Badland for Windows Phone

Critically acclaimed game BADLAND comes to Windows Phone

We love when hit games come to Windows Phone. BADLAND is a very popular atmospheric side-scroller that comes to Windows Phone from the world of iOS, Android and BlackBerry. BADLAND has won numerous awards since launching, including an Apple design award in 2013. Let’s check out what the hype is all about with this new game for Windows Phone.

Neat trailer above, right? BADLAND features both a single-player campaign and multiplayer components. Here’s what you get with the Windows Phone version of BADLAND:

Badland for Windows Phone

  • Single-player campaign with 80 truly unique levels / Additional level pack with 10 extra challenging levels available as a try-before-buy In-App Purchase
  • Multiplayer mode for up to four players playing with the same device in 23 levels and more coming in updates
  • Co-operative mode for up to four players / Survive the modified single player campaign together with your friends
  • Intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative level design
  • Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience
  • More levels and content coming in updates

Badland for Windows Phone

BADLAND comes in at an 87 MB download and is available for devices with 512 MB of RAM (Hello Lumia 520). You can trial the game and get a few levels and then pay $3.99 to unlock the full game.

We’ll have a hands-on video shortly, but take the game for a spin in the meantime and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the tip Daniel!




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kenzibit says:

"NICE" The second term to "IT SEEMS FASTER" Very soon, these statements will drive most of us away from WPCentral if @Daniel and Co don't do something about it.

sasukeluffy says:

TIL that comments can make people crazy.

EzraWard says:

I won't place judgement on the staff regarding comments. I do admit that it would be nice to see garbage comments like one word, undescriptive complaint comments and the like disappear.

kromci says:

3.99????!!! Fuck off bitch!

ricbon says:

WOW DUDE, with people like you this platform will never grow!

aswinbarathb says:

But seriously, if the apps that are available for free in other platforms are charged here how do you expect this to grow?

ricbon says:

because the free apps have ads on them, like everywhere even in gameplay that sucks ass but thats how they make money on android.

Jordano says:

It's not completely free on Android either, just the first day stages. Plus you pay 4 bucks and its yours; you don't have to dig deep into IAP.

carlosrdd says:

I bought it just to support WP...

And that's why we can't have nice things, lol. I bought it without even trying it.

KrisJoeEll says:

It's also paid on ios, but free on Android (due to high market share) but still games as good as Badlands deserve to be paid.

KelvBlue says:

More likely due to rampant of rooted device that can download it for free.

manwe says:

on android its an in-app purchase, which is arguably much worse. this isn't the problem, the problem is it's a year old game and no one really cares anymore

ricbon says:

wait? we can add pics on the comments now or its just reserved for dan

I think just me, but GIF support, etc. is coming.

vampyren says:

Disqus sucks really so many problems on mobile phones.

Pinito-kun says:

It's full of people like them everywhere. Look. These guys are even e-mailing the devs to demand "platform equality" so that the game becomes free on Windows Phone as well! LOL! I wrote a long comment trying to explain why devs need to charge for their job, but I highly doubt they will even read me xD

OMG55 says:

Daniel, "You da Man"......nice response ; )

Lenin17301 says:

Precisely, gonna do that right away for my Lumia 620, they deserve the 4 bucks just for the 512MB support on launch.

majohnny says:

Bought it, too, without trying. We need to bring more devs to our platform.

bawboh86 says:

I just got in trouble at work for laughing so hard at this response (not because I'm on the web at work, but because I disturbed everyone around me...). Love it, Daniel.

deansmilk says:

Pure win right here.

xFalk says:

Yes, but for you, you can also write it off as a business expense.

Wow this game is amazing imma buy it, although i do agree some apps on Marketplace are rip off *cough* *navigon* *cough*

spcdog says:

Navigation apps are encumbered with tons of IP. You're paying licensing fees for patents on turn-by-turn directions and lots of other stuff. Like to the tune of $20+ just for that.

NH3MAN says:

Navigon is pricey its true but I regularly travel around several states and through congested metro areas and its the best money I have spent on any app. It's traffic rerouting has saved me a ton of traffic time. In comparison, Nokia Drive is very good considering it comes with my phone but Navigon is better than any app, GPS unit or software unit I have ever used. Well worth it if you are on the road all the time.

muitosabao says:

STFU. The game is awesome and critically acclaimed. Is more than reasonable price to pay for a game like this. Support the devs.

I would have...but I'm 18, don't have a credit card and live in India...carrier billing when are you gonna show up??

We are such a spoiled generation. I spend more on a single coffee. And this is a beautiful game that has obviously had a lot of time put into it. We used to spend thirty to forty dollars for GameBoy games, and this is on your phone! How cool.

Paulpb says:

Exactly.  Amazing what kind of moronic reasons folk can summon for their little bouts of outrage.

ahmedjan87 says:

Trust me its worth it

Sin Ogaris says:

I wish I knew where you worked so I could rock up and demand everything for free.

Larrybeo says:

I have it for iPad. It's worth $3.99

I love playing this game on my iPad and now on my windows phone Lumia 920.

bashbaliga says:

Had this game for free on the iPad,will definitely buy it for my Lumia, amazing gameplay!

KrisJoeEll says:

More Popular Games to WP!
Credibility ++

Simon Sage says:

Great game. Fun fact: came out on BlackBerry before Android.

Blacklac says:

That doesn't surprise me, actually. Blackberry made a pretty strong push to get games on the TabletOS and BB10. They needed something... Lol (Used BB for a few years. :/ )

It's a great game. I have been playing it on Android, and really love it. I'm glad to see WP users get it (it's just too bad it took this long)

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

ricbon says:

meh instagram took long to get on android

OMG55 says:

Thanks for not being a biased android users who has an open mind and respect for other platforms.

vinscuzzy says:

Just wondering, since you have played the android version as well, is it just me, or does it seem smoother on android? I'm using a Lumia 925, and the frame rate seems a bit choppier. I'm not complaining AT ALL, just wondering. I'll end up buying this game regardless to support Windows development

I can't say for the WP version since I haven't played it; however on my Nexus 5 it is smooth as butter with no frame drops at all.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

userit says:

My ativ slower fps on this game. It seems for smoother needs better phone on snapdragon 800....

Marcus Hock says:

Looks a lot like Nihilumbra

No Xbox LIVE? One of the main features I wanted WP for is being ignored. No buy.

JHunsaker says:

I agree, without Xbox live, I would probably have an iPhone right now instead of my 8X. MS is really dropping the ball.

Ultimateone says:

It was never an Xbox game to begin with...

astroXP says:

Neither was Angry Birds, for instance.

theefman says:

Does look amazing, quality seems worthy of being an Xbox title. Alas Xbox on WP is dead, so I've stopped buying games.

Niavlys77 says:

Really? You only want to play games that have Xbox Live achievements? That's pretty sad.. you're missing out a lot of good games, for literally nothing.

coip says:

Lots of people only play game with Xbox Live. On the contrary, those publishers are missing out on potential sales. We Xbox gamers will simply spend our money elsewhere. It's a crowded field and if they want my money they have to give me the features I want.

This is a game that should've been Xbox certified: #SaveXboxWP.

When was the last time we got an Xbox game for Windows Phone? It's all but dead and that blows. I thought they were supposed to be making it easier for devs to get through the certification and red tape? A damn shame.

coip says:

We've gotten 10 Xbox games on WP since Christmas, 2 in the past month. If you want more, join the #SaveXboxWP movement here.

HussainJudge says:

Always waited for this game to come on Windows phone

david90531 says:

It is kinda disappointing though that its free on android and 4 at WP. But still good to see developers showing support

OMG55 says:

Just like computer and ipad sales flatline, so do app purchases; so wp is looked at as new revenue stream just like apps were on the original iphone. We need to respect the hard work and time developers put in writing application specific to each platform and pay them within reason. This game is resonably priced. We cry for apps and when the come out, we cry more (excludig me of course : )

James8561 says:

it's paid on iOS.

think of it this way, they made it free on Android because 90% of Android consists of pirates so they'd rather get a few cents advertising money and made it free rather than risk 90% piracy rate of their paid game.

iOS and WP are better platforms that consist of more sensible users willing to paid for good code and no annoying ads. that's why it's paid here with no ads.

it's ironic how androids have the largest screen but those extra inches are used to display ads XD

manwe says:

you can play the first few stages for free on android, but then you have to buy it so it isn't free. android will always be the cheapest platform, because there are so many people stealing games it's hard for developers to monetize their apps the way they'd want to. if you want cheap riddled with shitty ads android will be the one for you

Please devs, make this game available here in Brazil. I can help.

reprod3 says:

I'm definitely getting in on this. I live supporting big and little titles in Windows Phone. The more the merrier until we can finally grow the platform significantly.

astroXP says:

This reminds me of LIMBO + Mush

Great game.  Enjoy WP users.  I got it on Android and bought all the add-ons.  Well worth the money.  Lots of content.

reprod3 says:


astroXP says:

One down, several more to come. Canabalt please!

Bran_Ramirez says:

Is it just me or is that trailer depressing as sh?!

s0briquet says:

These type of games I want to buy just to support devs coming to wp

Games like these shouldn't be free. On those people way up ^^ there. Should switch to a different Non WP phone, who Commented "No Xbox No buy". Potential sales is over BS'ed already. Just get your asses to android and stop Complaining in every game article.

coip says:

Why would gamers who only play Xbox games leave Windows Phone, where there are like 150 Xbox games, for Android, where there isn't?

Westarmy says:

Seems faster on the 1GB RAMs

Well, this game is delightful. A little pricy, but hell, I spend more on coffee.

Fadikun says:

$3.99 is a great price for this game. Loved it on my iPad. Hope it comes to Win 8. Wished it had Xbox Live but OH WELL. Thanks!

I just bought the game and I really like this game. I hope the developer decides to launch this game to Windows 8.1 as a universal app and yes I have emailed the developers about this.

coip says:

Email them again and tell them to include Xbox Live integration next time.

Pranjal Rai says:

anybody mind telling how many levels are available as trial?

If I understand it right 10 levels in single player campaign is free.

Aggemam says:

The frame rate is not very good on my 920. It's not terrible either, but still...

jjuswell says:

I have the same issue. Is this lags are in a trial version, of full game are laggish too? (Lumia 920)

kareivis says:

It`s not free on Android. It the same game, on my Tablet Z. You get few free levels, and then you have to pay, to unlock full game. I bought it on Humble Bundle for my tablet, and looks like, now is my WP time.

Doutorphil says:

I bought it with a nokia voucher...great game! :D

zombiwoof says:

I agree the dev deserves to be paid. Badland is a cool game so far, I will buy it for sure. No need to be tighter than Dick's hatband. Chill man, it's all good!

Long Live The Empire

Dreyer Smit says:

Been waiting for this game for a while now. Purchased right on the spot

phatboy66 says:

Just bought the game and I gotta admit it's really nice on my Lumia 920. Great graphics, simple, nice sound...try it!

conansaga says:

Puchased for my L620. I fully support all quality games/apps coming to WP (even though I might not use all of them).

EspHack says:

Mp works cross platform?

ShaunKL says:

Got this for 99 cents on iOS a while ago. I wouldn't pay four dollars for it but if it ever has a good sale then I'll definitely buy it again.

Alphageek_UK says:

Just bought it. Kind of like a cross between Limbo and Flappy Bird

rtojohnny08 says:

Got it looks great on the 1520

eomes says:

If it is as fun to play as it is to watch a gameplay then I don't think that the price is too big at all. Only too bad that there is no XBL.

Nice,, but too expensive :'(

rich4aikido says:

$4 for a game that's free on Android and iOS?  Really?  This a joke?

Its $3.99 @ apple and others had said before its not totally free on android either (only a few levels).

Think (or at least google) before you comment bulls***t...


I love this game

jaizaguirre says:

But in free why in here no

Benny1434 says:

Purchased it, great game! Good to see more and more independent quality games & apps coming to WP.


By the way, totally worth the $4 IMO.