Samsung's bringing HDR, Smooth and Slow video to their Windows Phone 8.1 app

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Own an unlocked Samsung ATIV S? You're next in line for Update 3

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Deal Alert: Samsung ATIV S available for £199 at Expansys UK

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Samsung ATIV S available for $299 Down Under at Dick Smith

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Let the hacking begin: Samsung ATIV S gets interop-unlocked, making it a first for Windows Phone 8

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Pick up the Samsung ATIV S for just £199 from Expansys UK

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Samsung ATIV S reportedly headed to Poland for September, one year after initial announcement

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Unlocked Samsung ATIV S now receiving Window Phone 8 GDR2 OS update

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GDR2 update pushing out today for Bell, Rogers and Telus Samsung ATIV S users

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Bell rolling out Windows Phone GDR2 update to the Samsung ATIV S

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Have an unlocked Samsung ATIV S? You might be getting GDR2 right now

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Samsung ATIV S available for £229.99 at Expansys UK

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Nokia dominates Expansys USA's most popular list, with help from Samsung

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Samsung ATIV S available for £244.99 at Expansys UK

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Samsung prepping a firmware update for the ATIV S Windows Phone

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Mugen Power teases Samsung ATIV S 4800mAh extended battery, shipping June 7th


Samsung groups all its Windows products under the ATIV brand, but still shows lack of support

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Bell documents show Samsung ATIV S release set for December 14th

With delays already having been heavily discussed, it's looking as though things might be getting a little bit brighter for the Samsung ATIV S in Canada. A snapshot of some internal documents has now turned up and reveal Bell Mobility has apparently set a release date of December 14th.

This follows the recent confrmation coming out of Austria where the device has been spotted on store shelves and ready for sale. Needless to say, we'll be following up with Bell retailers come December 14th to see if we can get our hands on one.

Source: MobileSyrup



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leo9212 says:

Most people who have waited for this already bought another wp

tbonenga says:

Not me. I'll wait until it lands on Tmobile

RaRa85 says:

Hot dog yes! At least to see if it beats the 8X.

Odd-i-See says:

+1 I'm doing the same.

R0bR says:

And ill keep waiting for a Red Lumia 920 to be available in Canada.

aubreyq says:

Funny how that works. Where I live (US), red 920s were pretty easy to find. I haven't looked in the last week or so, though.

iamoniwaban says:

Yep, or in my case, gonna buy the HTC 8x unlocked for 250ish from virgin Mobil Canada.

phatboy66 says:

I still haven't bought a new WP8 device either. I won't get the Ativ S but I'll go look at it in the stores when it's released.

druger81 says:

Looking forward to this phone on Verizon. Good thing my upgrade is mid January so I might have some options.

pulkit10 says:

Hoping TELUS launches it around that time too...

It is kinda nice to see Bell to get on the WP bandwagon. They had literally no Mango devices before so the turn around is nice. Now they offer the Ativ S, 8X and 8S (through Virgin).

L0gic Bom8 says:

I, too, was waiting for the Samsung ATIV S. I had a hard time deciding between it or the Lumia 920. I wanted the ATIV S for its 4.8 AMOLED screen and expanded storage option, and the Lumia 920 for its camera and the fact that Nokia was the only OEM to aggressively support Windows Phone. If Nokia had supported expanded storage in the 920, I would've dropped Samsung in a heartbeat. But after finding out that Samsung was dawdling too much, the choice in phone selection was clear. I'm on the Lumia 920. Still wish for expanded storage. Hope Nokia's still around for WP9 and they put that feature in.

tarzanmarzan says:

Lol really? My cousin just got his 8X today. I better tell him about this

travisel says:

ATIV S is my WP8 :)

hemwick says:

Hope you have better luck than me. Last time I asked at the local Bell store if they had any of the new WP devices in, I was met with confused looks and told "they don't make those anymore".

leo9212 says:

Which is crazy because here in the US if you walk in to a att store everyone is wearing windows t-shirts and the whole store is filled with windows phone banners and of course they have dedicated corner for iPhone

WPMan says:

Anyone else thing Samsung are only releasing a WP8 device to appease MS in some patent dispute? They don't seem to be in a rush to get this out...