Audiocloud for Windows Phone updated, sound repost feature added to the mix


Audiocloud is a SoundCloud client app for our Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. The app will let you explore a healthy community of artists, bands, podcasts and other audio content from the comfort of your Windows Phone.

Audiocloud was recently updated to version 2.5 which includes a handful of fixes and performance tweaks as well as the ability to repost sounds.

Reposting on SoundCloud works similar to retweeting on Twitter. On SoundCloud, when you repost a track or set posted by another user, that content will show up in your own followers’ streams.

Audiocloud is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 or 7.x device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Antonio, for the tip!

QR: Audiocloud



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jmerrey says:

This app is amazing! I use it every day.

textomatic says:

l use it every day, too. I don't know about other music genres but it's great for following dance music DJs.  They are constantly throwing out great mixes for free.  The app even lets you download music and add it to your library.

qwertyops says:

@Wendylow ????!!!!

mrcansik says:

My favorite soundcloud client by far. Now we are waiting for an offline list function!