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Microsoft's 'Best of Build 2014' developer webcast broadcasting in India throughout May

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Terry Myerson talks about the future of One Windows with Mary Jo Foley


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Nokia's SensorCore opens up Windows Phone to health and fitness apps galore

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Windows Phone 8.1 blazes on the Lumia 1520, has five quick-action buttons

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Nokia announces MD-12 Bluetooth speaker in a variety of awesome colors

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Live from the Nokia #moreLumia event here in San Francisco

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Microsoft's Ben Rudolph and Terry Myerson recap their favorite Build 2014 announcements

Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 8.1 Update 1. Cortana.

Ben and Terry are unsurprisingly excited about the announcements of Build 2014. Watch this video to find out why.



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I3unny says:

My favourite too

Ben and Terry (and Joe) rock. That is all.

Mayur says:

hmmm...I thought they were roll(ing)

dhaval88 says:


milfermon says:

It's been a week already, get over it

fluidh2o says:

Good for you Daniel! Thankfully the WP Central team doesn't "get over it"

xankazo says:

We're not even getting started, pal. Wait until the 14th. That's when the real show begins.

QilleRz says:

Hm? This thing is interesting. I don't understand your thought of to get over it.

What does Ben Rudolph look like with hair??

Tafsern says:

Like Ben Rudolph with hair.

q21701 says:

Not seeing any video or link in the WPCentral app for windows phone.

I'll fix, hold on

q21701 says:

Thanks Daniel.

pierrerv says:

Huh, no video. -wpcentral app-

I can't see a link either...

rockstarzzz says:

No video, for those on app. Why oh why Daniel?

Jim Padorke says:

I just want the 8.1  donwload for the phones to be released already.....


Seems like I can't find the video.

rockstarzzz says:

You are on the dark side dude. You wont find anything.

Kashyapjani says:

Video is not showing in the app actually. Had to visit the website. But I did like the reference.

Kashyapjani says:

Do you know why I like Microsoft? Its because they have a vision for the industry they are a part of. No matter where their products stand, they are shaping the awesomeness of technology that is about to come. WP FTW!

Nik Rolls says:

Exactly. In contrast to their competitors, Microsoft are all about the good of technology in general. The others are just about themselves.

TK2011 says:

Universal apps and Modern apps running in resizable windows for desktop users will be the game changer.

It changes everything.

Was wondering what happened to Ben...

Oooh some Siri/Google vs Cortana challenges with Ben will be fun.

Nitaino says:

April 14th bring it on!

sundawg#WP says:

Windows Store icon pinned to the taskbar = first thing I removed from all three of my 8.1 pc's after the update

Nik Rolls says:

So did I. But it's good to have it there for people who didn't know what the update brings. It clearly indicates one of the key new features.

Ben has a last name? O.o

Of course he does. Ben TheWindowsPhoneGuy.

Think it's norwegian.


Thaerj says:

Long time no see

Aashish13 says:

Ben the pc guy I like his event of Windows phone showing how fast it is.

jeffwp14 says:

What's going on the 14th?