Test your skill and reflexes in Bike Mania 2 for Windows Phone


Bike Mania 2 is the sequel to the popular title for Windows Phone, Bike Mania. We previously looked at the title some years ago and even included it in a top games roundup. Luckily, this latest release lives up to the bar set by its predecessor and improves on already established mechanics.

Compared to the original game on Windows Phone, Bike Mania 2 brings a more "rich, dynamic and frustratingly challenging" experience. There are more than 100 levels with much more detail bringing each act to life. Players can play through three new worlds: Aztec, Pyramid and Industrial. 


Should you be an avid fan of said games, which task players with controlling a bike through challenging terrain, Bike Mania 2 is for you. There's now also moving terrain, which includes swinging bridges, moving platforms and even falling boulders. Multiplayer is where the action really kicks off with players battling against others.

Since every player enjoys to make a video game his or her own, Bike Mania 2 enables you to customize your bike just the way you like it. This personalization includes bike chassis, wheels, helmets and rider suits. The new options to further customize your character combined with the ability to compete against other players really sets this game apart.


Having a bunch of minutes to spare on a daily basis can be poured into battling through on your trusty rider. It's also great to see the sequel released on the Windows Phone Store as we know many of you thoroughly enjoyed the first title. To unlock all levels in the game, a one-time purchase of $2.49 is required.

Download Bike Mania 2 from the Windows Phone Store for free (in-app purchase required to play through all levels). The Windows 8 version of Bike Mania 2 is on the way, we'll update you all once it's live on the store.

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afgzee says:

Seems faster

Only a week to go. :)

This isn't funny anymore. Stop.

jibreezy1982 says:

Yolo, but u dnt know I live twice ;)

Your mom seems faster :D


It's is faster, so fast it kidnapped you and sent you to Australia to get eaten by a bird eating spider.

andrew1967 says:

Fashionably faster ❕❗❕❗❕❗❕❗

kyriacou48 says:

Not available in Australia.

CoatsyJnr says:

I noticed that too. It's a real shame that it is not available

jkelek says:

This game is just not very good. Try trials xtreme or anything with more realistic physics. The ads are out of control on this one too. Maybe i feel spoiled after playing trials on 360 bit this is bad. no ragdoll feel whatsoever. If I'm not mistaken there's not even any way to exit the game through GUI or hitting the back button either. Excitebike is better. :-)

DVELOPinc says:

Haven't played any others but, after the review I gave this one a try. I agree, physics aren't the greatest which I could deal with but, the ads are just flat out annoying.

donak says:

Correct. This game has poor graphics and it doesn't switch according to screen orientation.