Beats Music not launching on Windows Phone until later this week

Beats Music

Beats Music is launching today -- for certain mobile platforms anyway. We last looked at the new music streaming service earlier this month, confirming that an app would also be released on the Windows Phone Store to join both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case. We'll not witness a simultaneous launch for Microsoft's Windows Phone.

According to a tweet, published by Beat's Ian C Rogers, the US (this is a region restricted service, folks) will have to wait a few more days for Beats Music to arrive on the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone Beats Music

If you're eagerly awaiting the launch of Beats Music on our beloved platform, you'll have to pencil Friday 24th on your calendar. In the meantime, why not check out Xbox Music or Nokia MixRadio, if you haven't already done so?

We'll keep you all posted as to when the app launches on Windows Phone.

Source: Twitter (@iancr)



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Can't wait to get this on my windows mobile device! Golly!

pierrerv says:

Can you really believe this guy with his windows mobile? What world are we in?

Well, somewhere on some Beats Music propaganda that I read earlier this morning is said: "Windows Mobile." 

Skynetz says:

Windows mobile lol
Welcome to 2007

Ahh lets hope its not really for windows mobile!!!

Rhody#WP says:

When is it coming out on Palm OS?

Jas00555 says:

*shakes fist* Windows mobile! Lol

glibous says:

Yea that bit stuck out like a sore thumb.

Rich Edmonds says:

Could be worse, like Xbox Phone or possibly .Net Mobile?

rahulrambhat says:

Ya im getting a htc Mozart tom

Actually, as we saw from the Fitbit job requirement, many firms are using "Windows Mobile" to mean both Windows Phone and Windows 8 RT for tablets and portables. Not sure if it's official, but I'm seeing it more and more.

sepatown says:

Seriously Dan, stop making excuses for these guys. That doesn't make it okay.

Duduosf says:

He's not making excuses for anyone. He's simply giving his thought to answer your (silly) doubts...

sepatown says:

I see, so now Windows 8.x/Windows RT only works on mobile devices huh? Yeah, I didn't think so.

albertico says:

Not that it's an excuse either, but it's hard to fault "Windows Mobile" offenders when Microsoft itself uses "Windows Mobile" to refer to Windows Phone. I had to call MicrosoftStore.com's customer support recently and that's what they're calling the grand ol' Windows Phone... Give them a call, see for yourself, quite saddening.

NIST says:

I guess they can't merge the two fast enough.

Cellus13 says:

Its a problem Microsoft needs to shut down immediately. Windows mobile has alot of negative press to it. Wp8 and possibly 8.1 doesn't need that.

astroXP says:

Windows Mobile...

rodneyej says:

Windows cellular.

Lithon says:


Whodaboss says:

I do.  With my HTC HD2!

wapoz says:

And I'm sure when it does arrive, it will be missing features or have a "beta" tag with rarely any updates.  *SIGH*  Windows phone: Always a day late and a dollar short. :(

taymur says:

man, we are talking about windows mobile here, please focus.

RayWP7 says:

That they are launching at all nevermind so close to others is still kind of amazing. What ever people say, the platform is here to stay. Still WP users knew exactly what they were getting into, it is confusing that so many complain as if they didn't know. The plight of a new underdog platform.

wapoz says:

Oh I knew what I was getting into lol.  Bought a WP on day 1 when it was officially released back in 2010 after jumping ship from iOS.  That said, nearly 4 years later, it does get a bit tiresome with the constant wait for apps to make it over, or even just getting updates to current apps to bring them up to parity with other platforms.  I'm still happy overall.

lippidp says:

It is closer to 3 years than 4.

perspicuity says:

Guess it just must feel like four years? Hehe. I've been off iOS for 6 months now and I still experience app withdrawal symptoms. But I take better photos, now. (usually) The 1020's camera is still enough to keep me onboard.

I use Xbox Music but the radio function is garbage. On Spotify or iTunes you can turn pretty much any track into a great radio station. Xbox Music is constantly failing to come up with playlists due to a lack of associated artists or some such nonsense. As such, I definitely plan on trying out this Beats Music app, unless it's barren of features like the Spotify app.

Cryio says:

3 years and 2 months.

Jazmac says:

I hope that when it launches, they do a better job with Jazz than does xbox music and Slacker.

WilsonBlaze says:

How is this different from Xbox music, Spotify and rhapsody?

willied says:

It's got the Beats logo so it makes you look cool. /s

MJHNYC says:

And the original Zune color scheme.

neo158 says:

I'd buy that for a dollar!! :P

Cryio says:

Name, layout, maybe price.

NIST says:

It's a completely different music library. /s

ruddevil says:

Nice, luckily I still keep two of my Windows Mobiles in my drawer.

sayonical says:

I'm actually excited to try this out..Xbox music has the bare minimum covered for music discovery and social sharing. This, if supported nicely on wp8/windows 8 could be a good thing

Jf.Vigor says:

I should read up on this because this is my first time hearing of this beats music

Corvodin says:

Hopefully this promise won't be the same as the one Rockstar made for San Andreas. 

My thoughts exactly!

Yeah, what happened with that?

Cryio says:

Programming a game is not the same as a music streaming service. What Rockstar is doing is certainly more complicated.

Corvodin says:

I'm not talking about how complex the process of  making each is. I'm just talking about developers giving a release date, and then stepping waaaaay over it. I mean, there's no way that the people at Rockstar didn't know that they would break their deadline with the WP port, yet they gave a release date. 

IceDree says:

If it makes you feel better, it happened with GTA III, Vice City & Max Payne... The Android versions were delayed & didn't launch with the iOS version.
It takes time.

have to check out my dad's Windows mobile later this week

Why would I want to use this if I have Nokia mix radio?

Rich Edmonds says:

Each to their own. If you're happy with your current service, there's no need to switch :-)

dalydose says:

But the question remains as to what the differences are, besides branding.

Some people align themselves with specific brands. To each their own. I love my JBL headphones, but many prefer Beats Audio. Many chose IOS and android, however, we picked WP. Even as such many chose Nokia, but there are Samsung and HTC WP devices out in the wild. It's not rocket science. The powers that be at Beats Audio see a potential profit in music streaming, and so chose to engage. I have a feeling you understood all of this already, but that's a different story.

Bluetech1 says:

Someone please help me out here....what do they have to GAIN/BENEFIT by NOT releasing the app for WP8 (aka - Windows Mobile) simultaneous to iOS and Android?!!  Maybe I'm missing something....

backlashsid says:

so we can have comments like these !!

lippidp says:

WP is just a lower priority than the other two.

Aashish13 says:

It may be possible like WP wants to see the response first on other OS what bugs they r facing and then later release it on their os

rahulrambhat says:

They do not care.

It depends on what Scroogle and IOS are paying them :-)

UnnDunn says:

Honestly, it seems to me that they were trying to get the WP app done in time for the launch, but the project slipped a little. No biggie.

Terence_27 says:

And not a single f*ck was given!! Xbox Music and Nokia Mixradio is better than this. Beats Music by Dr. Dre is locked in my basement!! #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

PureView says:

Hey everyone, Terence does not like Beats Music so I suppose we should just f*** em. Right? RIGHT? Terence likes Nokia Music despite the fact that Terence has not even seen the Beats Music app in action.

+1 bro.... F#*k Terrance_27's opinion.

neo158 says:

Probably never will depending on where he lives as it's US only!!

Terence_27 says:

Terence does not give a f*ck about what you think!!! If you dont like it you can suck his f*cking c*ck. Little did you know, upon replying on his comment you have just kissed his as*

WP95 says:

now where does that leave windows phne users? haha at least were getting closer with releases.

_Emi_ says:

nice! Im glad this will work in my windows mobile first than my Windows phone! I still have my HTC touch pro for these rare apps being released in Windows Mobile!
windows mobile is the best!

I still have my HTC Touch Pro as well. Windows mobile 6.1.

jsfx07 says:

Luckily I still have my HD2 in my drawer.

avigyan says:

I would like to know something. Is the US only part applicable for all platforms or for WP specifically?

neo158 says:

All platforms AFAIK. TBH I get my music from Amazon and Xbox Music so I wouldn't have a use for this anyway.

I think we can handle a three days delay.

lippidp says:

All you cats joking about Windows Mobile have Microsoft to blame. They changed the name of their mobile platform 3 or 4 times. No one else did that. We're lucky bro didn't say "Pocket PC Phone Edition"...

willied says:

It's been Windows Phone for over 3 years now. No excuses, really.

astroXP says:

Well actually it was first codenamed as Windows Phone 7 Series. Yup, all that.

willied says:

Still has Windows Phone in the name, and most people called it Windows Phone anyway.

deecoop0351 says:

Sure its coming to windows wink lol

WPus3r says:

It`s more like a deliberate attempt by all these companies to ensure that  WP doesn`t catch up..late releases of apps with still the BETA tag on, calling the platform by its old name,deliberate ignorance/lack of support..SMF

ripthuggery says:

They do us bad. With release dates. So many promises

Watch it launch on windows mobile 6.5. Shows a screenshot of a HTC Tilt. Lolol

Ravens Rook says:

If it has a mix radio then I'm sold, if not then it can gather dust on the shelf with the featureless Spotify app

ChRiS4932 says:

Just like Grand Theft Auto was supposed to launch later several weeks ago

mrcraggle says:

I can't be bothered to get out my touch pro 2 just for one app.

4ny0n3 says:

Great! I'll be able to download the app for my Xperia X1 device.

Now, seriously, MS should make some sort of Ad making it clear that Windows Mobile ≠ Windows Phone 8 ≠ Windows 8

bobsentell says:

It took Instagram years to launch on the Windows Phone and Beats comes four days late. Progress...

doeboiO says:

Really? If they want to refer to both WINPHONE and WINRT they could have just said mobile windows

trmnrs says:

Or just Windows...

wangsa86 says:

And they still call it windows mobile? What an ignorant.

silverbladex says:

It sucks that WP is still last but a few days late isn't that bad. I will need to check out the app. I wonder how it will measure up against Xbox music

cannon#WP says:

Will anyone let me borrow their HD2 so I can check out what appears to be a new version of Zune?

Eshwar Nag says:

People over react. be happy its coming and not too late. hopefully not with a beta tag. there is progress guys. why don't you see it.

DemiNutive says:

You guys get so silly about stuff like this. It gets sickening after a while. Some are joking and some are way to over the top with emotion. It's less then a week gap, how long did we wait for an F'N BETA for instagram? I doubt there is some prissy scene kid in an AT&T store right now looking at a WP device and going "oh Beats Music isn't releasing at the same time as the other 2? That's a deal breaker!" I'm pretty sure most of the people on here complaining about this minor time gap would've complained even if it released a week before the other two. Some if not most of you guys bitch to bitch and it ruins the experience for me and I'm sure others when it comes to the comment section, comparable to YouTube comments on some days.

Whose to say that it's not on Microsoft's end with publishing the app? No direct reason was given. You guys read way too much into tweets. I own a Nokia phone and Beats headphones but I don't blow up Nokia forums because my inline controls don't work with my phone. We are supposed to represent WP as a platform that we all care about and for the most part enjoy using. Until an official reason is given for the delay I say stop trying to guess. *end rant*

astroXP says:

Hold your horses brother and chill. Don't overreact over overreacting comments.

marky_yo says:

Hmmm hey SPOTIFY!! Ya you!!! Get out of Apples bed and update your WP app!!! May have to give Xbox another shot or this! Xbox seems to be missing a lot of my music though ugh or its censored! And its rock music! Wtf! Maybe beats will bump in my Ford Focus??

marky_yo says:

Btw I read ATT is doing a deal for android users for beats....well I skimmed the article....maybe something to at least try? Hell least they are releasing it the same week as ios and android! That's a good sign!

IceDree says:

Oh snap, got rid of my iMate whatever it name years ago .

dalydose says:

Does it come with integrated Craigslist functionality, so I can return to the glory days with my Tilt 2? It better rotate to landscape, so I can tilt up that screen and look like a Beats DJ.

iAdrian23 says:

I thought my HTC Touch 2 marketplace was dead for good.

Great news for me!

immyperez says:

I'll stick with my amazing sounding purity pros and Nokia MixRadio+ thank you very much!

RyanDaLyon says:

It comes out later because the ios and android versions will look the same when windows phone has to be beautifully different.

bulgar4e says:

Windows Phone - still second class citizen

bulgar4e says:

Not that I will actually use this service, but it's the principle

it's not windows mobile anymore!! windows phone! why don't they get it?

ejlee072006 says:


frankly1100 says:

You guys serious read way too much into the stuff. Like Dan said, a lot of firms utilize the phrase Windows Mobile to refer to Windows Phone and Windows tablet software. Who cares if he called it Windows Mobile? The fact of the matter is that its coming. Beats Music built some buzz and its a big name app launching on Windows Phone. If anything I think Beats deserves some props because its very rare new services and software launch on all 3 platforms at once, even rarer are services that drop exclusively on Windows Phone before jumping over to the big 2. Its another win for Windows Phone. Sorry for the rant.

mrdeezus says:

Agree with this totally...

S Vaibhav says:

Windows Mobile :-S :D :-o

US only probably lol whatever I do not need it anyway.

Really windows mobile what no pocket pc windows ce 5.0/sega Dreamcast support.

i still have my SE X1A(use it for finding Nintendo zone info to make my own Streetpass hotspot) & a dell venue pro that i switch to occasionally from my ativ s

Deaconclgi says:

For mentioning the Sega Dreamcast and Windows CE, you win a 2.5 year supply of SegaNet internets and the DC Web Browser 2.0 with Sega Swirl!!!!!!!!!!

The day, has been made! :)

Higgs Boson says:

Tight work. But nobody cares about consoles anymore... You should check my BBS. We can play some trade wars. I'll give you the phone number.

DrewLumia900 says:

Lemme guess....even then it will be only available to the US?!?

Cellus13 says:

Ok? As long as it wasn't "later next year" like better late than never. But I wish apps would be early instead of late all the time. EDIT: WTF? He called it windows mobile!?!?!? I can take people calling it windows 8 phone but its PHONE! Emphasis on the PHONE name. Windows mobile is dead.

Cellus13 says:

Its coming to windows mobile? When is it coming to windows phone then? -_-?

jabtano says:

I really don't care I've gotten really hooked on NokiaMixRadio. It's all I've been using on My L925.

mrdeezus says:

What makes me so angry is MS just cant get it through thier head that Xbox music is garbage compared to Zune software. You cant buy music on beats only stream and download but if it works well, and from the screenshots it looks like Zune, the colors anyway, i might be leaving xbox music and just buy music from amazon so i dont have  to worry about drm on a purchased track......The music app is the only tjing that pisses me off about win 8.....

Higgs Boson says:

I dont know why everyone is so upset. This is great news for us Pocket PC owners. Looks like I'll be upgrading to the 16 megabyte model!!

CrackFachry says:

US Only? *Back to NokiaMixRadio+

jamon723 says:

So many Windows Mobile jokes, even though it was the first thing I noticed too, I got nothing left. I am wondering though.... maybe it was covered in an earlier article, but how about some info on Beats Audio? What's the monthly price? The only info on the actual service I got from the comments. Apparently you can stream & download but not purchase? Anyone got the scoop?

jibreezy1982 says:

That fckd up that they would hold bk windows a week but release the other 2 on time

simmomelb says:

Who gives a toss, we have plenty of music apps now anyway, just another one offering the same as the rest, move on, nothing to see here ;)

asylumxl says:

Nowadays everybody wanna talk like their apps out the same day,
But it never comes out when the Android or iOS app did,
Developers just talk a bunch of gibberish,
And motherf****ers act like they didn't forgot bout Windows Phone 8