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Even though we’re knee deep in E3 2012 coverage, the regular Xbox Live release schedule rolls on. This week’s mobile Live game, Battleship from Electronic Arts is now available to entertain the folks at home.

Battleship is an adaptation of the popular board game from Milton Bradley. In the Classic game type, two sides take turns blindly firing at each other, trying to find and destroy the other’s ships. Salvo mode works much like classic, but moves faster than traditional games because you’re allowed to fire as many shots per turn as you have remaining ships. The new Superweapon mode adds a variety of weapons to the gameplay, mixing up the traditional dynamics. All three modes feature 3D attack animations, giving the beloved game a little extra punch.


Battleship supports two forms of multiplayer: pass-and-play and Xbox Live multiplayer. That’s right, Battleship will be the first mobile Live game to support asynchronous head-to-head multiplayer! Our hands-on-demonstration at E3 couldn’t show the Live multiplayer in action due to lack of network access, but now you can simply buy it for yourself and start sinking friends’ ships. The invite system is rudimentary at best - you simply send invites to friends via email or GamerTag from the same interface. The lack of matchmaking means you'll need some friends who own the game to play online. Still better than no online at all though!

Battleship costs $2.99 (a bit more than the iOS version, unlike Feed Me Oil) and there is a free trial. Set course here to the Marketplace to get it.

QR: Battleship



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Peter McCain says:

Who's ready to play!!?

angelsimaren says:

Not sure about this one...

schlubadub says:

Yeah same... It's a bit like buying digital Snakes & Ladders :P

mdram says:

so would I be able to play from my windows phone against someone on an Xbox?

are there games that do this?

Aesirus says:

I don't believe it's cross-platform, so WP to WP only would be my guess.

agm353 says:

Someone on an Xbox?? wtf?!?! Since when do you think there is a mobile version of battleship on Xbox?!?!

MacAarburger says:

there are NO cross plattform games.
there are companion games like 'fable coin golf' or 'full house poker' where you can upload (golf) or sync (poker) money with your xbox arcade or retail game. but there is no game out where you can play phone vs console.

angelsimaren says:

I might try it. My gamer tag is angelsimaren.

Hector1van says:

Gonna buy this, Gamertag Hectorivan. Add me and we will play!

angelsimaren says:

Got the game too. Add me :)

theefman says:

Is multiplayer only over WiFi?

jedijaxpavan says:

No. Asynchronous multi.

totallagness says:

From the description, looks like e works on WiFi and Bluetooth, that sounds sweet.

CJ Thunder says:

Found a bug that shows misses instead of hits, just emailed tips at wpc a screenshot. Happened in my favor against a PC, but still a bug.

jedijaxpavan says:

I might buy it when it's DoTW. Achievements look like a looong grind.

Soxpranos says:

Soxpranos is my gametag.

totallagness says:

For some reason, I only see 2 modes in multiplayer, Pass-and-Play and XBOX Live, but XBOX Live is disabled for me, I have no idea why.

elisaur says:

Idk how to fix this either

XBOX Live option is disabled for me too. Any ideas anyone?

hyperova says:

It was like that for me to then I connected to WiFi and it was no longer greyed out my friend (who is on the other side of town) have been playing this all night! Its only battleship but hey multiplayer has to start somewhere right? Lol I just wish it wasn't EA and it was some indie developer hate giving money to EA haha

hyperova says:

Oh yeah! Add me GT= TG mini

Banstyle says:

Restart the game, seems to happen when you go to home screen and hit 'back'.

agm353 says:

2 things:
1. It looks really sucky, bad graphics and cheesy cut scences
2. It should be free to celebrate the movie release

NaterBater says:

3. Either buy the game or don't bother. Everything in life isn't free.

It doesn't have anything to do with that movie.

Actually made by same company. The movie is based off the boardgame with aliens thrown in to sell tickets

Milk21 says:

Milk21 is my gamertag, feel free to add me as well.

jkidd01 says:

I'm ready to play. Gamertag: jkidd01

brorim says:

Im playing it

Cartman says:

Here's my gamer tag: CartmanSPC

razzelbazzel says:

RAzzELbAzzEL. Add me ;)

TheNygardian says:

Let's do this.

kkarageorge says:

Are they planning on match making any time soon cause the n ill buy

Jakeway says:

Do you have to be on gold to play over XBL?
If so I can see that bothering many people who dont own an Xbox and dont have to play on other platforms. 

dannejanne says:

Another game with blurry graphics. Awful graphics too specially the 3D. They have to try harder than this to get my money.
As I see it "King of The Sea" is much better. I can do without cheesy 3D scenes that gets old quick. Faster gameplay too becaue of the lack of 3D stuff you have to sit and wait for (perhaps optional though?).
The bad quality of some Live titles perplexes me.
If they don't care enough about the game to scale the graphics properly or make them big enough from the beginning why should I care to waste my money. I don't want to look at games that look half finished.
Yes. It's a big deal for me.

Hector1van says:

If you want to play fast then tap the screen. Cutscenes skip. It is not a bad game.

Hector1van says:

If you want to play fast then tap the screen. Cutscenes skip. It is not a bad game.

dannejanne says:

You can disable custcenes in settings I noticed also.
Though the blurry/ugly graphics put me off from playing it. Like any game that has blurry graphics (Civilization Revolution just to name one).
So I still prefer King of the Sea. It's free too.

Milk21 says:

I bought so I could check it out, but King of the Sea is a much better game. Especially how you invite people to play at random....

kenosando says:

The graphics are etroicious. Luckily, I did the trial. I played the iOS version on the original iPad, which has a smaller PPI and slower chips. EA put out a half-hearted effort with this one. Otherwise, it is pretty fun. If you played the iOS version, there are different game modes like salvo and super weapons, which add to the fun, and the iOS version allows for pass and play and WiFi multiplayer, but the Xbox Live support is awesome. The graphics are hard to overlook, almost nauseating. If they update it in the future with better visuals, I will buy.

HD7guy says:

Just won a game without taking a single hit! Go me!

What?! No achievement for that?!! EA, EA, EA....

Im surprised about the crappy graphics. but its the same with iOS.

Banstyle says:

Kinda weird that it doesn't let you choose a gamer from your friendslist and you have to type the name in each time like a damn caveman.

So I guess there's no sense in 'adding' me as a friend since there's no friendslist integration, but send an invite to Banstyle and I'll pick up. :)

Paul Acevedo says:

Tap the + icon to invite from your friends list. Unintuitive but it works.

Banstyle says:

Ah, thanks for that. :) Yeah the whole thing is clunky. Why can't we have push notifications with titles like this? How come non-Live games have it but not Live games? Total nonsense. I have to go through like four menus to find out if it's my turn (since the Xbox Hub thing doesn't work, always says 'Your Turn')

xmarklive says:

Xmarklive my gamertag so add me I know I'm late.

weresnail says:

I'm in - gamertag is weresnail

phunnicutt says:

Add me : HostileAmish210

ricomcbrain says:

Add me up RicoMcbrain

DieNadel says:

Guys, do you have any idea why Xbox button (Battleship) is not clickable? I have Gold.