Australia's Nokia Lumia launch with giant augmented reality demo [Video]

We mentioned the other day that Australia was getting the Nokia "Amazing everyday" treatment with the impending launch of the Lumia 800. We then had a fan-made video of the event showing a dance-off using an Xbox Kinect and a giant screen and now Nokia has put up a proper video of the event, showing off exactly what they were doing on that sunny day.

With an augmented Angry Birds experience, dance off with Timomatic and something about helping a kangaroo finding its way home, Nokia sure did some creative marketing here. Looked fun at least and really, that's what it's all about for them.

Thanks, Johnny V., for the heads up



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Arun3 says:

This looks Awesome!! Wish they plan events like these in the US, especially NYC, for the Lumia 900 launch/promotion....  :-)

schlubadub says:

"impending launch"? It's already launched :)

XboxOmac says:

Wow... Just awesomeness. I can tell that those people are planning to buy a few Lumias off the bat.

chsoriano says:

That seemed to be a good advertising effort, the people seemed to genuinely enjoy it and were very engaged. Better than the flash mobs in Malaysia (?) I must say.

I hope they plan similar type events these in major US cities (NYC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, etc...)

paulomalley says:

I'm in this video... (1:21) =DDDD Yellow shirt!

paulomalley says:

Nawwww shucks... =) I've been watching all the Lumia vids and was really hoping I'd get in one... Success!!! =D

aubreyq says:

I hope they had some actual phones in a table nearby for people to preview, because these AR games can be seen at malls and stuff.

G2go says:

No tables. Just the friendly Nokia staff working the crowd and willing for you to have a go on their Lumia 800.

sumedh says:

Nokia is like a mad dog on the loose now.. No one can catch it. Go Nokia , go.

ynnihC says:

Wow...go Nokia