AT&T's Mobile Transfer Service now compatible with the Lumia 900

AT&T's Mobile Transfer services isn't exactly new but, with several making the move to the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 from a non-Windows Phone the service might come in handy. Mobile Transfer allows you to transfer contacts, pictures and videos from your old phone to, say, your brand new Nokia Lumia 900.

The service isn't available for every phone AT&T carries and you can find out if your phone is compatible here. The Lumia 900 is the only Windows Phone currently compatible. There is no indication if the HTC Titan II or other Windows Phones will join the Lumia 900 on the compatibility list at this time.  However, If your moving to the Lumia 900 from another Windows Phone, your contacts will transfer through your cloud service (Windows Live, Google, etc.).

You just install the Mobile Transfer app on both phones and follow the on-screen prompts. There is a 2gb transfer limit on videos and photos.  Contacts do not count against this limit.

Once you've transferred your contacts, pictures and videos to your Lumia 900 then you can sync them with your Windows Live account or Skydrive.  You can find more about AT&T's Mobile Transfer here at the Mobile Transfer website.

Thanks, mjhannaf, for the tip!



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OMG55 says:

This is awesome! Installing it on my first Gen focus now awaiting the arrival of my L900 today!

invertme says:

All your contact info should be on your live account. Your transefer should be nice and seamless.

jfa1 says:

One more reason to buy a Lumia 900 in a month!

bellyer1 says:

Perfect timing on this announcement!  Just this morning, my wife was fretting about what to do with all the photos and contacts on the Samsung Captivate Android phone that she is ditching for the Lumia 900.  She just downloaded the app and has started transferring the files over to the site that the app uses.  Now, if only our phones would get here.  FedEx has now driven past our house twice in the course of the last hour...

LaNiQuE says:

I'm switching from sprint I have a palm pre anyone know a way to sync your contacts ova maybe I can put it on a windows live account or somethin I also should probably check the forums there's got to be someone who has done it 

CX1 says:

You will have to set up a Live account to use any WP7 device. So set up the account through a browser and import your contacts and when you log into the account on the new phone it will be be there. Same goes for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn contacts.

MyBoiMicah says:

Can it transfer SMS messages?

CX1 says:

I don't think so. If you have images in SMS save them to the phone first.

Ops31337 says:

My phone is not supported and it's a Nokia! So I'm F**KED. Thanks ATT!