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In reaction to Windows 8 going official today and Surface RT tablets coming tomorrow, Microsoft has also made some changes to what Bing shows for results.

The adjustment people will notice on their new Windows 8 devices is that searches for general terms like “travel” will now show Windows 8 Store results too with a convenient download button to the Store. Of course those of you with Windows Phones should already know this behavior when you do searches on your phone. Just another neat example of how Microsoft can leverage Bing for a better Windows experience.

Speaking of Windows Phone, some of those earlier announced changes to the Store for searching are also slowly taking effect of which you can read about here. Thanks, Dustin P., for the tip!



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But wait.....I thought there weren't any apps?

hardcoreplur says:

If you don't have 700k app, you're app store sucks /s

SkywardKing says:

Cool. I hope Xbox Music will be integrated into bing search results in a similar way.

crav4speed says:

I guess this only happens using IE10?
I see nothing of the sort using IE9 :(

Well, these are Win 8 apps through the Win 8 Store and WIn 8 comes with IE10, so it wouldn't make sense to have it work in IE9.

Kenjoe says:

This is cool

Huh? Wha? My phone already does this?

sdreamer says:

O_o how'd you get search results like that? Mine still look plain, I don't get the double column. Is that for high res only?