BBC Mobile Site beta aiming for the simplistic Metro UI look

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The BBC Mobile Site is in active public beta, which can be accessed from your Windows Phone via Internet Explorer. This beta makes use of a Metro UI look and feel with simplistic graphics and "live tile" like story headline boxes. The new mobile site design matches the main homepage, which also looks Metro influenced.

Should you prefer a more app-driven experience when reading the BBC News website, be sure to pick up Lawrence Gripper's BBC News Mobile app from the Marketplace. What do you guys make of this new look that BBC seems to have rolled out?

Source: BBC Mobile Site; thanks Ed for the heads up!



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uktivo says:

Seems clean but a little unorganized.

Their main site is metro too. Is Microsoft the new trend setter?

theefman says:

No, when apple goes Metro they will be proclaimed as the trend setters!

Rich Edmonds says:

Ah, the infamous innovation, right?

jabtano says:

No it will be simply Magical

CX1 says:

I get redirected to http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/i which looks nealry identical to the current site.

blnwp says:

For me too. Think it was intended to be closed beta and somehow the url leaked out. And so they switched the url.

simsayz says:

Works for me and I like it :-)

blnwp says:

Region specific? Where're you from? UK?

pooleyjnr1 says:

I will be sticking with Lawrence Gripper thank you, brilliantly put together app. This just seems downright lazy from the BBC, its not app its just a link, rubbish.

Rich Edmonds says:

This mobile site will be accessable, not only to smartphones, but feature handsets too. It's a positive move by the BBC. If people on feature phones like the UI and see Windows Phone advertisements then it'll be more familiar.