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The best games for your Nokia Lumia 520

Yesterday we shared with you the best apps for your Nokia Lumia 520. Why the Lumia 520 and not Windows Phone in general? Because if you have a device like the Lumia 920 or 1520 you can run practically any app in the Windows Phone Store. However, the Lumia 520 and other devices with just 512MB of RAM (think Lumia 521, Lumia 620, Lumia 720, etc) might come across certain apps and games that don’t work or don’t work too well.

The overwhelming majority of apps in the Windows Phone Store do work on all devices, including those with just 512MB of RAM. It’s when we look at games that we see the frequency of support drop a bit. All too often this year we’ve seen a highly anticipated game come to Windows Phone, but without initial support for 512MB devices. That said, here are the best games you can run on your Lumia 520.

Jetpack Joyride – Best game to get addicted

Jetpack Joyride hit Windows 8 first, then finally came to Windows Phone over the summer. The game is highly addictive, so be careful before playing in this endless adventure. It’s free and comes with Xbox Live integration, hard to beat that killer combo. Pick it up in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Jetpack Joyride

Halo: Spartan Assault – Best game for saving the universe

Is there anything better than playing Halo on Windows Phone? It’s tough to say, because Halo: Spartan Assault does an excellent job of bringing Halo from your television to your phone. Your game also syncs across the Windows 8 and Xbox One/360 versions of the game. It’s expensive for a phone game, sure, but it’s so good and performs well considering the hardware we’re working with here. Pick it up for $7.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Halo Spartan Assault

SongArc – Best music game

We’ve been covering SongArc over the course of its inception, beta, launch, and present success. It’s the best music game you can get for Windows Phone and it supports 512MB devices. Its success is also highly dependent on the support of the community, which is really strong. Users can make their own music sheets and put them up for other players to download and play along with. The game is free, but you can buy more coins via an in-app purchase. Those coins are currently on sale, so you better hurry and grab them and save anywhere between 50-70%. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: SongArc

Rayman Jungle Run – Best platformer

Rayman has been on the video game scene for nearly 20 years and he recently joined Windows Phone this past year. Rayman Jungle Run instantly became one of the best games in the Windows Phone Store. It features great gameplay, graphics, and music to create a really fun experience on your phone. It goes for $0.99 and is worth every penny. Pick it up in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Rayman Jungle Run

Wordament – Best game to get your brain buzzing

Is there any question about how fun Wordament is? It’s been out on Window Phone for a very long time and has an interesting story. It was started by two Microsoft guys in their spare time, eventually that became their full-time gig at Microsoft as Wordament was absorbed into Microsoft Studios. Since launch its gained Xbox Live support and is available on every mobile platform. It’s free, has Xbox Live achievements, supports a handful of languages, and is super fun. You do require an internet connection to play, but it’s worth it. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Wordament

Rail Rush – Best endless runner

Oh yeah, time for a little controversy. You’re probably wanting Temple Run or Temple Run 2 as the best endless runner right? Well Temple Run 2 isn’t available for the Lumia 520 (yet) and Temple Run doesn’t have quite the depth and variety you can get with Rail Rush. Graphics look good and gameplay is smooth on 512MB devices. Rail Rush is also free, so that’s a nice bonus. The only downside to Rail Rush is the lack of Xbox Live and the need to use in-app purchases if you don’t feel like grinding it out to level up. Either way, it’s worth playing on your Lumia 520 so grab it in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Rail Rush

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Best racing game

When it comes to mobile racing games, Asphalt is king of the hill. Gameloft is one of the biggest game developers in the mobile space and they’ve mastered the racing genre. On Windows Phone we have the 7th and 8th installment available, with the former having Xbox Live integration and the latter lacking it. So why are we picking Asphalt 8: Airborne as the best racing game? Because it’s newer with better graphics and (in our opinion) better gameplay. You really can’t go wrong with either. Asphalt 8 goes for $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Asphalt 8 Airborne

Reaper – Best role playing game

Picking a great role playing game is hard because they all vary wildly in graphics, gameplay, content and more. We’re going with Reaper for a few reasons. It has great graphics, gameplay, and value. It’s a free that’s really just really fun to play. There are in-app purchases, but you can decide to indulge once you encounter them. Grab Reaper in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Reaper

Angry Birds Star Wars II – Best Angry Birds

Yeah, the category is a bit of a gimme, but it’s true. Angry Birds Star Wars II is the best Angry Birds we’ve ever played. The first mashup between Angry Birds and Star Wars was a hit, but the second installment takes it to another level. Addictive gameplay with cameos from your favorite Star Wars characters. The game is super fun and probably the best Angry Birds game yet. Grab it for $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Angry Birds Star Wars II

Sparkle 2 – Best puzzle game

10tons makes some of the best games on Windows Phone. Sparkle 2 comes to us from them and is an excellent little puzzle game. Shoot your colored marbles to other marbles with a similar color before all the marbles reach the end. The game features a trial, but will set you back just $1.29 in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Sparkle 2

It’s tough to pick the top anything, especially games. Our tastes are all so different that no one list is going to satisfy everyone. Which is where the comments come in. Which games are must-haves for your Lumia 520 (or any device with 512MB of RAM)? Sound off below in the comments with your favorites! 



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btbam91 says:

Great write up!

sholokov says:

Jetpack joyride can't be played on 520.
805a0194 error.

sholokov says:

When I go through the 520, I can't even find it in the store. But when I go through my 1020 and 920, it's there.

I go to the store through L520, and its always on top of the free XBox titles...

Donno!!! But i can find it on mine

Pratik Mehta says:

^having that wid halo. :(

ali ali8 says:

I've installed it on my L520 and finished it two times

DontHate707 says:

Sucks MS needs to fix this these phones are cheap for a reason they are practically handicapped.

Jackalneck says:

What app would you like that isn't 512 compatible?

Umm subway,tr2,angry birds go?

Pranjal Rai says:

totally dude....u read my 3 games i want on my phone RI8 NOW!!!

vish2801 says:

All will be on 512 mb devices within a month.

mukulvdhiman says:

The games are going to come.. Give it some time.

Jack Neill says:

What are you talking about? Do you even 520 Bro?

QilleRz says:

Great. Gonna share this with my friends ;)

Btw, correction Sam. Halo cost $6.99

Dantekai14 says:

In my opinion best endless rinning game is Subway Sufer but you can't mention that game.

Anyway thanx for this.

Sin Ogaris says:

Seriously? What drugs are you on?

Dantekai14 says:


vish2801 says:

Hill Climb Racing is missing in the list.

Dantekai14 says:

I think  Sam Sabri, didn't like that game

mesamit says:

temple run first crashes like shit in 512 MB device!!!!!........temple run 2 hasn't been released yet for 512 MB device

powerd says:

Does not. Been playing it without a single crash ever .

Ur drunk boy?? It still didnt crash on my 620...

mesamit says:

it always crashes after reaching 5000 M also frame rate drops badly and also problem with taking swipe sometimes....

It crashes when u go greater than 1.5k metres

fauzanade says:

Hm I wonder how many storage Halo : Spartan Assault need ? Because I have 2 GB free memory and its still says it is insufficient ?
I have L620

Jack Neill says:

You need 6GB free to install, try it from the web store to install..

fauzanade says:

Oh so i can download it from the web store, save it in micro sd, then install it. thanks for your help

skylar101 says:

Mate, is fifa 14 gonna be available for 520 anytime soon

Sebaslight says:

i don´t know..... half of them are paid and not everyone has a credit card.... or a supported-by-microsoft credit card.. and most of those games are free in other plataforms.... just saying.

sholokov says:

Bing rewards. Just saying.

Bing rewards ain't available in most regions except us,just saying:P

Sebaslight says:

they´re not avilable in my country. just saying 

sholokov says:

Change your Microsoft account region. Just saying.

Switchfoot3r says:

That doesn't change anything since Microsoft checks your IP at the moment of signing up for the rewards program. Just saying.

Sin Ogaris says:

Just saying "just saying".

atherosxd says:

Debit card visa?

Sebaslight says:

MS only, ONLY accepts credit card visa or master card, nothing else... in my country at least... so, sience i dont have none of these (and i can´t cause i´m underaged XD) i can´t get paid apps :( 

firdausikal says:

• Best Puzzle - The Path of Kara
• Best Role Playing Game - Doom and Destiny (I want to choose Spectral Souls but I havent playing it)
• Best Endless Runner - Minion Rush
• Best Game to get Addicted - Lies of Astaroth

Sin Ogaris says:

Haven't played The Path of Kara but the rest of your picks I agree wholeheartedly.

DavidinCT says:

Agreed on The Path of Kara, Not a big puzzle game fan but, I found this one very fun and wanted to find the end of the quest.

Great game, no question.

TechAbstract says:

Agreed, Lies of Asteroth is one of the most addicting games ever.

nath520 says:

Waiting for sub way surf

Thanks Sam for the 520

Halo: Spartan Assault expensive? Pfft. Final Fantasy III is exensive!

Dark Lands and hill climb racing are the games that looks good in 520

Are Subway surfers and temple run 2 coming to 512 mb devices????

Ya man u have to wait

What I say about GTA SA? This game will not work for my Nokia Lumia 520. It's much better to play it on my PC

anas hamdan says:

Where is minion rush ???
I mean its the best game for WP and its free most of the games you listed are not, I bought the 520 cuse I can't afford the better ones so don't expect me to buy the apps , this list is wrong .

Cryio says:

I played Minion Rush on a 520 and it was laggy and jerky as hell. I couldn't call it playable in its current state.

anas hamdan says:

I don't have that problem on my 520 it only lags when it starts and then goes smoothly I even made higher scores than my sister's on Lg 4x HD witch is a high end device , so I think its More than playable .

anas hamdan says:

Where is minon rush , its the best game on WP and its for FREE , and hill climb racing ,most of the games listed aren't , I bought the 520 because I can't afford the better ones so don't expect me to buy the games I'll be looking for the free ones .

These are the games I have on my 520 that haven't been mentioned in the post:

Feed Me Oil by Electronic Arts

Spy Mouse by Electronic Arts

Cut the Rope: Experiments by Zeptolab

King Oddball by 10tons Ltd

Azkend by 10tons Ltd

Sparkle by 10tons Ltd

Squids by The Game Bakers

Contre Jour by Electronic Arts

Ilomilo by Microsoft Studios

Rabbids Big Bang by Ubisoft

DavidinCT says:

Ilomilo is one of the early WP7 games but, a must play game for anyone with a WP device. Cute, great graphics and fun with a good level of challange.

Hmmm rail rush is not as good as minion rush

For my Nokia Lumia 620(512mb ram)

Best endless runner:-Minion Rush

Best game for saving the universe:-Halo

Best Shooter:-Dredd vs zombies

Best sports:-World cricket Championship

Best Puzzle:Puzzle Detective

Best Platformer:Rayman Jungle Run

Best Role Playing:Zombie High Volumes 1-3

Best addictive:-Temple Run Probably

Must Have games:All Angry Birds


Cryio says:

We also have the 5th Asphalt game.

BlackGoku says:

Here's my choice

Jetpack Joyride, UNO Friends,Rail Rush,Ashphalt 7 and 8,Battle Monkeys,Epic Battle Dude,Reaper,Royal Revolt,Minion Rush, Rayman Jungle Run,Robotek, AE 3D Moto 1 and 2,CJ StrikeBack and dunno i forgot a few...

Wevenhuis says:

wordament nr. 1!

Mr Geek says:

Played all of those games on my 521.

Subway surfers where are u , I am waiting my love

Oakdale Dude says:

I'm not a huge game player, but there's a few games I like to play when I have a few minutes to kill. They are just simple time wasters but fun nonetheless....

Zombie Smasher

3rd Floor Blackjack

Slick Joker Poker


rponting says:

Benji bananas is great too. Great gameplay. The game is superfun!

DavidinCT says:

Good games on the list but, I have to note. #SaveXboxWP

kevdogg3291 says:

Again, what about he best FREE games for lumia 520?   Not everyone is going to pay for a game on windows phone that they can get for free on another platform.  

nanddeep333 says:

In my Lumia 620 I hav
Angry Birds Star Wars 2
Angry Birds Star War
Jetpack Joy Ride
Microsoft Solitaire
Shuffle Party
Benji Banana
Dark Lands
Hill Climb Racing
Lies of Astaroth
Rail Rush
Turbo Racing Leauge
Just waiting for Temple Run 2 for 512mb RAM then my collection will be perfect of 6 xbox games and 6 non-xbox games

dontbeso says:

minion rush! (despicable me) works well also..and it's really addictive. same for hill clim racing, dark lands, dredds vs zombies, and many more!!! on my 520 baby!!

anujgadre says:

Guys. Why forget Minion Rush. The best free runner, RPG. And its available for Windows 8.1 too.

ashram says:

I want my hydro thunder go! Have it on my 900 and want it on Wp8 before selling off the 900!

Can anyone say wen do TR2 nd Sub surf gonna arrive for 512 RAM devices?

kj tolentino says:

is the cover on that 520 orange? if so, where can I get one? :D

game windows phone too expensive so i don't have enough to by it. do you have game nokia lumia 520 free?

Kiloo games support is saying that subway surfers is coming very soon for 512mb windows phones

Venky Venkat says:

 temple run nd subway surfers is coming to 512 ram devices is it right or fake......

darwin gaoat says:

Airborne can't be play in 520

<p>moli player save in your memory card and run every time for free</p>

please update lumia 520 8.1 plzz plzz plzz plzz