Beered!, a sudsy database for your Windows Phone


Are you a beer connoisseur?  If so, take a gander at the Windows Phone app Beered!  The app has over twenty-five thousand beers in its database along with over four thousand seven hundred breweries.

Beered! allows you to tag a beer as a favorite, add a beer to the database and edit existing listings.  Beered! is a nicely laid out Windows Phone app to help you find a beer and keep track of the beers and breweries you have sampled.

Beered! Main Pages

The main pages for Beered! include:

  • Beers Page that has options to search the various beers by keyword, view the beer styles (over one hundred fifty styles), search the breweries by keyword, and randomly pull up a beer when you just cannot make your mind up.
  • My Bar Page includes options to view your favorite beers, add a beer to the database, edit an existing beer, and view your beer history.
  • Settings Page offers you access to the apps settings and the About screen.  Settings cover mainly appearance options that cover turning on/off images, brewery information, similar beers and social ratings/reviews.

Beer listings will display the beverage’s alcohol by volume (abv), beer logo, a description of the brew, the brewery information, organic status, availability, glassware served in, and similar beers.  You can also tag a beer as a favorite (tap the star), pin an individual beer to your Start Screen for easy access and share the beer through Facebook/Twitter.

Beered! Settings and Beer Listing

If beer is your cup of tea, Beered! has a stout database to help you find your next bottle (or chilled glass if you prefer).  There is a free trial version available with the full version of Beered! running $.99. Beered! is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find your copy of Beered! here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Beered!



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Rehan Saleem says:

I puked so damn bad, wpcentral. I usually don't do that.

Sarang68 says:

Thanks, but i am a teetotaler. :)

martkono says:

I am happy I see new app, but I miss the grid alignment :(

Camaroon says:

There's a couple of really good beer apps on WP.  The two I generally use are Beer Me which I just found maybe 2 months ago, and Beer Suggestion.  Beer Me is a really nicely laid out app, has had every been I've ever searched with detailed information, and provides customer reviews directly from ratebeer.com, which is nice.  Beer Suggestion is interesting because it gives you the breakdown of every diffrent flavor a particular beer has using a bar graph, then suggests similar beers for you based on the same taste.  IMO, both are nicer and easier to use the Untapped as well, although they don't have the social network aspect.  I'll give this one a shot too, I love these beer apps!

origr15 says:

What about tapped?

Dos101 says:

Is there an option in the app that allows you to backup your favorites in case you need to do a hard reset, or upgrade to a different phone?

Jazmac says:

LOL @ sudsy.

PBlessing says:

I'll stick with untappd. Great database, can link it to where I had it, badges, and can easily see what my friends might be drinking for new ideas and maybe have them send me a bottle of something that I cannot get locally.