Check out the behind the scenes footage for the most popular Windows Phone ad yet: The Recital


Microsoft is capable of both terrible and great advertisements. Compare their Scroogled campaign to something like their recent Windows Phone school play commercial called The Recital. The two might as well have been made from two different companies. Speaking of the Recital, Microsoft has just released a behind the scenes video for the ad. It’s a fun video to see some of the work that went into producing their most popular Windows Phone commercial yet.

The video was directed by Roman Coppola. He’s had his hands in films like The Darjeeling Limited and various music videos for top artists over the past two decades. The behind the scenes video has fun footage of all the actors involved with the action. Well worth the watch and promotes the Lumia 1020 very well. 

What’s been your favorite Windows Phone ad over the past few years?

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DaytonaGTS says:

I love these commercials for the 1020

At first glance I thought it said The Rectal.

Mingu7 says:

Me too.  I thought the wedding one was great.  This one managed to top it!

aaa6112 says:

One word:

sholokov says:

Ahem...Two words!

killer rin says:

The dash makes it one :P


MediaCastleX says:

I have a tendency to love the things that everyone hates just on principle, so the very much maligned Scroogled ads are tops in my book! Next to that are the Xbox NFL ad and to a lesser degree the Beat n Stomp Surface ads, since there are quite a number of fans out there. =P

mango.lover says:

Am I the only one that liked 'Scroogled'?
Nothing shows more clearly how much Google Docs sucks than that commercial of the guy proposing to his girlfriend with a plain cupcake.

SwimSwim says:

I've only seen one, the one where they're advertising Bing for Schools with a girl in an elevator talking to her parents about ads or something of the like. It was truly awful, worse thing I've seen since the Dancing with the Surface commercials.

blackprince says:

Worst Microsoft ads ever were the Windows 7 launch parties ad and the Windows 7 ad where Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld went around to peoples houses. That one was forced and awkward.

ymcpa says:

You can't really compare the scroogle ads to this. Scroogle ads are internet only videos. They are supposed to be cheap. This ad was meant as a tv commercial. It has a much bigger budget.

SwimSwim says:

Love this comercial, best one since the wedding commericial! But a thought just occured to me: Erm, how much money did Microsoft send Samsung and Apple's way when they bought so many phones to use in these commericials? Just a thought.

txDrum says:

About 100 phones total, which is pocket change to any of the companies and completely unnoticeable, assuming that the various participants didn't already own iphones or galaxy devices, which isn't much of a stretch, even if they're all microsoft employees. 

Jack Larson1 says:

Microsoft should do a destruction test with Lumias, S4s', and iPhones to show which one is the strongest. Also one pitting the 3310 vs all. I'd like to see that :D

shira_nai says:

3310 survived the nuclear bomb. No competition here XD

Don't worry Microsoft makes money off the Android phones it buys!

Manny C says:

See this commercial all the time, absolutely love it.

Bob101910 says:

Used to like this commercial, but they play it so much during NFL games that I'm getting sick of it. Part of me is still glad that they play it often (already had a few friends switch from Iphones).

Laura Knotek says:

This is the best Windows Phone ad so far.

Stryker42 says:

Is that Adam Savage at 1:00 into the video?

how1ard says:


Check out the behind the scenes footage for the most popular Windows Phone ad yet"
SLOW news day.

Go "Face Time" yourself

Adretheon says:

Whoa, Roman Coppola? Did not know that.

Love this commercial. Also liked the smartphone for each of us spot.

ViktorG says:

I love this commercial. It's funny coz it's true.