Bing Snapshot gets an update - helps you differentiate between rappers and dog breeds

Bing Snapshot

A few months ago Microsoft’s Bing search engine introduced a new feature known as Snapshot, which added the ability to instantly see snippets of information about a search query before submitting it. At first Snapshot only supported people searches (which Microsoft accounted for 10% of all searches). Today, the company is expanding Snapshot with new auto-suggest categories.

Bing will now be able to bring up Snapshot information when users are searching for people, brands, movies, albums, places, software, sports teams, animal species, and more. The search engine is able to make a smart distinction wen users search for an ambiguous term. Take for example the word “pitbull”, we might be searching for the rapper or the dog breed.

For search results that may yield multiple choices such as “Harry Potter”, choices are displayed. In this example a user can select between the literary series, character, or films.

Snapshots new expanded ability’s should be available to all users, so head over to Bing.com and try them out today.

What do you think about the Bing snapshot feature?

Source: Bing Blogs



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sholokov says:

That subject is hilarious.

sasukeluffy says:

Ahaha roflmfao for that pic ;_:

Th1ckNasty says:

So I read the headline with rapers instead of rappers

redtidal says:

About time. I searched once for brandy the drink, and Bing showed me Brandy the singer. 

Bing can only get better and better! 

schlubadub says:

Well it can't get any worse...

theroyboy44 says:

two things i noticed when you look certain conversion calculators none pop on the actual search page you have to go to a website and also when you search an actor I like how on google when you click on one of their movies they have a bar uptop with movies they have done. Something simliar or more innovative would be awesome

RafRol says:

How about Bing on my Windows Phone?

greg2k says:

Pitbull? Did you mean "Mister Worldwide dale disfruta mami ya tu sabes parriba pabajo"?

adrock107 says:

"Snapshots new expanded ability's..." should be "Snapshot's new expanded abilities..." Might even need a comma after new, but I'm not THAT good with my punctuation.

jcutting says:

*facepalm* Why do people keep thinking apostrophe+s makes a plural? This is, at best, middle school-level English.

interopbyt says:

Apostrophe+s shows possession, if I'm correct.

I didn't see the pic and thought I'd find an article about Snoop Dogg vs Snoopy. :/

Duduosf says:

Loved the headline! Hahaha