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Bing Partners with - shows what stores around you have what you are searching for

Local Services

On September 5th, Microsoft’s Bing search division partnered with product search company to deliver a more immersive experience for its users. Now when searching for goods and products, Bing will be able to tell you what local stores have that item in stock.

Local’s Kirllion shopping data platform provides information from stores including retail locations, brands, categories, and product availability. The platform operates in real-time, so if there is a discount or coupon available – Bing will know.

Chairman and CEO of Local stated that:

"We're pleased to be partnering with Bing to provide relevant local product shopping information to millions of consumers. Our dynamic local product data enhances the online shopping experience for consumers by providing them with valuable information about which retailers carry the products they are looking for."

Do you mostly shop online for products? Do you think providing local store information will push you to shop locally?

Source: LocalCorp; via: Neowin



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pulkit10 says:

I'm usually the last one to care about these things but...that headline is off. I think you meant "Bing Partners WITH" and not "will". 
I like how Microsoft is trying to really diversify and expand the way Bing functions but I would love it if they improved their basic search outside of the U.S. It has gotten a lot better over the last year but even today, erratic searches are common here in Canada.

Sam Sabri says:

Fixed. Thanks.

I really would like to see some US parts of Bing go global. Would be nice to share.

rodneyej says:

So, I guess this coincides with the new product search interface in Bing..

iamoniwaban says:

In this case its not MS's fault. Local only has data for USA. If they had Canada data I am sure it would work. Can't see "Local Corporation" adding Canada just because of this partnership.

pulkit10 says:

@ Sam: definitely.
@ iamoniwaban: that wasn't the point. Just saying that they are really focusing on making the US service more robust...which is good. However, Bing lags behind Google outside the U.S. so maybe some partnerships towards that would be nice?

Cristoby says:

And then, it is mostly the continental US. Offshore US is even worst than Canada.

theflew says:

The problem is in the other countries they need services like to integrate with.  I'm not saying they don't exist, but it takes time to integrate with local provders of ths type of data country by country.

Cormango says:

I've noticed that if you set your search region to "United States", the bing search results are poor for "local". In fact, the "local" option doesn't even appear on my bing searches if I set it to United States. Instead I have to use the the button at the bottom of the search screen to see what's near me. It says it can't find anything...
If I set it to "Canada", I get the local option on bing. It's much better. But the "near me" button is gone...

elderjlward says:

Seems like Google and Bing are really going at it with additions to their search services.

Dantekai14 says:

MS always think about US and US.
Rest of the got to shit. I don't like the attitude of MS.
That's why I use Best search engine - Google.

Jazmac says:

That is why you use that search engine over Bing? Interesting.

adrian1338 says:

no.. because they used to use the live search engine under the hood in most other parts of the world presenting shitty results. and because google search results actually present what you have been looking for and not some shitty 6 results that dont even relate do anything you have been looking for

Jazmac says:

I believe you are really over exaggerating adrian1338. I've never had that issue with Bing. I use it exclusively and find everything I am looking for. Every time. In my line of work, I have to find solutions, reliable solutions and find them quickly. Bing is all I use and it never disappoints. If I could not get answers, i could not and would not use it.

Dantekai14 says:

You never had issue with Bing????
Are you sure you areusing internet?

Luminatic says:

Really? Last time I checked, Bing in my country was still in beta.

MrWhiteman says:

Except Google has street view  and local shops for the entire UK and Bing has street view for London. I do use Bing now though (except for maps and translation), I just don't trust google any more.

Josh Harman says:

Those results would look great in the 'Local' section on WP Bing... oh wait. LOL

Cjax2011 says:

Yeah what happened to that!? I'm sure I'm late but I just noticed.

iamoniwaban says:

Local results have been integrated into the main "web" results. I get local results listed first, including a link that opens "Nokia Drive", and link to call the business.

Josh Harman says:

Yeah, I actually like the change to Bing but a lot of people flipped out over it.

adrian1338 says:

well a lot of people expected no local results to be the outcome. where they moved more to the results that are like google results

rodneyej says:

What about Local Scout❔.. It doesn't have deals does it... Well, it should be added to LS..

ade333 says:

Its 50/50. Many things I order with no care if they arrive in 2 days or 7, but the other 50% I'm looking for quickly. If a 10 min drive gets me that, I'm making the trip. So yes, I like this alot.

NIST says:

Amazon knows me on a first name basis by now.

slepr says:

I do a lot of purchasing online mainly because I don't want to spend time and gas driving around trying to find what I am looking for. To have this data may change how I shop which will give me the satisfaction of supporting local merchants

Jazmac says:

I love this move. Mainly because its a throwback to when Microsoft  was all about these really visible partnerships.  Keep it up.

LHAM13 says:

Off topic maybe :
I love how Nokia support the whole world but Microsoft don't (maybe they think US is the whole world lol).

Josh Harman says:

Maybe because Nokia isn't in the US?

Luminatic says:

So U.S. based companies should not try to give their international paying clients a similar experience as they give their paying U.S. clients? I fail to see that logic.

Josh Harman says:

I don't think is international and I hope you aren't paying to use Bing.

Luminatic says:

I'm paying for some other MS products. And I don't think the attitude "If it is free, it will be for my country only" from an international company is wise and good for their image.
But maybe MS wants the rest of the world to use Bing alternatives and not their search engine, who knows.

Josh Harman says:

Or... Maybe they don't see the ROI... maybe they want to get it right at home first.
I don't know, I'm sure they have their reasons and it has nothing to do with favoritism if that is what you are suggesting.

rodneyej says:

The US is the whole world.. That's what I thought............... :-):-):-)

AccentAE86 says:

It's great, but Bing really needs to up it's game on services outside of the USA.  That's where it seems like google is pounding Bing.

rodneyej says:

Its up to YOUR governments❗.. It's not like MS doesn't want to make their products, and services available everywhere, it's that politics play a huge role in EVERYTHING❗

Luminatic says:

How is my government to blame for Bing still being in beta in my country? And how is my government to blame for not having the same search capabilities as Google (e. G. Date/Time filter)?
I know that law can make internet live complicated, but some things are up to the companies.

rodneyej says:

I was just speaking in terms of certain services not being available in certain areas,, not what features are available... I have no comment on that one..

Luminatic says:

Its just do frustrating to be left out by MS when it comes to Bing. Its a sore spot.

rodneyej says:

Well, hopefully they are hard at work bringing more features to more regions.. We have to understand that for a corporation MS has a lot going on in almost every division, and all at the same time... We have to give MS some amount of credit for even holding the company together during this transition... If you can be CEO of MS during all this then you've got to be superman... Really sit back and think of all that's going on... Then think of the possible payoff further down the road... I think we're witnessing a revolution right before our eyes... Patience, and your number will be called..

Luminatic says:

I agree with you here. I hope one result of the reorg is that the awareness of lacking services has a better chance to reach the right people and action can then be taken.
I would really like to see Bing as a real google alternative - google has become too powerful for my tastes. I've checked the U.S. Bing version and think if this version could spread to the world somehow, it would stand a better chance against Google.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, as far as the US version of Bing goes,, I can't remember the last time used Google...

rodneyej says:

Microsoft is so intensely integrated into so many parts of our lives that you would think the last thing they would have trouble doing is trying to sell a smartphone... Just shows how important marketing, and awareness, are.....

nohra says:

Wow, lots of MS/USA haters in here! And yet no one's mentioning the fact that is the one offering US-only data... Get to offer its skills over the whole world, and wahlah, integrated Bing local results for everywhere from Alabama to Zimbabwe! MS is at least trying to start the ball rolling...

+1 I like this feature

Luminatic says:

Well, MS could start giving its U.S. only capabilities to the rest of the world. They have a few paying customers there as well.

nizzon says:

Or start looking for similar deals outside US.

mjrtoo says:

Just keeps getting better, used it to nab a 50% off coupon for my favorite pizza joint tonight!

insi says:

Hopefully it'll expand to Germany, too.

derDaniel says:

Bing is still a mess here in Germany.. :/

schlubadub says:

Same in Australia

SwimSwim says:

Sounds good, but quick question: how does this integrate with Bing on Windows Phone?

Exactly....I need these results on Bing on Windows Phone so I can stop having to download apps like ShopSavvy and stuff.  The moer integration and less need for seperate apps the better....

Wevenhuis says:

When will microsoft start remembering their customers at regional support? Currently their business model of regional support is plainly said....awful. After 3 years that windows phone is on the market, in the Netherlands, Europe, we're still waiting. Is their no windows phone here? By all means, yes there is. And its good....But the basic services....are not. We do not have (adequate) local search, we do not have tell me, and the suite of bing apps is far from accessible. The only way to access it is via a settings trick where we have to put local searches to English US instead of Dutch. It still however defeats the point. It is no wonder why microsoft is perhaps not selling as well. Not all features on the windows phone are there from the getgo on the phone!? So please microsoft, again, please fix this.