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Top Windows Phone weather apps for severe weather season

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Best Weather Apps for your Windows Phone

WPCentral's list of the best weather apps for Windows Phone

Best Weather Apps for Windows Phones

Your Windows Phone is a great way to stay in touch with what is happening in the world and with things that impact your daily grind. The weather is one thing most of us will have a need to keep track of.  There are plenty of weather apps to choose from over at the Windows Phone Marketplace but which one will work out best with your shiny new Nokia Lumia 900 or trusty old Samsung Focus.

We've tossed together a small collection of weather apps we like that offers a wide range of choices.  What might be useful for your needs might not match someone else's. We have the basic weather app that shows you the current conditions and extended forecast and the weather apps that would make your local weatherman jealous.

So hit the break and see out selection of the best weather apps out there for your Windows Phone.

Accuweather for Windows Phone

Accuweather: The Accuweather weather app for your Windows Phone has all the bells and whistles. From current conditions to weather radar to weather alerts to forecasts, Accuweather crams as much under one roof as possible. Accuweather's strengths come in the form of toast notifications for severe weather and wide range of weather information the app provides (Real Feel temps, UV index, cloud cover, humidity, etc.). Accuweather is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Weather Flow for Windows Phone

Weather Flow: Weather Flow is a simple, nice looking weather app for your Windows Phone that takes on the no nonsense approach. You have your current conditions, a ten day forecast and two themes to switch back and forth. Weather Flow will provide information for your current location or you can populate your locations list with global cities. Weather Flow also has one of the BEST live tiles out there that not only shows you the current conditions and tomorrow's forecast but also how the two compare (e.g. tomorrow will be slightly cooler than today or tomorrow will be rainy). Weather Flow has a trial version and the full version is running $1.99. You can find Weather Flow here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft Weather for Windows Phone

Microsoft Weather: Microsoft Weather is another basic weather app for your Windows Phone that delivers the current conditions for your forecast locations and an extended, ten-day forecast. Microsoft Weather will track the weather for your current location as well as cities around the globe. Microsoft Weather is a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Amazing Weather for Windows Phone

Amazing Weather: Amazing Weather is a weather app that provides you with the basic weather information and then some. Along with the current conditions and extended forecast, you have radar and satellite imagery (non-animated) and hourly forecast breakdowns. Amazing Weather does have support for location services and a live tile with variable update times. There is a free trial available for Amazing Weather with the full version running $1.29 (currently on sale).  You can find them both here at the Marketplace.

WeatherMaster for Windows Phone

WeatherMaster: WeatherMaster is a global weather app the provides current conditions and seven day forecasts for your current location or added cities. You also have animated radar and satellite images and city forecasts can be pinned to your Start Screen. One nice feature with WeatherMaster is that if you tap on a location when you are in the map view, you have the option to add that location to your forecast city list. WeatherMaster does have a free trial to let you try before you buy with the full version running $1.99. You can find WeatherMaster here at the Marketplace.

Weather Live for Windows Phone

Weather Live: Weather Live is a sharp looking weather app for your Windows Phone that isn't too shy on features. You have the customary current conditions and extended forecasts but you also have animated radar and satellite images, weather trend graphs/charts, toast notifications on severe weather, astronomy information and a background agent that will automatically update your current location for forecasts on the go. You also have customized live tiles to better meet your needs, three themes and Bing background images. Weather Live does have a trial version with the full version running $1.99. You can find Weather Live here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

RAD Now! for Windows Phone

Rad Now!: Technically, Rad Now! is a weather app for your Windows Phone but it doesn't tell you the current conditions or share an extended forecast. What it does do is provides an animated weather radar for the U.S. with opacity controls, hybrid/road map options, and can zoom in to your GPS location. If you're looking for a nice weather radar app, Rad Now! is worth a try. It is a free app and you can grab it here at the Marketplace.

What do you guys and gals think? There are plenty more weather apps available so what stands out to you as the best weather app for your Windows Phone? Does World Weather, Weatherbug or The Weather Channel meet your needs better than what's listed?

I think what makes these lists great is that with Windows Phones there isn't a shortage of quality apps available on the Marketplace. The secret is finding the right app to fit your needs. For me, I use Weather Flow for my live tile and keep Accuweather and Weather Live installed when I need a little bit more weather information. Plus I like the severe weather alerts these two apps provide.

Feel free to sound off in the comments if you've discovered a favorite weather app for your Windows Phone or share why you think one of the listed appeals to you most.



There are 105 comments. Sign in to comment

J4rrod says:

No Weather Channel?

dtboos says:

The Weather Channel app is horrible.

stlbud says:

why do you say that?

Agent-P says:

I used to use it before Accuweather and I didn't like TWC app. For me the biggest problem was that the live tile NEVER updated. That's the most important aspect for a weather app IMO.

mtpfischer says:

I've never had a problem with TWC app. I think it's fantastic. My favorite part about the app is the live tile that shows the radar on the secondary tile.

Rick Hantz says:

TWC has gone the route of relative times/dates, with no timestamps or reference points.
Updated 2 hours ago from somewhen.
Hmm, the Now it refers to is from yesterday..no real way to tell if you are using cached data or fresh.
Absolutely worthless. Uninstalling it.

scdkad says:

Beg to differ-it is excellent. Not just for weather but the photo section where you post pix is cool.

BellPego says:

Been using Weather Master for a long time now.. Love it..

stui83 says:

Agreed, the live tiles are kick ass. I use it to blow away any droid or iPhone on a quick forecast. GPS is good too.

fraincs says:

Vieather is awesome was using it when it was released (only in Vietnamese at the time) even if I don't know Vietnamese.
Even better with the english support!

no0b4v3r says:

The new version got English support :)

I've used it, it's nice. Not great but has a unique design. We haven't covered it yet so that's why it's not on the list, yet.

sayonical says:

its gorgeous and has a great live tile with a timestamp so i can actually trust if the weather is nice outside

rubenbest says:

Weather master is good cause it automatically changes my tile to where i am at

blnwp says:

This. There is no other app whose live tile works perfectly for GPS location as WeatherMaster is. I bought it in a heart beat after seeing it work perfectly for the first time.

fc000 says:

Actually Weather Flow also does this. It updates the Live tile based on your current position automatically. 

LordGreylock says:

I have been using WeatherMaster it's almost perfect. I also really like Weather Flow, the only reason I don't use it now is because it doesn't have radar. If they added radar I'd probably switch to it.

What about weather channel?

Amazing weather 5 stars. The best

fraincs says:

Any problem with the live tile update?

mythos13 says:

Mine updates well.
I tried at least 10 weather apps and finally settled on Amazing Weather. I love its custom icon, live tile and back tile. My biggest gripe is that its radar only shows about 20% of what Environment Canada's mobile site shows so I have to go there for the radar shot but that may just be a Canadian thing and I hope they fix it in an update.

hambone855 says:

Weather Bug is also a great app best one I have found

KustomAU says:

Definitely try out Weather Flow.. It really is a beautiful, no BS weather app.

Durishin says:

My two cents as someone who has purchased most and trialled all of the apps George mentions here:
Accuweather (WBug, WChannel) are all great, feature-laden and free  ~ but their live tiles don't fit the Metro style-book (at least to my eye) so they are out.
Weather Live
The first Metro-styled weather app and one that is really very complete - especially with the new version's "Glass" theme which finally brings a well informed live tile.  But, I find that Weather Live's tile does not update reliably ~ regardless of the fact that I have it set to update each hour.  I still have to open the app to get a tile update.  For a cyclist in the spring, anxiously waiting for the temp to climb out of the "just too chilly" range, that's a big minus.
WeatherMaster ~ my current primary weather app
The live tile everyone is aiming for: current conditions, daily temp range and warning icon on the front; next two days forecast on the flip.  I just wish it was more complete "inside" and delivered toast notifications on severe weather warnings. Perhaps - if Apollo comes with a notifications "bank" - we'll get that from WM with WP8.

erichon99 says:

I haven't had any problems with Weather Live background tasking up until last week when their servers were down, but it's been fixed already and is updating normally

jamearl says:

I have the same experiences with WeatherLive tile not updating correctly and I often get an error updating live tiles when not using WIFI.  It seems to work okay when on wifi.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

What about HTC Sense Weather?
Best looking app out there, minus ugly tile and it at least has more countries than most of those apps

Ah, it's horrible! First app I remove from my HTC phones...Sense.

Diamondx_8 says:

Very surprised to see The Weather Channel missing.  I currently use Weather Channel and Accuweather.  Weather Channel actually has social integration.  

sting7k says:

WeatherBug FTW!

gorebashd says:

I just use plain Jane Microsoft weather. Tried all the others and found in Canada alot were inaccurate in my area or just not updating. They update weather bug or any of the others for better results in non Toronto suburbs and I will reconsider.

textomatic says:

I, too, use the Microsoft Weather.  It's fast and gives me the basic info I need for my daily use.   I also like that it's very Metro.  If I need more in depth info then I'll launch The Weather Channel.  

idrewpage says:

The Weather Channel is what I use.  I love the live tile, since it shows current conditions on one side and the current radar on the other.  I do wish they had a paid version without the ads, but since I mostly use the live tile to get weather at a glance, its no big deal.  I bought Amazing Weather for $1.29, but I ended up not really liking it.  Its animations are cheesy, and it only allows me to add three cities.  WTF?  I'll give it another go with it gets the planned v3.0 update.  Is there anything better than Live Tiles?  I think they work even better than Android Live widgets.  The static icon field on iOS isn't even in the running.

TheDarKnight says:

WeatherMaster FTW

nizzon says:

Indeed. I love it!

hwangeruk says:

I thought I'd tried them all,  and up until this article WeatherMaster was my favourite.
But I've just tried Weather Flow. Seriously pretty. Will try it for a while to see if the live tile is reliable.

dtboos says:

Its a nice app, but the live tile never updates until you open the app.

xflier says:

I am using ms weather, it is free, and live tile updated almost like real time :)

Weather Channel, Accuweather and Weatherbug may be the three "big name" weather apps available for our Windows Phone.  We choose one to be on the list and left the door open for our readers to suggest the other two as well as any other weather app that wasn't listed.

blackprince says:

Accuweather I found was the best. Some of those paid apps didn't add any functionality that I was already getting for free from Accuweather. And idk why everyone goes on about Weather Flow and their live tile, its not that great. I recommend Accuweather to all my friends.

CX1 says:

Microsoft app has best live tile support but the app needs a bit more detail.

drunkard says:

I prefer Microsoft's free weather app (actually prefer the basic live tile) and rad now is my secondary for radar, with those two I need nothing else.

ahuczek says:

I use the factory HTC weather app completely because of the gorgeous 2 tile live tile. What can I say im a sucker for beauty lol. That's really the one thing I wish these other apps could do is a graphical banner style tile.

inteller says:

yeah, it is the best OEM app for sure.  I came from Samsung's Now app, that was HORRIBLE!

WPSteve says:

I guess I'm weird for using the USA Today live tile for my weather. :P

AriesDog says:

HTC phones get the HTC Hub app that doubles as a weather app. Colorful graphics. Great big live tile. Info from Accuweather. Preinstalled but good enough to keep.

ahuczek says:

Yeah that's the one I was talking about. Its gorgeous though it doesn't update very fast. Its usually close though. Opening it is another issue though. Great live tile but as soon as you open it its pretty obvious its roots are android because it's a confusing mess of swipes and clicks to get anywhere

I have been using Gismeteo and really like it on my Lumia 800. Before that - MS Weather (ok, but too basic for me), then Weather View (live tile was not updating so I stopped using it).
Gismeteo has a nice live tile and has been pretty reliable for me.

cgo88 says:

I second this recommentation. Switched to Gismeteo after using numerous other weather apps & it remains a favorite.

hwangeruk says:

Nope, I like Gismeteo, but WeatherMaster is better. Cleaner and more reliable live tile. (Better iconography)
Details view is also much nicer than the Metro styled oversized layout for hourly etc on Gismeteo.

AN_Rast says:

As an Aussie, I use two Locally produced weather apps.

AU Weather Pro which uses the BOM (Gov) for its data. Nice slick Mango updated app.

Weather and Surf Australia is the other one that uses Weatherzone for its data.

As a standalone rain radar app, I use Rain?. Its from the same developer for AU Weather Pro and its free. Uses the rain radar from bom.gov.au.

Wyspr says:

Spot on.

DarthJeter says:

I've been using Weather Channel from day 1 but getting frustrated with the live tile not getting updated unless I open the app. Will have to check out the other apps. Nice article!

panchi2131 says:

the weather channel app by nokia one works great on Lumia .the live tiles update works .
remember in marketplace there seems to be 2 weather channel apps ,one by nokia and other one by weather ,use the one by nokia works great !

stlbud says:

I like the Weather Channel ap too but wish it didn't take so long to load ads and then take even longer to load the weather information.

BulletRizz says:

I use weather duck, It's free, simple, I prefer the live tile to most other weather apps, it keeps updated and accurate, mentions wind and rain conditions on back of tile. I also have weather flow live tile (in trial mode) which is good aswell. But prefer weather duck

lolken says:

weather master is nice.. but i find that the live tile breaks quiet often... it jsut shows up blank =/
this happened on my focus, my HD7S, and my Lumia 900. 

nizzon says:

Never happened for me.
Well, it did after a few updates ago but it was fixed within a day.
Best Live Tile I have.

jfa1 says:

I am currently using Weather View  it is fairly basic but  does as well as the others I have tried weather channel accuweather microsodt weather and weather flow.  I like accuweather but right now I like weather View a little more.

vault21x says:

Weather Flow is great, also an amazingly beautiful one: Weather View.

wegank says:

I prefer the USA today weather feature, that way I don't have to use 2 live tiles since I keep the news pinned already.

mythos13 says:

No wonder I had such a hard time finding a weather app--everyone is all over the board on which is best so it appears there is no runaway leader.

denniski says:

try StormGlass, it's really nice, been using it in a while now

rdubmu says:

I use only Weather Channel, surprised it is missing

jyerby says:

George, are you based in Birmingham, AL? If so I'm glad to know im not the only Windows Phone evangelist in Birmingham.

chandu9013 says:

Can somebody recommend good Task Managers/To Do apps for windows phone?Thanks in advance

dgduris says:

I used Clever ToDo for a while. It is awesome - unless you are synching with another service.
Now I use To-Do Tasks because it syncs with ToodleDo and uses most of the advanced ToodleDo features
Clearer is fairly new and getting a lot of good reviews. Syncs with the Goog.

eizsoft says:

Amazing Weather 3.0 is almost out with more features  
- 3 beautiful themes
- 3 distinct live tiles
- Weather alerts
- Offline mode
- Auto location using GPS with Pinned GPS live tile
- Refined UI with charts
- And support for new languages. 
Visit http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1385382 for more screenshoots.

zigzagr says:

I will stay with weather channel app. Accuweather is never correct, at least in my area, and I have tried many of the others but still keep going back.

ggonzalez777 says:

Stormglass is my weather app. Its very metro-y but it can be customized to look differently. Plus it's free. Weatherlive was my last one but it wouldn't update consistently.

xmarklive says:

I use weather channel

TGBmark1234 says:

I use Weather Duck. Good live tile and, most importantly, it allows me to have the temperature in C and the windspeed in mph. Other apps switch to kph if you have degrees C, but in the UK we use a mix of sane (metric) and insane (imperial) measurements.

eizsoft says:

In Amazing Weather 2.3 and the new update 3.0 you can set the temprature to C and the others to Imperial :) http://bit.ly/I9whv2

iAdrian23 says:

Weather Flow,  Weather (Microsoft), Viather are the best & great looking/working Weather Apps in my opinion.

Weust says:

I am using Weather View (previously named Vädret) for some time now.
Like the way it looks. Simple Live Tile update.

theheape says:

Can you update this article with live tile images perhaps or add a video?

HD7guy says:

I run multiple weather apps and place bets on who will be most accurate. Surprising how often they all miss the mark on even a 6-hour forecast. Not the fault of the apps; it's the fault of the data sources.

I do generally like The Weather Channel app, but IMHO, The Weather Channel itself seems to skew toward most dramatic possible for TV ratings. Ever since whatshisname started doing on-site live reports from hurricane locations with storm in progress.

Beyond errant forecasts, still looking for the perfect weather app.

Add me to the list of "Where's Weather Channel?" people.
Based on this article, I gave Accuweather a shot, and it doesn't really hold a candle to Weather Channel, especially in the live tile department. 
Right now, clouds are gathering, and there's distant thunder. Here's how the tiles convey this:
Weather Channel: City Name, Cloud iconography, temperature, "Cloudy", tile flips to a map showing where I am in the center, and rain coming in from the West. 
AccuWeather: Bright orange sun tile, city name. 

fourblades says:

How about the built in app called Newsroom? Forgot if it's T-mobile exclusive or not, but at least it gives you 5 cities to quickly glance weather, a 10 day forecast in each cities, plus you can add news feeds and stock quotes.

ajua says:

Another nice option for those looking just a live tile(s) with current weather info is Storm Glass. It's free and it provides you with 5 live tiles including current location, with no other info on the app itself. Simple but great if that's what you want.

Ambrose99 says:

I personally use Weather Flow, and have not had any problems with it, though I may add Accuweather as a secondary. I find Weather Flow's secondary live tile to be a little bland, but the primary live tile updates often and gives exactly what is needed, in the same color as your background. 
I tried Weather Liev, but it simply did NOT update quickly. It said every hour, but 4 hours would pass and the live tile wouldn't change. 

eizsoft says:

We don't want to be rude but we hope that you try the new version of Amazing Weather 3.0, which will be updated constantly to add more features, and better live tile support.

stui83 says:

Agreed, the live tiles are kick ass. Top left of my start screen. I got it to blow away any IOS or droid on a quick forecast. GPS integration also great.

ron_wp7 says:

I think weather master has the best UI & easiest to view.

jabtano says:

Piff no Weather Channel? really hands down one of the top three weather apps. and it doesn't get a nod makes me think what other apps you guys talk about that don't get the nod and should.

lhickam says:

I get my weather from the USA Today app.

astroboy#WP says:

I've tried a few weather apps as they've come out. And I've been very impressed with an app called StormGlass. It is free and I really appreciate the live tile. The developer was also quick to respond to a problem after an upgrade to mango. I'd definitely recommend hiving it a try.

chucky78 says:

Yeah I'm shocked there was no weather app

chucky78 says:

Let me clarify, weather network app

No mention of Frost?

woodbane says:

@eizsoft, still showing v2.3 of Amazing Weather in the marketplace. When is v3 coming?

mike#WP says:

Regardless of the claims in the article I did not find any weather app that actually had  animated satellite cloud views. Many offer it but they're all motionless and it's made pretty obvious when the radar which is animated is moving and the surrounding cloud layer is not.
I like to take photographs outside and it's important to know when the sun will be blocked by clouds. Several of the apps offer a satellite view of clouds which is helpful but unless the clouds show movement it's impossible to know if they'll cover the sun in 15 minutes or 4 hours (fast moving clouds vs. slow).
Does anyone know of an app that actually displays an animated satellite view?

denniski says:

hey where's Stormglass? i've been using it eversince i moved to wp7 (seven months now) and for me it's the best, 2nd is weather flow

DavidinCT says:

Riddle me this, Out of all of them...
What one has the best live tile ? I want one that will show my current location's weather, not my home areas weather with out touching it.
I tried a few packages, None of them that I could find would track my current location with out me opening up the app and confirging something.

jhoff80 says:

WeatherMaster does this; it updates the tile location automatically.

DavidinCT says:

thanks, I'll give it a shot...

snowmutt says:

Like weather bug. Easy to use, accurate weather. And free. What more do you want?

jhoff80 says:

Good comparison, but I think it'd be even more helpful if you had a screenshot of each app's live tile.  Normally that's not a big deal, but for weather it was a huge factor for me.  I personally ended up with Weather Master because I liked its tile best.

Sam I Am Not says:

I would love to see an update on this old article.

wxgrl23 says:

Anyone know of an app that includes data from the National Weather Service, such as AFD (Area Forecast Disussions), current conditions, pushing out when a watch is issued by SPC? I

Amalia Igna says:

Elecont weather for wp8 since when? It is a very accurate weather app and it is existing for inferior platform of windows, like windows mobile 6.5

Amalia Igna says:

Microsoft Weather could receive an update in future?

syed ali11 says:

Is it free Weather app has some advance feature comparing paid Weather app. http://goo.gl/ofcCpZ