Awesome Lock receives massive update for Windows Phone 8, revamping the UI and more


Today appears to be the national day of Windows Phone updates. Next up is Awesome Lock, which has been bumped to version 3.0. Just what is Awesome Lock and why should you be interested in this latest release? The Windows Phone app enables you to add even more content to your lockscreen. Slide on past the break for the full list of changes.

We noted that this release is rather big and we weren't misleading you, there's a lot to take in here. You've not only got a revamped UI and automatic detection of news sources, but also other functionality new in version 3:

  • Revamped user interface for improved user experience
  • Automatically detect news sources for 73 countries (source: Google news)
  • Calendar content. Now it’s possible to add up to 4 events to your lock screen (besides the minimize option)
  • Performance and usability improvements in news sources page. Now only relevant sources are shown
  • Order of the contents is now fully customizable
  • Contents on LiveTile are now show dynamically according to the Awesome Lock configurations
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

If that wasn't enough, as a bonus, we've been informed of some cool features coming in 3.1:

  • Added support to To-do content
  • Quick access to to-do list via dedicated optional start menu shortcut (aka LiveTile)
  • To-do reminders integrated with Windows Phone reminders system
  • Stock market indexes are now supported
  • Weather, alternative 5day forecast layout
  • Lock screen preview after “Apply” finishes
  • Bug fixing and other improvements

When is version 3.1 hitting the store? We're told that the update has already been submitted so it shouldn't be a long wait. We'll let you know when it goes live. You can download Awesome Lock from the Windows Phone Store (requires Windows Phone 8).

QR: AweosmeLock



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kjnoel says:

Damn.. You guys are on fire today. Amazing work!

jlynnm350z says:

You have a little something on your nose there. . . .

mjrtoo says:

Telling someone good job isn't brownnosing. Especially if they're not your boss.

Maybe he caught him coming out of the stall?

giorgio h says:


blackhawk556 says:

The lock screen does look pretty awesome.

nizzon says:

Really? The lockscreen in the article looks like Windows Mobile 6 or something. Not beautiful.

jabtano says:

Oh I like this ...yes I do.

JimmyRandall says:

Keeps crashing on my 920

jfa1 says:

have you figured out why it's crashing>

My wish update list:
- Foursquare, with friends check-ing feature;
- Instagram update with the missing features;
- Banco do Brasil (only Brazil) with a complete revamp UI;
- Fotor, with brazilian Portuguese support;
- Bing Weather, with a Bing Image of The Day in the lock screen;
- Twitter, with a fix for the live tile counter showing always only 1.


nevagan says:

Crasing on Lumia 920

RainbowChild says:

Won't even open on Lumia 820, just keeps crashing!

Green Samot says:

Crashes on 925 when opening

asoyemi says:

I just installed it few minutes ago on T-Mobile version of 925 and had no issues, I actually did the try install first, within minutes of using it, I found that I liked it and immediately pony up the 99c.

Unless it is competing with some other configurations. If you are able to fix the crashig, It is a good app.

Ascriab says:

My wish list update:

Chess.com, Playchess, Shredder, Chess at ICC, or any other decent chess app already on Android.

YouTube live streaming, Twitch, or Livestream support.

A way to edit ID3 tags on my 920, and support for .m4a files.

Custom notification tones.

BB&T mobile banking app.

If I had known that a year in to owning my phone, WP would still be this far behind Android, I wouldn't have switched.

Natebird says:

I am sorry but this platform is moving alot faster when iOS and android first came out I mean iOS didn't even have MMS messing lol so come it's getting alot better everyday for Windows 8 and windows phone 8 so have some patience

FacilisDK says:

Crashes instantly when I open it. Lumia 820.

Same for me too but thanks to this Forum I found out about Lockmix and that works on my 820 very well indeed.

JaiMento says:

Won't let me change the background.  Default is Bing Picture/UK.  Whenever I switch to Gallery it reverts back to Bing Picture/UK when I hit "Done" after selecting which images from gallery.  Otherwise, I like it.


Edit:  Even when I try to switch it to Bing Picture/US, it reverts back to Bing Picture/UK.

PopWarner55 says:

Yup...I got the same thing......

chodenode says:

Same problem. I don't care about Limey-Bing!

Kage Maru says:

Yup, got the same issue.  Reviewed it and gave it two stars until they fix this.

ciscomoto says:

920 here - crashing and will not open, rebooted and same, de-installed, re-installed, same.

Looks like it has something against the 9's

Back to Lockmix it is...


Marco Gomes1 says:

Been using lockmix for quite a while and since i´m on a 920 (like you) im glad i read the comments before trying Awsome Lock. I guess i´ll skip this one and maybe wait for the mentioned 3.1 version to see how that goes.

Nakazul says:

I prefer Lockmix. It have more feat yet.

ciscomoto says:

Would like an interface where I can change everything (see LockMix) include a Word of the Day, quotes, Photo's 

Everything resizable :)

thesorehead says:

Yep I have to say that Lockmix is much better than this!

Not only is everything resizeable and repositionable, but the basic app is free! I'd pay $1 to unlock all (or a package) of extra modules, but $1 each is too much. So I stick with the free app, which is great on its own :)

mighty_stag says:

Maybe the impending 3.1 update will fix the crashing....

justsaml says:

Won't let me change the background on my 620. Default is Bing Picture/UK. Whenever I switch to Gallery it reverts back to Bing Picture/UK when I hit "Done" after selecting which images from gallery.
I won't be using this app until this is fixed.

RodimusMajor says:

I have the same problem on my 1020. Has anyone asked the developers about it?

ped306 says:

I have the 1020, i get the same think. Removed it.

JaiMento says:

See my above comment. Same problem on my L1520.

UCGFM says:

same here, stuck with the UK Bing background. I also have trouble dealing with the RSS feed (shows me sources I didn't ask for)

Adding a battery section would be nice. Lockmix is a nice alternative but awfully expensive if you want to add each extra widget. A whole package for 1€ or 1$ would be a fair price.

FrankEpr says:

Doesn't matter how many times I try to hit 'apply'... it only shows the app logo in my lockscreen, no news, no weather, no pics...nothing

Dean McCrae says:

Wow, its been well tested then...not.

N1NJ4K1LL3R says:

Sorry, am I the only one who thinks that lock screen looks like cluttered god awful mess? 

bono5112 says:

It does if you put to much info on it, you can pick and choose what you want on your lockscreen

DroidDaddy says:

I prefer LockMix for adding widgets to my lock screen.  I've got a calendar widget with next 4 appts, a weather widget with today's weather and next three days, and a Month view calendar widget.  Makes a great "at-a-glance" screen before unlocking my phone.  It works on both my L920 and L1520, but obviously looks better on the 1520.

bono5112 says:

This was a good app before this update.... Now keeps crashing and telling me I need to pick at least one picture when I already have 4

Wes Halton says:

Crashing on HTC 8X as well

ltjordan24 says:

I really hope this update fixes the issues I've been having with it (for example, the weather wouldn't update even though I was in a different city and state and it would show calender events that had already passed days earlier). If it worked, it would be a great app because it has all the features I wanted. I've been using Bing Weather while waiting for the fixes to be pushed out. I'll download the update and give it another go.

CadmannUK says:

Wont even open on my 920...

Nice, but I don't need This.

ebradley says:

Is it update Tuesday?

Poul_Erik says:

Can't open on my HTC 8X. Have you tested the app before your review?

mickuk says:

Rubbish, does not work - crashes immediately when run on my Lumina 820!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bzjens says:

Crashes on my HTC 8X too.

Keeps crashing on my 925, which is a shame as I used to really like this app. Nice to see they thoroughly tested it before releasing it....

rowlie says:

920... Crashes when opened

mrdvos says:

One more useless colored glass for gold.

When I add background images, it resets and defaults back to BING and does not save them. broken.

Neil Katz says:

Will it include the ability to add a custom message? I use Lockmix and put my ICE/Lost phone contact information on the lock screen.

george as says:

What should I do

duncan0622 says:

i bought it few days ago, it really awesome! Only two things

1. I hope it can facebook & twitter update as well on lockscreen

2. The photo from news in lockscreen isn't in good quality. 

Nimdock says:

Tried it. It's OK.


My complaints:

1. Can't change to US Bing image (at least in trial mode).

2. My location is off by at least 10 miles.

3. Can't tell when was the last time weather was updated.

4. The nagging during the trial mode is just too much. I understand a reminder every now and then about purchasing. But after every action? That has put me off and I don't think I will be buying.

DallasXanadu says:

Keeps telling me that I've either got only 512k RAM or don't have the latest WP update.  Neither are true.  Using the free version.  Without that glitch I would easily pay the .99 for it.

Poul_Erik says:

Are you at WP doing something about contacting the app developers? The app is crashing after the latest update and I installed it on your recommendation.

Antistatic says:

Well... It works on my Lumia 920, but i didn't like it that much.
First of all... If you make an app in different languages, don't you ever use some online translation to translate words... The translations was hilarious :-)
Luckily they had a choice for switching to English, which made it look better.
But still... It need development. So maybe i try it again in a later version...

Poul_Erik says:

Keep crashing on HTC 8X - what do I do?

rowlie says:

Really surprised that the writer of this piece has not updated the article regarding the issues that many people are commenting on. This update clearly has issues that are effecting a majority of users. Shows a lack of professionalism.