Bing.com rolling out new Live Tile design

We haven't seen this yet on our end, which means it may be "rolling" out to everyone at some point, but Rafael Rivera has posted on his blog what looks like the first shot of an updated Bing.com with "live tiles" near the bottom.

Anyone who's familiar with the amazing and extremely high rated Bing app for the iPad will recognize this is nearly the same design. Looks good to us and it's nice to see Microsoft nailing it in the looks department these days. Anyone else seeing this yet on their desktop?

Source: WithinWindows



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HeyCori says:

That looks really nice. I wonder if it allows customizable live tiles.

KemCSe2 says:

Fantastic: I can hardly wait to see all of the Access Denied tiles pop up here at work.

Nataku4ca says:

im expecting mcafee whitelist firewall to give me the finger too...

Jf.Vigor says:

looks fly, now let's get that on our windows phones!Does anybody think there are any unnanounced Mango features such as this? It would be smart for Microsoft to hide a few features. Mango has a lot of hype surrounding it, but imagine one final viral marketing push by them announcing a few more features a few weeks before it gets pushed to devices!

Biased123 says:

There are sure to be a few of these things... Hopefully this is one of them. No Bing update on my IE8... hahah

ade333 says:

If they gave us the ablity to have some "universal tiles" that showed on on bing, xbox, wp7 (and clearly windows 8) that would be incredibly awesome.

xGarthx says:

I have this new theme on my laptop only, not any other computers in the house. The only tile that I noticed that moves is the movie one which is the second from the right. Like this new look and wish that I had the choice to enable it on all the other computers. If you want a screenshot, I'll be happy to provide one for you.