or a 32gb with a MicroSDXC slot would due as well... In white...of course..

Ebaneeezor says:

Nokia already explained that there will be no removable storage on the 920 as they felt it would conflict with the design of the phone and that all 920's will come with 32gb on board.
Yet Kevin Shields, executive vice president at Nokia, was kind enough to shed some light on the matter. While speaking with PC  Pro, he stated that to out a microSD card slot on the Nokia Lumia 920 would have ruined its design. "We started with the premise that we wanted an uncompromised physical form," he said, and a microSD card slot "would have defiled it." Besides, Shields added that not too many owners use that much storage anyway.

Dre325 says:

Maybe they'll announce that current L900 owners can get upgraded to the 920 even if they aren't upgrade eligible :-). From what I've read though, I'm not confident we'll see any new info come out of this event. We need pricing and launch date!

sanshiro says:

That would indeed be super-nice. But since AT&T are evil monsters from Hell I don't expect them to do such a thing. 

aubreyq says:

It's not AT&T's fault that the L900 was released 6 months before the 920. Nokia should've either have it ready in late 2011 (likely impossible) or just wait longer and design the 900 for WP8. It would've really sucked for a lot of people waiting for an LTE Lumia phone in the US, though.

1jaxstate1 says:

They've done the exact same thing for iPhone users.

I fucking hope so.

ggonzalez777 says:

I'm gonna try to buy it off contract. I'm switching to prepaid, I'll be saving $30 a month easy with unlimited data & text.

Btw which carrier will u use?

sanshiro says:

Please let there be no carrier logo. The AT&T logo on my Lumia 900 is like a mole, and when I say mole I don't mean a Cindy Crawford beauty mark, but a massive tumor-looking thing protruding from the face. 

absolutshame says:

Mine is barely noticeable.

firehouse31 says:

I never understood why people hate at&t. I have always had good service. The same bill every month. And their lte is very fast

joanzen says:

Yeah, I agree. I guess everyone has their own experience, but mine with AT&T has always been good.

larrynj says:

My dealings with AT&T customer service have always been awesome. They answer the phone very quickly and I'm talking to a real person. If there was a billing issue, which they have been very few,  it always got handled with one call. They have sent me new phones when I had issues. Given me upgrades a month or 2 early. The only thing they wouldn't do that I wanted was give my son unlimited data like my other smartphones. I guess it's more than sprint or t-mobile but it's the great customer service that keeps me from even looking at other companies. The phone line up is a plus.

MaulerX says:

I agree with both of you guys. I've had great experiences with AT&T and whenever a tough month came by where I couldn't pay my bill on time they were more than happy to set up a "promise to pay" date sometimes giving me until the next month so that I could go without uninterrupted service. Love them. And yes, they have the best phones.

rightisray says:

Here are a few:  The absolute worst customer service, try being in the military and dealing with those money grubbing @$$holes while on deployment.  Then there is their cellular service, absolutely atrocious.  Can't even get a signal in my house.  Then there is billing, going back to customer service, where they consistently try and bill you for  s*** you had placed in suspension because you were deploying.  Yeah, I will never for as long as I breathe, deal with those outright criminals ever again.

U think att is bad? Try dealing with dell with the dvp.

rightisray says:

Shudders at the thought.  Heard all the horror stories about what you guys went through with the DVP.

Pleeeeease have it out on 10/21st so I can stop checking for 920 news every few hours sooner.

+1 infinity

I'm the same as you. Lol.

Ebaneeezor says:


VagrantWade says:

I left the assholes at Verizon for AT&T three years ago and have never once had a problem or a bad experience.

tdvbaja says:

Can't stand At&t for the sure fact of no updates. Can someone confirm that this will not be the problem with W8 - that is we will get them OTA direct from Microsoft.

Higgs Boson says:

A. I'm with at&t and have always gotten all updates. B. MSFT has promised ota updates from here on out. Not sure which of us forum nobodies could "confirm" this for you and be more authoritative than msft's own words.

phirefly says:

Just because an update is OTA doesn't mean carriers are not involved.  Look at Android, their updates have been OTA for a long time but updates stil get held up by the carriers.  Even Nexus devices get held up by the carriers.  OTA only means you won't have to tether to a computer to update.  OTA is a big deal but it has nothing to do with more timely updates.

L0gic Bom8 says:

From what I've read, it looks to be that way. And I hope it's the case as well. Out of all the updates, the smoothest one was Mango! I sent off a quick forum message on Microsoft's site. I hope to get a solid response.

jfa1 says:

MS has said that updates to WP8 will be OTA firmware no so sure.   Updates with WP7  not necessarily the fault of ATT.  Some were due to the oems  like the Samsung Focus with two different soc chips  was always an issue with updates.  And business decicions   and other factors.  VZN only had one phone to test and look how long it took for them to update.  Shhesh  it is just a ?   Its new I want oit day before yesterday.phone.  My focus worked well enough without the updates .  Why are poeople so impatient

Please come out October 21. If it's November, I'm gonna buy an iPhone. No I won't. But I'll be upset.

DallasFann says:

I also have never had issues with ATT and been with them when they were ATT before Cingular. I also know that with my L900 I have gotten more updates than when I had the Titan or Focus S.

jamel130 says:

First of all a little fyi for everyone. I have sold sell phones for about all major carriers in the US and there are people that hate every carrier and think that they are evil. Secondly most of the companies change sometime for better other times not... for example if you have at&t now and you go on miltary suspension you don't pay for a bill at all. I have at&t now and never once have I had an issue with service,bills,or customer sevice. Plus I get fast consistent speeds. Verizon and AT&T have improved there network and customer service over the last couple of years; So just because you had a bad experience or the service is not great in your area does not mean the company sucks as a whole.

rightisray says:

Correction:  AT&T says that you aren't going to have a bill while your account is on deployment suspension and then proceeds to send you a bill every freakin' month, even after you call them repeatedly from 10,000 miles away at the worst of times racking up atrocious international phone bills.  Then they try and say that they never recieved your request for suspension, even though you have the confirmation letter in your hand.  Nope, CrapT&T are well none criminals on all fronts from cell service to home phone service throughout the military and yet they continue to hold a monopoly on military installations for home service.  Can anyone say fraud waste and abuse...

DanSmithKY says:

I always had great experiences with AT&T when I deployed. Plus my phone worked when I was in Europe without having to purchase minutes from euro carriers and swap sims. I can't comment on the home phone service deal though, since I haven't had a home phone since I left the rents house ten years ago.

rightisray says:

I envy you then.  I had nothing but the worst service from them in every area they deal with. 

robteaboy says:

What time is the announcement? I need to know what time to start frantically hit f5.

Cellus13 says:

Cool, now let all hope for tmobile to do the same soon. Please announce the Lumia 920 tmobile. *fingers crossed*

MaulerX says:

This is great in that according to how AT&T unveils the L920, that's how we'll know if it will be an exclusive or not.

DavidinCT says:

and where is Verizon in all this ?????

brandoshido says:

My brain might explode if there's no release date or price info

ColeHarris says:

Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon..... Please please come to Verizon....

Sandrobber says:

Yes it will be announced and it will sell for $199 with a two year commitment. I heard this from a reliable source.

Lol just how crazy would it be if the 920 was actually released tomorrow? Mind=blown, jokes on all of us

jdep1 says:

At&t version unveiled not released the joke is only on you for not reading right.

I am sorry, but i am going tk have to call you out. Your reading comprehension skills are lacking. It was a "what if" type of question. What if att surprised all if us by releasing it.

Nomsayinnnn? so quick to criticize others

jdep1 says:


Flagz says:

+9000 Come on T. I love t-mobile, cheap and I always get a signal. Ima snag a 920 anyway for whenever they reframe the network, but I'm also gonna snag a 8X for the upgrade!

wsantiago says:

So what ever happened with Nokia maybe releasing phones before any other OEM? Maybe we will still get them on the 21st?  Wishful thinking.

hoonigandad says:

920 doesn't have a card slot, the 820 does

hoonigandad says:

It has to sell for 200$ or less, or people will buy an iphone :P

simonnyc says:

Cyan color Lumia 920 coming to AT&T!

Should I get white or yellow? Decisions...

kenosando says:

I am just disappointed Nokia didn't extend to Verizon and T-Mobile. They have only released three phones in the past 3 years for those carriers (C7 Astound and 720/T-Mo, and that crazy twist phone I wanted that was Verizon-only). AT&T also had just two Nokia smartphones in the past 6 years by Nokia (E62 and E71x) *EDIT* there were a handful of other Symbian phones for AT&T, but the E-series are probably the more successful and still are only trickling in the Lumia series (why not have the 800 and 710 release with the 900?). I don't think AT&T can create enough sales for the Lumia series. There are tons of people who want a quality WP device, and now they are getting the HTC 8X, which could very well outsell the Lumia just based on availability. T-Mobile needs a quality WP device as well, and they too are getting the 8X, so Nokia really missed out. I am one of the biggest Nokia fan boys around and I can't stand to think of Nokia not being around anymore because they are the only phone I know. I really think Nokia needed a more aggressive US-carrier push for all their Lumia devices to begin with, and they went 2 for 4 with only two carriers and little market push. Now, they are bringing two great WP8 devices that could sell very well if more people could get one. AT&T is not the largest carrier in the US, and they still get preferential treatment. Sorry to rant so much in the comment section, but I really think Nokia needs a better gameplan to survive. I think moving to WP was the right decision, because the fall of Symbian was something they were unable to withstand, and they needed to focus on the HW and services side of mobility. Now, I think they need to court more US carriers to a Lumia device, and I am sure Verizon tried or maybe Nokia even tried, but to not get this going for Verizon and/or T-Mobile (sorry Sprint customers) is a mishap that could send the company even further into financial turmoil. Mr. Elop, I know you have made radical changes to Nokia in the past two years, and I think maybe there are people buying Nokia phones (be it a Lumia or Asha device) that were not in the past because of the extended reach from well-functional feature phones to high-end smartphones, but if your main competitor has a line of devices on 2+ carriers, I would think you have to call their bets.