Audiocloud receives an update that enhances Live Tiles, refreshes the UI and more


The popular third-party SoundCloud app, Audiocloud has received another update. It's the best way to enjoy content from the well-established service and beats other third-party offerings on the store. We recently looked at version 2.0 of the Windows Phone app only last month, so what's new in this latest release?

Should you be an avid user of the app, you'll be interested to learn that version 2.1 features the following:

  • New set functions
  • Enhanced live tile
  • Redesigned UI
  • Improved stability
  • Numerous minor fixes and enhancements

You can download Audiocloud from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, suraj.das, for the tip!

QR: AudioCloud





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anierinwp says:

What time is modern combat supposed to be released today

y2B1323 says:

Hope soon!!!!!!! Slightly off subject though.

anierinwp says:

Lol I know, I'm just excited for it

Aka Aka says:

I'd ove to try it but apparently it's having issues with the soundcloud website on my Lumia 810. :/

JasonOng says:

Please use the in-app email link for support. If it is a security certificate issue. please check with the ISP or DNS provider if filtering is enabled on the SoundCloud domain. Thanks for your kind cooperation.

smontoya2 says:

Thanks to Sam on the previous article of this app. I was using other apps prior to downloading audiocloud, but this one suits me well. Nice update & working fine on WP7.5 Trophy.

Nakazul says:

So this is the best one? Been thinking of publishing some of my music there and so on..

smontoya2 says:

@Nakazul it's really a personal preference & I got used to this plus find it cleaner than others. Again there are others out there so find which one suits your taste & functionality. Soundrivin, Free music cloud, Nebula & a few others.

Miesjh says:

Already got This update at 4-4-2013

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