Autocar India comes to Windows Phone, Automobile enthusiasts rejoice


Vrooom! Autocar India, one of the top auto magazines in India, arrived on Windows Phone this month. The app brings latest automotive news, comprehensive reviews, videos, and exclusive photo galleries. Autocar India is the Indian edition of popular weekly British automobile magazine, Autocar - The world's oldest car magazine.

Autocar packs a lot of content and multimedia, and has some neat features as well. While you can obviously share each article, photo, or blog post via Windows Phone’s share functionality, the app also has a fine Live Tile which shows the latest headline from Autocar India.

The app features several interesting sections like a quiz, some trivia, and a directory. There’s an ‘Ask Autocar’ section where you can submit automobile questions for the Autocar team to respond. The app also lists helpline numbers of all automobile companies in major cities which can be clicked to call from within the app.


Autocar India app has a nifty utility called My Car Diary. My Car Diary is a personal scrapbook where you can add details about your car, set alerts for insurance premium reminders, and save pictures

If you are an automobile fan, Autocar India is a must download, and a maybe a pin to your Home screen. Grab it free from the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 for your daily dose of automotive dope on the go.

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vishhh says:

Wow this is great news for auto fans

I love how India is doing a great job bringing so many good apps to WP!!! If Brazil could follow this....

jibreezy1982 says:

Yup their bringing the masala for the bryani :D

rianext says:

Hey Abby, how early do you really wake up...?? unless you live in another country...cause you published that article before 6 in the morn...! :P

Haha! I work quite late in the night. :-)

Harsh Gaurav says:

So u r indian from ur name but where do u live exactly?

I live in Delhi NCR... Gurgaon, precisely.

paras chugh says:

Me too! Didn't know wpc was so close to me ;)

rodneyej says:

Now, where the hell is MotorTrend Magazine at❔
I'm sick of this $&%t❕❕

WilsonBlaze says:

LMAO, you should write them personal letters demanding the app?

rodneyej says:

I think I will❕ I demand that they make a app for me right away, or else❕

arbetaren says:

Do they have cars in India?

Yes, but your question means your country must have a very poor education system.

nokiauser911 says:

Lol, The perfect reply!

If only there was a like button

rodneyej says:


jibreezy1982 says:

Hahahaha!!! 10points :)

S_P_B says:

Wow amazing answer!! +1020

No, we use magic carpets for our commute. With WiFi on board.

AntonyJoseph says:

Yep with Airconditioning and Power steering as standard

KasakDesign says:

Don't be a jerk arb. Good answer Slayer

j_jabbar says:


Sarang68 says:

Where were you hiding?

sunnybyday says:

I am a TeamBHP fan for Indian auto, but this will force me to think about Autocar! Great job autocar

powerd says:

Was contemplating about subscribing for the magazine just yesterday and today we have this app! Now only if teambhp brings an official app too, it would be great

I3unny says:

It gets stuck at loading on my L520

Mharsha says:

Wanted teambhp app 

SACRIFICE_84 says:

Dhoooom machade...............

gautam26 says:

Wish XBhp releases an app soon.

j_jabbar says:

India's on a roll......