AwesomeLock adds new weather icons and Image Gallery support with latest update


AwesomeLock is a Windows Phone 8 lockscreen app that allows you to customize your lockscreen wallpaper with weather information, stock activities and news feeds.  You can also minimize your next calendar appointment to run across the bottom of the screen in ticker tape fashion.

The app was recently updated to version 2.3 which addresses a few minor bugs and improves support for Windows Phones with 512MB of RAM memory. Additionally, AwesomeLock now has six different sets of weather icons to choose from, support for XGA, 720P and HD devices, plus a gallery feature for your background images.


AwesomeLock will now let you choose up to twelve images from your Pictures Hub and the app will randomly choose one image as your lockscreen wallpaper with each data update.  The gallery feature is a nice touch for those who find it hard to choose just one of their images for the background wallpaper.

If you find yourself in need of adding more information to your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen, AwesomeLock is worth a try. There is a trial version available for AwesomeLock with the full version running $1.29. You can pick up AwesomeLock here in the Windows Phone Store.

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What does a data update mean...anyway I love this app, its now my favorite lockscreen

In the article, 'data update' refers to when the app renews the information displayed (weather, news, stocks and calendar).

Oh okay! That's what I thought but I wasn't sure, thanks!

This would be perfect coupled with LockBuster lol

ajftl says:

I just want a 1520

eroselim says:

Would definitely try this one out when I get back home.

Would be even more awesome with a lock screen timer. And that's prolly all I'd ever use it for since I don't want it to rape my battery.

Bob101910 says:

The reviews say you cannot have it cycle through pictures that you choose. That's a deal breaker for me. If it had that feature with weather updates, it'd be a must buy.

Denegar says:

The latest version (v2.3) now let's you choose up to 12 of your own images to rotate through. Still not a full library, but better than just one. You can also configure it to automatically use Bing's image each day, which is a nice option.

dlandry2008 says:

Bought it but then turned it off. Just doesn't update frequently enough. Stock prices and headlines always stuck to what was there from the initial load. I'll try out this update. Fingers crossed.

XGA? Is there any WP device with 1024x768 resolution?

Localhorst86 says:

Looks way too cluttered for my taste. But still, nice job on adding library support.


I myself use lockpaper, only to show the battery percentage next to the battery icon. That's all I need :)

Tafsern says:

Agree, it makes the lockscreen look like a mess. 

Aanze says:

One of the best applications available for Windows Phone. It just lacks the ability to define 3 different custom rss feeds and it'll be perfect.


The latest Awesome Lock version allows you to configure several custom rss feeds, and have the app randomly selecting one on each lock screen update. This amount several other features.




bono5112 says:

Great idea, but lock screen image rotate doesn't work for me. Picked 4 pictures and its been on the same one for the last 10 hours

Kieta says:

Giving it a shot.

I wish WP8 native lck screen was this customizable :/