Bazaar, another homebrew marketplace for your unlocked Windows Phone

Bazaar for unlocked Windows Phone

Bazaar is a Windows Phone alternative marketplace designed to provide both users and developers a means to share and install homebrew apps easily to your unlocked Windows Phone. Bazaar hosts and shares only free homebrew apps and is similar to the Deepshining Marketplace we mentioned some time ago.

While Bazaar has been available from the PC, it's now available through the Bazaar Windows Phone app. It functions just like your Windows Phone Marketplace app but delivers homebrew apps to your phone instead.

Bazaar supports a wide range of unlocked Windows Phones. Developer unlocked devices can browse apps from the Bazaar app but must install them via the Bazaar for PC application. Fully unlocked devices can browse, share, manage, and install apps directly from the Bazaar app.

If you're into homebrewing on your Windows Phone and are looking for an alternative marketplace, Bazaar might be worth looking into. You can find all the details and download both the Bazaar app and Bazaar PC application here at Bazaar's website.



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vault21x says:

arg, all the cool apps on this need interop unlock..

SolunaKitty says:

Some don't actually need interop-unlock (like Screen Capturer), but to install them, it requires interop :( This effectively makes it somewhat useless for non-interop-unlocked phones. Still decent as a homebrew-discovery app; you'd just have to find the app on the forums or something.

By "fully unlocked", does that mean carrier unlocked?

Racxie says:

@Matthew it means you need a custom ROM that is fully unlocked (more so than dev unlocked). think they're all by DFT.

woodbane says:

Also see the new WP7 tools v0.9. This incredible app will you to grant full root access to the apps of your choosing via a toggle list. Very cool.

coldfish85 says:

try wappstore for wp7 or pc client for some cool apps other than that you see on marketplace.
check out their facebook page .

cgold1 says:

Is there a way to dev unlock on a mac yet?