Improved version of Bing Sports

Bing Sports updated with detailed game experiences and more

Bing apps update!

Bing updates apps on Windows Phone, most likely bug fixes

Windows Phone News

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Bing Health & Fitness update enables SensorCore step counter on Lumia 630

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Skype and Bing apps updated for Windows 8.1, Skype now syncs favorites across devices

Windows 8 Apps+Games

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Windows 8 Apps+Games

Microsoft updates its collection of Bing apps for Windows 8


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Bing News and Translator get small updates today for Windows Phone


Bing Apps for Windows Phone receive account sync, sharing in latest round of updates


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Foodies rejoice, as Bing Food & Drink is released for Windows Phone 8


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Bing Sports for Windows Phone 8 updated, delivers new sports categories and more (Updated)


Bing Weather for Windows Phone 8 Version 2 gets lockscreen support and wide tile


Bing updates Finance, Sports, and News apps for Windows Phone 8 users


Bing suite of apps updated for Windows Phone

Bing Apps

Yo. Don't want to read about apps like Yo? Then you're in luck! Some of your favorite Windows Phone apps just picked up some updates. Finance, Sports, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, News and Weather (all from Bing) just picked up some new updates on Windows Phone. It looks like Bing Travel missed being updated this round. All of these apps are community favorites, so we're excited to see what's new.

We're going to give each app a quality look and see if there's anything new (no changelogs for any of these apps). So far, nothing jumps out as brand new. Let us know if you see anything different in these apps and we'll update this post accordingly. Though you will notice a new Terms of Service when you launch the app.

Changes: Some of you are reporting that you can finally share articles via social networks in the updated Bing News app. We can't get them to appear on our apps, let us know if you see them there.

For now, you'll probably want to download the updates. Links below will direct you to the Windows Phone Store to grab them. Enjoy and keep us posted on what you find!

Thanks for the tips everyone!

QR: Bing Finance

QR: Bing Food

QR: Bing News

QR: Bing Sports

QR: Bing Weather

QR: Bing Health and Fitness



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paramsingh says:

I hope they didn't screw this up like they did with the calendar. I love the Bing apps, great performance and amazing user experience. I just want the sports app to get a better UI but still a great app.

E Lizzle says:

How did they screw up the calendar?

E Lizzle says:

OK, saw it farther down in comments and yeah, calendar update sucks.

sahib lopez says:

Yo I see what you did there Sam ;) 

Anubis4574 says:

Microsoft is really stepping up with their updates! It's not even a Tuesday....

Where are you? On my phone it shows that you posted at 01:20 on Tuesday 1st July lol

herbertsnow says:

Just in time for Under The Dome, tonight on CBS.

thirdday2002 says:

Thanks, Jim Nantz.

herbertsnow says:

I have no idea who that is. Had to bing it.

thirdday2002 says:

The way you gave the under the dome promo reminded me of his delivery on Sundays, on the NFL...on...CBS :)

herbertsnow says:

LOL ok. I see it now.

cindawinda says:

Thank you! Although I live in New Zealand so I'll have to watch it online :3

cesar ruiz1 says:

I can't update health and fitness...

mjyumping says:

News App is also updated

mozman68 says:

Must be getting them ready for wide release of 8.1!

bguy_1986 says:

Hopefully food and drinks syncs with my surface now....

BBurke33609 says:

Does not sync collections. It actually trolls you by telling you in the empty collections page that it doesn't sync with your computer.

kinaton says:

Madness that they don't sync. Win8.1 Calender doesn't even sync with

Smort says:

What's "hotmail"? ;-)

Wordbroker says:

The calendar has always synced with my outlook mail. Never had any problems with it, works well.

kinaton says:

Well or are both where redirects to. Calender says unable to sync. Ironically works with google with no issues and google calendar works with win8.1 Calender

pookyjoralyn says:

On both News and Weather, you'll see a popup saying that the ToS has changed. (I don't know about others)

Aero_Smash says:

What means ToS ?


edit: get it ;)

pookyjoralyn says:

Terms of service.

herbertsnow says:

All my bing apps did that a few days ago. I don't think it has anything to do with the update.

Same here. Well it is mostly only the news app that I use but I have already had the popup for the terms of service

CombatRock says:

I just hope the Weather app will display the accurate temperature. Always off by 7 to 10 degrees.

JohnStrk says:

Yeah same here. Have not used Bing Weather in months because of this and the lack of a good update. Too bad it's a great looking app!

trwrt says:

I wish it didn't start the radar map animation like six hours prior and make you sit there while it SLOWLY steps through minute-by-minute up to the present time.  Anyone know how to fix that?


Broomcorn says:

Can we add news articles to the reading list now? How is it that Microsoft's own news app won't sync to it's own reading list app. Ahh, so irrational!

tN0 says:

No. Still uses the old share feature.

The updates seem to be small, Health & Fitness is still extremely slow to add food to your tracker.

herbertsnow says:

What phone are you using? It's really slow on my 520

Jack Hancock says:

You can add articles to Reading List. Just tap Share - Social Networks and Reading List is there as an option. 

paulxxwall says:

Bing apps are sweet yo!!

tbonenga says:

I hope they added the ability to change font size.

theefman says:

Removed all my teams in sports even though its still connected to my Microsoft account. Typical.

skinnyJM says:

Same here, then when I opened the sports app on my Windows 8.1 laptop, it had already deleted there too.


Unfortunately I updated calendar and now it's crashing :'(

mxcmxc1 says:

The same for me

ChiWax says:

Weather is now broken on my phone. Just like the calendar.
EDIT Reinstall of Weather fixed it.

Dont work in france

kinaton says:

I am not seeing any updates in uk store.

Same here, no updates in Portugal store...

kinaton says:

Very odd. Maybe select markets. Updates showing as 10/04/2014.. Anyone care to list versions number after update please

Strange indeed, perhaps a delay on updating local store server. Calendar update appeared without a problem...

kinaton says:

No updates for calendar. Is that the inbuilt on or wp8.1 version

The 8.1 version. Remaining Bing apps update finally landed on store. All successfully updated a minute ago, weather is now version, dated to 30-06.14 (I checked this because I was hopping for transparent live tile, but no luck)...

kinaton says:

Interesting still nothing. Maybe cause im on wp8

Peg Leg says:

No, because 8.1 is dropping in the U.S. tomorrow.

j i AmnesiAc says:

Looks like the images display better in Bing News on the 1520, no more white space on the bottom.

I don't know if it was there before and I didn't notice but now I am noticing under each headline a
small image and the name of the news agency that the story had come from

j i AmnesiAc says:

Good catch, the news agency was there IIRC but I don't remember the icon.

Jupast says:

Microsoft sure don't like Changelogs these days :/


sarim_xyz says:

Can Weather now be used on the lockscreen? I mean detailed status?

Corepc says:

Updates are for wp8.1 looks like

psychotron says:

Yep, think you're right. Still running 8.0 here and I don't see any updates.

Calendar from microsoft got an update too today, but no changelog

Fritzly says:

Do not update, it crashes whenever a new appointment is added.

kinaton says:

It that wp8.1 version

E Lizzle says:

Aw, crap, you're right!

Seems faster. Really.

sickgirl1964 says:

My calendar crashes every time I try to add an event. Extremely frustrating. Hope this is short lived.

kinaton says:

Anyone know if food and drink sync with windows 8.1

BBurke33609 says:

The collections still don't. That is practically the main reason to use it.

kinaton says:

Yeah that's what I had problems with.

pmhgeneral says:

Or you try to make changes.

kinaton says:

Thanks for update. Kind of pointless, skype still don't sync correctly either lol

benjer3 says:

The only thing I've noticed (among News and Weather) is that News now shows small logos for the publishers in the headlines. (At least I'm pretty sure that's new.)

psreloaded says:

Only change I noticed too

Why is so difficult to make possible to share any news from the News app Microsoft??? Why??? I want to share to my social networks, not via email!!!!! :'(

fardream says:

Just as bad as the music app team.....

Kram Sacul says:

You can share to Facebook...

korhoden says:

This story dropped while I was in the shower. My apps were auto-updated before my junk was dry. Thanks WP!

dlrohm says:

Lol, really??

brebo33 says:

How hard would it be to add transparent tiles? Come on, MS.

Same here, xbox music and video already have that, why all others don't?

Peg Leg says:

MS spent all their budget on transparent tiles instead of making music work right.

kinaton says:

Anyone in UK had updates.

erichunt says:

Still no strength tracking in Health & Fitness. People do more than just running to stay fit MS. Your RT app has it... seems logical to add this missing link to the WP8 app.

bono5112 says:

Did the Bing news app have a transparent tile before the update??

Weather App has a problem on my 1520. As soon as I select maps, it attempts to refresh, then goes straight to a solid grey screen and becomes unresponsive. Have to quit app. Solidly reproducible every time.

kinaton says:

Glad I've not seen updates then ;)

elitelibra says:

It would be cool for these apps to mirror themselves to their desktop counterparts

kinaton says:

Yep. MS killing their own brand. The way forward.

mrvhin1216 says:

For some reason, I cannot update Health and Fitness. Uninstalled-installed the app, same thing. WTF.

skinnyJM says:

Yeah, the Bing app updates and the calendar update all have issues it seems.

Naren Parker says:

Reading list support please. Also, the Health and Fitness (not sure about the others) crashes after being in suspended in the background for a long time. Need to navigate to the exercise of my choice all the way back again. Also, all apps need to slowly start migrating to the WinRT appx model. They seem to have better performance than Silverlight based ones (do correct me if wrong) and one needn't download the whole app just for a small bug fix.

snowwake8 says:

Reset all my favorite teams...this sucks.

ChaddieBoi3 says:

I can only share via Social Networks in the News app when its not the main article. Seems weird.

Mark Richey says:

Obviously prep for upcoming 8.1 release. But we are due today or tomorrow for another update on Music. Better be hefty because their list of overdue features and performance updates is massive.

ncxcstud says:

Does the weather app accurately change your location on the live tile now? I used it until it stopped updating my location. Super annoying.

NOLATechy says:

My calendar now crashes when I try to update or add appointments manually. Cortana can still add appointments but can't change them. Come on Microsoft, you're suppose to be improving these apps, not destroying them.

fardream says:

Typical Microsoft..... The Windows phone team can always find a new low...

kamikaze80 says:

they should just fire the entire team, theyre absolutely useless. so many obvious features missing or broken.

NOLATechy says:

Sports now crashes when I try to add favorite teams. Looks like all these apps will need another update like real soon!

Peg Leg says:

Yeah, that's been noted about 3 zillion times.

mdlive says:

Wish they would add notifications to Sports. It's the only thing missing...

locowd says:

Hmmm...could we pin our stock watch list in finance app before this update??

Zalastax says:

Yes we could. Glad you found it though.

The update broke my calendar app. Nokia Lumia Icon.

locowd says:

It would be awesome if we could see our actual rate of return and dividend payments on the finance app...i think the sigfig app did that..

Frustrating. Come on MS!

garak0410 says:

Food and Drink seriously needs to sync with the Windows 8 app...

phil2415 says:

Definitely.  This app is pretty useless to me until this feature is introduced.

locowd says:

I also just noticed that the names are no longer cut off for the individual stocks that u pin..

Bing Weather has become terribly unstable after this update. Easily the worst app update I have ever received. Calendar update closes for me when I try and add new event. T mobile Nokia Lumia 925.

SAM 77 says:

No transparent live tiles :(


Oh and I lost my favorite teams in Bing Sports.

drankurn says:

Same here, did you find any solution

psychotron says:

Guessing these are just for 8.1 since I'm not seeing any updates??

kinaton says:

I've asked above, nobody has commented, and article doesn't say either.

AvatarEW says:

Correct.  These updates are for 8.1.

Alagar Samy says:

Guys..Ms is great..Now supporting Transparent tiles:)

vinayscxbox says:

So shameful that the Microsoft itself doesn't use the CHANGELOG feature..

esslgee says:

Bing weather is now broken for me, never had an issue with this app until now

Alagar Samy says:

Sorryy..that was just a glitch while transparent tiles

mayblast says:

What ever happened to the good old rule of thumb "do not update unless its broken"? MS is not helping much by not releasing the changelog.
Also, I'm waiting for that "bi-weekly" music app update...

wrm1 says:

80073cf9...that's all I've seen for weeks when I tried to reinstall the Health and Fitness app. I can uninstall and reinstall just fine on my surface, but, no luck on my 810.

ashfaqgazi says:

Still no transparent tile . What a loss

Kram Sacul says:

Not everyone wants transparent tiles. Make it an option.

Future72 says:

Health & Fitness fails to install on my 820 with 8.1 developer preview. Even after restarting the phone (error 80073cf9).

It is just to update the terms of use that Microsoft has changed recently with all it's apps

Saibot 2011 says:

Calendar in WP 8.1 got also updated

Dante X says:

Weather app is broken after the update :/

Future72 says:

The calendar does not work anymore after the update. It crashes when I want to add a new date. Hope it gets fixed soon because I need it for work!

Why do I think this updates are connected whit Cortana :)

jfkn2001 says:

@Sam: I can already share articles via social network with version of the news app

Saibot 2011 says:

Weather has much better performance now!

Why don't ever Microsoft write a changelog for their Apps?

CSI Guy says:

Just got my updated Calendar app. and now when I go to edit or add a event, it just goes back to week view. It wont let me add or edit a event. Anyone else have the same issue?

Updates are there, downloaded automatically, no transparent tiles.

Changelog anyone?

Best regards from old europe.


This is strange, are this updates towards WP8.1 or WP8.x?

Cuz i check all mentioned apps in the OP, both on WP Store from my computer and from the phone. i don't see them getting updated a day or two ago. Here is what i got:

Bing Finance
Last updated: 4/10/2014
Bing Food & Drink
Last updated: 4/10/2014
Bing News
Last updated: 4/10/2014
Bing Sports
Last updated: 6/7/2014
Bing Weather
Last updated: 4/10/2014
Bing Health & Fitness
Last updated: 4/10/2014

I am from Republic of Macedonia, but i don't think that matters something here. Or does it?

SammUL says:

Same here for me...

natmorley says:

I am in the UK and only see the same as you, no updates.

Updates are there, downloaded automatically, no transparent tiles.

Changelog anyone?

Best regards from old europe.


Food & Drink has become a universal app! I can't share articles on social networks via Bing News (Windows Phone 8.1) :(

wpn00b says:

Why do they leave out change logs? So annoying.

MiisterNoise says:

What i noticed in the News app:
- Ability to share articles with social network.
- Ability to change the font size and style.
Good things.

Aashish13 says:

My bing news live tile not working

JimiDiGriz says:

Both Sports and News live tiles have died for me after the update. Both are enabled.

psiu_glen says:

And somewhere in here they've crippled the WP8 Search button -- it used to let you "slide" left and right to local stuff, news, etc. Now nothing but the main search screen. :/

phil2415 says:

Disappointed that the Food & Drink app still doesn't sync collections across devices, although at least it now tells you as much in a message on the Add Collections page rather than leaving people to waste as much time as I have trying to figure out why it's not working.  Until this feature is added I don't really have much use for it.

Also, the live tile for Bing Weather seems to have stopped working.

pmhgeneral says:

"Calendar doesn't work" can't edit events, or add new ones. Also seems to have lock up my Chronos calendar can't add new events. Great job MS on the update

acermark says:

All the Bing apps now seen zippier with this update, especially Weather!


Calendar needs a fix asap though with adding a new appointment causing it to crash.


All up a great job Microsoft!

MVogelezang says:

Health & fitness gps tracker doesn't work anymore.. Great...

Wtf man!! I'm tired of updating these apps again n again

This is called "Degrading of apps" not an update lol

infinidim says:

My wife's 630 got the updates but I didn't on my 820. We're in the Uk.

kinaton says:

Are you on 8.0 and she on 8.1

natmorley says:

I don't see the updates either, 925 in UK ☹

iCyCo7 says:

I still use MSN Autos, any idea why haven't gotten Binged up?

CGA111 says:

At long last, Weather has m/s for wind speed.

Updated Sport, News and Weather, only to find they now wont load and are unusable...Nice one...Nokia Lumia 1320...

offbeatbop says:

Hey what's wrong with yo?

patrickwee says:

Using L720 WP central apps , but the download apps show"title not retrieve" .

adzzzbatch says:

Thanks for breaking the Calendar MS!

What a great update to the Weather app. Now the live tile shows the same beautiful weather all day, and the lock screen doesn't show any weather at all.

Edit: Moved it to internal storage and the live tile and lock screen seems to be working again. Coincidence?

WPhone says:

The weather live tile on my start screen now reacts very inconsistently when tapping it. Sometimes the app starts normally, sometimes there's a considerable delay (up to 5 seconds). Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

acermark says:

I was initially as well but after disconnecting my Microsoft account from each app they were a lot more smoother to open and to use.

t8ntlikly says:

The original installment of Food & Drink clearly stated that you could sync between apps. It hasn't ever done so and I have ranted on and on about this. Well, it appears that along with this update MSFT has changed their description to now state "While collections are not synced across devices" Well at least that is cleared up and I won't waste anymore of my time with it. Overall still a good app though.

helsten2 says:

Hmm, Bing Weather is stuck in a refresh loop after the latest update. Soft reset did not help. L920.

natmorley says:

No updates found on any of these! Are USA only updates?

kinaton says:

We don't know. Thought the author of the story would know

rluka says:

Now if Bing Health could export GPX of the tracked route