BBC News Mobile Mango beta [Video]

We recently interviewed the developer behind the BBC News Mobile app, Lawrence Gripper, and he went into detail about how he came about crafting the app along with what he thought of the development process on the Windows Phone platform. He's been a busy bee with getting the app up to scratch with the upcoming Mango update.

In the video above, you can see Lawrence giving us a run through of some new features that have been added into the app. These include:

  • Double Sided Live Tiles
  • Pin individual feeds to home screen
  • Background service meaning improved live tile and breaking news notifications
  • Background caching if wifi is available to speed up the app

You can check up on the progress of BBC News Mobile and more on Lawrence's blog.



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TheWeeBear says:

Oh I can't wait, I use his app all the time it's excellent.Well done indeedy.

Drewidian says:

Ok... Ok... I know I have said it before, but we need a News and Information HUB where you can pin or save favorite articles. Using the pivot you could have all of your news apps aggregated like the Games Hub, and you can even have your categories on a separate pivot or page in the panorama. You could deep link the articles so that they open the app just like in the video above, but not clutter your start screen. I'd even add support for comment updates for each pinned article so you would know how many comments have been left since you last visited the page. I'd even support the weather apps, but still allow them to be pinned to the home screen.I also still think we need a separate hub for periodical services (such as Magazines) and Books that would work in a similar fashion allowing the individual to pin chapters articles in a magazine and add support for comic books. All of these could be purchased in a separate section in the marketplace. It could truly be awesome.

Tahiti Bob says:

There's something odd about this developer. I can swear the name used to be "Laurence Gripper" even before WP7 in the winmo 6.5 area. Laurence is a female name. Laurence suddenly became Lawrence and I doubt they suddenly learnt how to spell their name properly.I'd like to know the story behind that, is there sexism in development that would make you change identity or something like this? That's very odd. You guys should investigate :)

Tahiti Bob says:

Now to comment on the app itself, it's a great app but it pains me when developers put that much effort for an app that will most likely have to put up with an official app at some point. I feel like they could have put all this effort into a truly original app.Anyway, today there isn't an official BBC app and this one is great so kudos.