Bing Get Me There for Windows Phone updated with more features and covered public transport stops

Bing Get Me There

Microsoft has released an update to their Bing Get Me There app, which is available for those who either travel through or reside in London. The app enables users to keep up-to-date with the status of public transport links in the city. It also sports functionality for quick assistance to get the user home (or to a connecting rail terminal) with a pinned Live Tile opening up directions from current location to the configured "home" in the settings.

We previously looked at an update which was pushed out adding support for the DLR (Docklands Light Railway), London buses and Overground lines. Now the app has been bumped to version 1.5, which now includes a Bing search box for instant web searches from within the app, handy for those times when you require further information. Bug fixes and optimisation are bundled, as well as recently re-opened stations and stops.

Bing Get Me There App

While the app is free and packs comprehensive features, there are a handful of alternative London transport apps, many supporting journey planning. London Travel is a perfect example and offers live service updates for all Underground lines and the DLR, as well as journey planning for all public transport, including London buses. 

You can download the Bing Get Me There app from the Marketplace. Thanks, Johnny, for the heads up!

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I'd like to see Bing get one of these out to cover most major cities

Tahiti Bob says:

Nice app but nowhere as good as London Travel. Still good for free.

Gotta support first and second party apps tho.

Beezie84 says:

Wonder if we can get a Bing rewards log in through our search button

Most importantly, along with all other features, users can use the app to search the web using Bing search engine. - Brenda Lee Reed