Beats Music for Windows Phone gets big performance update

Beats Music

Spotify finally picked up a big update this morning. Now we’ve got one for Beats Music, the newcomer in the music streaming game. Today’s update is all about speed and optimization. Let’s check out how much faster they made Beats Music today. 

The last update for Beats Music we covered took place in late February. It wasn’t a major update and instead addresses a handful of bugs that impacted playback. Today we’re looking at a bigger update and one that a lot of you Beats Music fans should really like. Here’s what’s new in version 1.9 of Beats Music:

  • Decreased download size from 8MB to 4MB
  • App is 200% faster
  • Startup time is down by half
  • Recommendations have been added to the Live tile
  • Bug fixes

Pretty big update for Beats Music. We’re pretty amazed at the optimization that has gone into version 1.9. It’s probably something the Xbox Music team should do to alleviate community complains. Zing. Jokes aside, we’re digging this update to Beats Music and really appreciate the team took the time to make it faster. We know you guys like things faster.

Download Beats Music from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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kleider1 says:

Seems faster.

Will6371 says:

200% they said.

pookiewood says:

Kids these days!  Everything has to be RIGHT now!

EliaJada says:

Still boycotting that shit for suing Rudy.

Dgaf since they are owned by Apple now anyway

mister2d says:

Same here. I cancelled my sub in support of Rudy.

simphf says:

Last one ever?

rodneyej says:

Even at the last one Beats is currently better than our own XBMOWP!.... Lol!!

tkdmacgeek says:

The only beats Jay Z likes is from Beyonce's sister!

From Sylvester Salange

RaRa85 says:

Sylvester lol!

Lol, I just heard about that!

nelson799 says:

After your post I was thinking "Ugh, fine I better find this video." But you supplied the link. Thank you kind sir.

MBaughan says:

If only it was available in Canada...

Ha! And as a once loyal MOG user (MOG begat Beats), I just dumped Beats and my family plan subscription for the updated Spotify app.  I look forward to reading whether I ran out of patience with the sloooowness of the Beats Music app 4 hours too soon.

"Download size went from 8mb to 4mb"


Downloading 6mb...

Aaaaand not available in the UK..

SEKKDS says:

must've lost count

aitt says:

And then Apple removes it

Aaaaaaaand its gone!

b4rtw says:

So will Beats Music be Apple's first entry on to the Windowsphone platform?

I was thinking the same.  Maybe like waze is the first windows phone app from google.

paulheu says:

Due to their BS with Rudy Huyn these clowns are on my ignore list.

DalekSnare says:

I was wondering about that; releasing a WP update after suing the hero of WP development. But I guess most people don't follow that kind of thing so it probably won't affect most people's decisions. I'm happy with XBox music, although I might try the other services if they have better international music support. Half the stuff I want isn't even on iTunes though so I won't hold my breath.

CheekyTaurus says:

This word ignore, I do not think it means what you think it means. 

Who wants a nice shiny grey apple.

mike13ftw says:

Spotify should take lessons from beats

Before Spotify Xbox Music should take lessons from beats!

gerzhwin says:

Never ever! Shame on them for suing Rudy!

SeraphX2 says:

That's what she said.

SwimSwim says:

App actually looks gorgeous. Might just switch to this when my Music Pass expires.

Assuming, of course, Apple doesn't screw it up.

inseyven says:

Not available in Spain... Bye

Marco Gomes1 says:

What a surprise hey..?

Jazmac says:

I just canceled Beats on my Lumia just this week.  I usually put music on my phone when I go jogging but one day I decided to rock Beats. The sound quality was simply weak.  The navigation I could live with which isn't the best for active types but as compared to Jazz Radio, Pandora and even Rdio, it was like listening to an AM radio in stereo. A big disappointment for such a big name product.

tkdmacgeek says:

Beats is weak as fuck!

SEKKDS says:

See Spotify story <copied and pasted indeed>

(aside from the app itself needing some refinements...) I see no reason to think about any other streaming music service if you have Xbox Music on a Windows Phone with a subscription. I am really enjoying its features and the tracks on demand feeling on my Windows Phone. Then there is the radio station creator if you want to mix it up a bit. I find Xbox Music to just make sense to have if you have a Windows Phone and want to subscribe to music.

add-on: and to think this will be an Apple product in the near future.... no thanks! Xbox Music rules for me.

hopmedic says:

What exactly does "200% faster" mean? If it took 4 second to open before, now it opens 8 seconds before you tap the tile? I mean, really, claims like this really turn me off as I'm not into hyperbole. 150% improvement... 200% faster... These are impossible things to say without making stuff up.

Judge_Daniel says:

200% means two-times or twice as fast. In not sure why they didn't just say timing was halved across the board, though.

"200% faster" means three times as fast. 100% faster means twice as fast.

hopmedic says:

Really it doesn't mean anything. It's made up hype.

rubenbest says:

Who makes a big deal about this anyway?

Marco Gomes1 says:

Try again. Your math is just plain wrong.

paulheu says:

If you say something is 100% faster it means it is twice as fast(x+x=2x), if you say it is 200% faster it's three times (x+2x=3x).


If you say it is 100% as fast is the same speed, same for it is 100% of the speed of X

TechFreak1 says:

Lol my thoughts exactly, what were they using to bench mark their app that's what I want to know. My hunch is probably a way more than few dozen rolls of weed, uncountable amount white powder and alcohol :p. Given that they are filed a case for the use of the term "studio" against Rudy's trademark request for 6studio.

Not for 15 bucks a month. Maybe if there was a free version like Pandora.

abdhoms says:

Can someone be kind enough to give me their login credentials? I would like to test this app. I cannot register in my country.

You cant. It would check your ip for your location everytime you try to play a song. Tried this with Pandora, made an account by proxy, and turned off the proxy (its next to impossible to stream on a proxy) and it detected that I'm not in usa/australia.

paulomalley says:

Pandora is easy to circumvent... Just download MetroRadio Pro... ;)

Scott Brooks says:

I was using Beats for a while since it came out due to the nice UI which was much better than Spotify. With today's Spotify update I'll drop Beats and go back to Spotify 100% of the time. Even with today's Beats update it's still not fast enough transitioning between screens. I'm way too invested with Spotify and the playlists I've created to pay for both. Goodbye Beats.

Aashish13 says:

Beats is now apples shit

Marco Gomes1 says:

Apple is NOT shit. Overpriced yes but definitely not shit.

dalydose says:

Fecal droppings, for sure.

SocalBrian says:

Not yet - in fact there is no confirmation that they're even talking to Beats.

QilleRz says:

Yeah. On roll for updates.

KKRLessey says:

Guys why didn't you report the Deezer update last week?

horbeme says:

does anyone think apple will pull the app now that they own Beats like they did with that transportation app ( cant remeber the name)?

spyderzWPC says:

I was thinking the same thing, not sure how the beats sale/merge will work


dalydose says:

I like Mixradio and Songza. :)

SocalBrian says:

Apple does not own Beats yet - in fact there is not even an official confirmation that they're talking to Beats about an acquisition.

immyperez says:

Is beats any good? I use NokiaMix Radio and have never looked back! Something about not having to look for music anymore and just letting the mixes take me away just feels so freeing.

Yeah. Sad no one mentioned mixradio. Its my favorite music app ! (well, we dont have many here in India for English songs :-P)

NykoAlly says:

Songza is great for that. And free.

tkdmacgeek says:

do they take you to a happy place?

immyperez says:

Takes me to a super happy place, lol. Tbh, before I got a Lumia I thought music was dead except for the odd track because as I got older, trying to discover new music felt like work. I've even discovered whole new genres like Nu Disco and Future/Electro R&B! And the house / bass stuff I love too. Oh and the movie and game soundtracks, lol! It's just easy discovery. :-)

MikeSo says:

I liked Beats Music app when I tried it, but it was a bit slow. Doesn't really offer anything major that Nokia Mixradio does though.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Beats can kiss my white skinny butt, together with the morons in charge of every thing Xbox for WP.

StirItUp says:

Now if Amazon would just give WP an MP3 app.

dalydose says:

1. Beats is pro Apple
2. Beats is anti Rudy H.
Nah, not even the free trial gets on my Lumia. Doesn't Songza do the same thing...for free??

dakuma says:

Look for Beats to be cancelled as soon as Apple completes it's purchase.

kabir1861 says:

Why it is not available in all regions?

Oh I thought this was the Beats Audio update for the 8X (wishful thinking) LOL

astroXP says:

So an Apple-owned app available in Windows Phone (shocking) is better than Xbox Music. Dang.

paulomalley says:

That's just it though... It's not better than Xbox Music... And given how little Beats actually pays musicians, I wouldn't use it to save my life... Apple only want it so that they can screw over more musicians...

mrdeezus says:

Everything is better than xbox music app at this point.

MetaG85 says:

In your opinion what's wrong with XBox Music?

astroXP says:

You weren't reply to me but I'll answer your question anyway: problem lies on user experience and user interface misplaced elements. For instance, the play controls are back at the bottom (remember Windows Phone pre-Mango?) and if you hit the volume rocker you'll now get two instances of the play controls, sweet! /s

MetaG85 says:

Ok well Nokia Mix is nice. Not mention beats is incredibly choppy.

SocalBrian says:

Not Apple owned, at least not yet. All the info we have on an acquisition is just rumor.


James Allatt says:

How dose beats music stand to Xbox music?

Duduosf says:

Hopefully it'll come to Brazil in future updates...

Duduosf says:

Is it any better than MixRadio?

ceraf says:

Next update: The app just redirects you to the apple store website prompting you to buy an iPhone =)

onysi says:

Don't support this crap.

MetaG85 says:

Forget beats Support Rudy!

85Baby says:

Is this app available in Australia?

cioransorin says:

Not available in my country (România). Sigh