Best Buy tosses up pre-orders for AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

If you’re anxious to pick up the Nokia Lumia 1020 on AT&T, due in ten days, then you may want to consider Best Buy. The massive retailer has now posted the phone in all three colors (yellow, black and white) for a contract price of $299 and off-contract for a massive $749.

Of course the bargain for some of you may for those who have Best Buy gift cards or Rewards Zone offers to apply to this phone, reducing the overall price. Otherwise, heading to AT&T or even a Microsoft Store may yield a better price.

Best Buy

Regardless of where you’re pre-ordering, it’s just nice to see the phone available in numerous outlets ten days before launch. Fingers crossed for a successful advertising campaign once the massive 41MP camera phone goes on sale.

Head here to Best Buy for more information. Thanks, everyone, for the tips!



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Micah Dawson says:

Generally I go to best buy for the slightly cheaper prices but there is no benefit over att or Microsoft stores for the 1020. Still good to see this though

daguila29 says:

Really really want to upgrade my 920 but that price is so so steep!

immyperez says:

I paid that price off contract (UK) for my 920...hopefully I can sell my 920 for around £270 and pony up the rest of the cash towards the beast!!!

Prezdhill says:

Looks like there is a lot of excitement for this phone. That's only good news.

gravage says:

Best Buy: The most inaccurately named retail store ever.
On a side note, when the heck is it going to be avaliable for preorder on Microsoft's store? I can't order it through AT&T and Microsoft Store is still showing it as "coming soon". What the heck?

erzhik says:

Best Buy price matches Amazon now. They say they don't, but they do. It's in the system.

They do, they just don't do Amazon Prime.

toph36 says:

I bought my 822 in December with a contract upgrade from Best Buy and they matched Amazon.  Amazon had it for free, while Best Buy still had it for $100 (maybe $50).  If I can convince my wife to get the 928, I plan on doing the same (Amazon has it for $30, while Best Buy is still selling it for $100).

gravage says:

I buy all of my phones off contract. It's that price that Best Buy always sees fit to jack up.

That was back in December, as of March the 1st, the Mobile Department cannot match anyone including Amazon.

toph36 says:

I guess then we will have to go to Verizon directly then.  They are selling the 928 for $50.

The mobile department doesn't match prices anymore. Every other department can match Amazon, but only if it ships and is sold by Amazon. No 3rd party sellers.

piniout says:

If I buy now(check out), and will send me the Lumia ,to europe(actually Greece) with GSM ,it will work in no contract choice??? Anyone knows??!!

Memristor says:

No, these are locked down to work on AT&T only.

Silver Arrow says:

I think if you buy the phone outright they will unlock it for you so then you can use it in Greece

WP7_Genius says:

Yea I just said wtf, BB always tacks on a $100 premium to the retail devices.....

zeronoise says:

they pricematch att and amazon, and since att has it for 659...you can get it for that much

BK-one says:

At&t US customer here. preordered my white 1020 at about 5 am today. My white 920 is on eBay now if anyone is interested. It has been unlocked and tested to work with t mobile. Item number 281136032422. It's in mint condition.

xirsteon says:

Your e-Bay post is misleading. You should edit it and put a caveat that *** The phone only works in re-farmed 1900MHZ T-Mobile zones... you could also go a step further to warn users to check airportal.de to make sure their area is re-farmed ****
Otherwise, it'll just seem as though you're lying about something that doesn't work on T-Mobile (at least everyone here knows the ATT L920 doesn't have the 1700MHZ AWS frequency on it.  Saying that you tested it and send txts n made calls is a bit misleading.  It's ok that you may want the 1020 but be a bit nice in your e-Bay posting. A naive buyer will end up buying your used L920 and be frustrated that his area isn't re-farmed and be peeved and probably wants a return via eBay. Yes..you put ATT and then T-Mobile but that's not specific enough. This isn't the Rogers version and you know it. Just because you unlocked it doesn't mean it works on T-Mobile by default
Don't take my comments too personal, it's just I think you could do a bit more by specifying what and what the phone does and doesn't since it's designed for ATT and not T-Mobile

theefman says:

Anyone remember the fiasco with Lumia 920 preorders from Best Buy? I personally wouldnt trust them again and would go with Microsoft's stores or direct from att.

Cellus13 says:

At&t is really enforcing this pricing. Cool.

erzhik says:

This deal is good only for those who have reward zone certificates to spend. Otherwise, you might wanna head off to AT&T. But Amazon will give the best deal most likely.

piniout says:

And amazon when gives price most of times??? After 1 month ,or more/less???

Sure hope AT&T updates their various Apps for the Windows phone. Such a HUGE dissapointment to find the U-verse app sorely lacking. Just read any of the bazillion reviews on it... not to mention, they want another 10.00/month to use it. Sad Sad Sad.... And if you go to their App site... you can have anything you want so long as its an iPhone.

jon elizondo says:

can you purchse it with your best buy credit card?

WP7_Genius says:

Dont see why not.

Montpbm says:

At least y'all have news on the 1020, T-Mobile hadn't even put the 925 on there website yet and it cones out tomorrow... Smh!

Micah Dawson says:

Not trying to be funny but the way tmobile did the 810....and how they are handling this phone, I would be super nervous about the future of the 925 and T-Mobile support

WP7_Genius says:

What the hell is up with Best Buy and the extra $100 premium on the retail price of the phone and then they dont even match ATT its $649.99 and Best wants $749.99. Its that way on all devices.

Microsoft Stores are similar as we expect a $699 price. Basically, the carriers even on on-contract phones, sell them slightly discounted.

Ironically, AT&T business premier has it for the $749 price too.

WP7_Genius says:

Ahh, thanks for clarification