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Nokia and HTC settle all litigation, sign massive patent and technology deal

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German court shuts down one of Nokia's patent suits against HTC

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Best Buy to start taking pre-orders for HTC 8X on October 21

Best Buy HTC 8X

A Windows Phone Central reader, who chooses to remain anonymous, has sent us photos of Best Buy's upcoming store ad for October 21-27 that lists the HTC 8X as available for pre-order, both in-store and online. The flyer fails to list carrier or pricing information, but the depicted device is AT&T branded. We know from previous announcements that Verizon and T-Mobile will also be getting HTC's flagship WP8 phone. Being that Best Buy offers phones from those carriers as well, it wouldn't be shocking to find the 8X up for pre-order from all three on the same day.

The 8X is HTC's premium Windows Phone 8 offering. It sports a 4.3” Super LCD2 display with Gorilla Glass2 at 720P resolution, a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 CPU, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It also has a 8MP camera and NFC. HTC is hoping to set the 8X apart from the competition by partnering with Beats Audio to include advanced audio software and a 2.55v amplifier for increased sound quality.

Thanks, for the pics, Anonymous!



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evilrobot says:

I hope they will be selling the 920

Will never pre order from Best Buy again. Have 3 times in the past and have only once received the phone on launch day

pressstart says:

They really need to throw the beats logo in there. I think it would help more than harm it. Keep seeing kids and adults with beats headphones on public transportation.

aubreyq says:

I also see plenty of people with those Beats headphones all over. I gotta hand it to Dr. Dré. He was really successful in growing that Beats brand. Before Beats I couldn't remember the last time I saw people with anything larger than earbuds. Now you are seeing competitors (e.g. Sol) creeping up.
Is the Beats logo on the back of the phone, perhaps? They can capitalize on that for sure.

Sweet. It's not Nokia so this is great news.

willied says:

So it's bad news if it's about Nokia? You're sick.

jabtano says:

No I think he means he saw a title on WPC that didn't have NOKIA! in it.

rocky 710 says:

What about 920 & 820

wpguy says:

"We know from previous announcements that Verizon and T-Mobile will also be getting HTC's flagship WP8 phone. Being that Best Buy offers phones from those carriers as well, it wouldn't be shocking to find the 8X up for pre-order from all three on the same day."
Best Buy carries phones for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. They used to carry T-Mobile, but many stores haven't carried T-Mobile for at least a couple years now. At least that's been my experience. (I see does list T-Mobile, however.)

mjfadaway says:

Some best buys carry t mobile and some don't. I know best buys in the San Diego carry T Mob

stephen_az says:

You do not know that it will be carried by VZW since that is just a rumor and VZW has made no announcments. It  not also supported by HTC's own web page which identifies it as an AT&T phone.  They show an AT&T phone because that is what it is at this time.  One click over to HTC's US site will show the carrier.  Actually, it is two clicks.  The 8X is front and center on their page and if you click on it, you will go to a seond page with detals (and the carrier). 

jaethos says:

Yes we do, HTC specifically stated it was coming to Verizon. We've also seen the Verizon branded 8X in pics and it's passed through the FCC. You keep harping on how we haven't had an official announcement from Verizon yet (seriously, every single article), but, just like the new Razr phones, Verizon's announcement basically becomes a technicality to wait for. It probably won't be announced until a week before the phone releases, just like the majority of their phones.

aubreyq says:

"...Verizon's announcement basically becomes a technicality to wait for."
Exactly. Sorry about my post below saying pretty much the same as you, but I hadn't refreshed the page so I didn't see your post.

aubreyq says:

Yeah but in an HTC video they clearly show a Verizon-branded 8X. Also, didn't Joe Belfiore tweet that he was using the Verizon 8X?

jabtano says:

When it comes to this device I have to see it..and hold it first. before I buy it. same with the L810 I'm leaning on waiting till 2013 other than the L920 that will not be on my carrier nothing excites me. that much...though if the choice was 8x or L810 8x to me would have an edge but it's HTC and they do not support the devices they make...rather they just issue a new device.