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BBC News Mobile updated to take advantage of Windows Phone 8

BBC News Mobile for Windows Phone 8

The updates for apps to take advantage of Windows Phone 8 features keep on coming. Today we get the popular BBC News Mobile for Windows Phone hitting up the Marketplace. The app is a popular way for readers around the globe to access the BBC News website in an optimized format for your device.

It’s been a little over a week since we showed you what to expect in the version 4 of the app (completely rewritten), but here is a quick refresher of some features you can look forward when updating:

  • Lockscreen support – Use a new picture from the In Pictures blog as your lockscreen, will update daily.
  • Improved performance
  • Support for small, medium, and large Live Tiles
  • New welcome experience – Walks a user though setting up the app when launched for the first time.

I’ve updated the app and already notice the improvement in performance. It wasn’t really a slouch before, but the app is really fluid now when swiping between panorama view or opening articles.

If the BBC is your source of news, this app is worth download or updating right away. Obviously, those improvements above like lockscreen support and different tile sizes will work for those running Windows Phone 8.

You can download the app right here in the marketplace or use the QR code below. It's available for free.

BBC News Mobile QR Code for Windows Phone Marketplace



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aerosmillie says:

Very nice. Having the latest headline appear on the lock screen would be nicer :)

If only there was a dark theme for this app

L0gic Bom8 says:

My question is this THE official app, where the publisher is just one guy?

kevin2577 says:

It's an unofficial BBC app, sources from their site but not made or endorsed by the BBX

the_tyrant says:

its a third party bbc app, but its pretty damned good

L0gic Bom8 says:

Thanks for the info.

rockstarzzz says:

What happened to offline reading options?

Very sad. Seems like it was removed. That was the best feature of the app for me. Potentially it was a legal issue... :(

Sarang68 says:

Still no sign of Nokia 920 here. Why? Why?

Ryken100 says:

I'm kinda excited to see someone actually using my app lol (the logo in the pic that says PS, for Photo Shader)
But anyway, BBC News Mobile was my favourite news app on WP7, one of the few that offered a live tile that showed actual news on both sides. Think I'll go download this now.

Aldoron says:

I just downloaded this a day before this post was made. Its a very nice app. The tile on the home screen is fairly low rez looking on my 920 though, minor thing ;)

morpheus1982 says:

I think its more the logo on the tile that is the culprit. But VERY minor. Anyone seen the Weave live tile? Now that is poor res!

All these apps getting WP8 love, what about this one?

Big Supes says:

It took Weave around a year to enable their live tile after Mango. I wouldn't hold your breath. :D

Aldoron says:

I checked again after the update. It forcibly removed my tile, but when i put it back it was high rez :)

This update is crashing on launch everytime i start up on my Lumia 820.

Hey, I'm the dev. Can you get in touch with me info[at] need to get this one fixed!

Me too. Also on 820.  

Hey, I'm the Dev - can you get in touch so I have try and work out what's causing this?

sibrecat says:

Yeah same here,doesn't work on my 920

Aldoron says:

Works fine on mine.

tor landeel says:

Don't worry folks, offline reading is coming.
From the official blog:
NEXT RELEASE – Offline reading mode

tenovid says:

This is great news, and great combination between WP and Nokia.

adamski777 says:

yeah same here on my 820 the app opens and crashes pretty much straight away. annoying because its actually a really cool app...

BellaRed says:

Love this app but unfortunately the update crashes on launch on my Lumia 820.

Hopefully a fix comes soon.

Was looking forward to using this but simply doesn't open on my Lumia 820. Hope its updated again soon with the fix!

Hey, can you get in touch so I can try and work out whats causing this. info[at]

hkhawaja says:

Which weather app is in the pic, looks very nice.

The app is weather flow and in my opinion is the best one out there

Aldoron says:

Bah, beat me to it. I agree with dj. Its the best ive seen, worth the buy

theefman says:

Useless WP marketplace fooled me again, saw an update for the app and have been downgraded to ver 3.8. When will Microsoft get their act together?

NicUK says:

Have they pulled the new version 4 from the store, I can only see 3.8?

Aldoron says:

I have version

weepatc says:

Thought there was an update. Now back to 3.8 & its choppy as hell. Just had my 1st reboot while using the app. WTF!

I got the update today. Repinned it and I only see a regular tile. The double wide tile is gone?

drewho says:

New version seems to have been removed