Birdsong version 1.7 now live on the Windows Phone Marketplace

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Red Badger has finally released update 1.7 for Birdsong, the Twitter client for Windows Phone that has been left collecting dust on the shelf for a fair few months. We previously looked at version 1.7 when it was announced on the Red Badger blog that the update would be pushed out soon. 

Without repeating ourselves too much, this version fixes the login issue that users were experiencing, as well as the setting save 'fail' that prevented live tile functionality being enabled. The search has been revamped, which now sports saved searches pulled down from the micro-blogging website. If saved searches weren't enough, the team have also thrown in trending topics functionality.

You can download Birdsong from the Marketplace - we'd recommend a fresh install if you've been experiencing problems with previous versions.

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irlju#WP says:

Gives me a "login failed" error each time I try to authorise it.

mythos13 says:

I had bought this app before but I got tired of wating for an update and moved on to Carbon.

Enemy Zero says:

It downloaded and authorized fine for me. It's actually a pretty good update. I don't think it's enough to make me move away from carbon but I really like it.

thenet says:

They should just take it of marketplace if it has not been updated for so long. I only get apps that gets update In certain months

4ty-phive says:

When is someone going to release a twitter app that has a discover section?

Snow says:

One advantage birdsong have over mehdoh, carbon, twabbit, rowi etc is that its super fast, there is no lag when swiping between different columns etc which is awesome and it loads fast. But its lack of features currently like lack of conversation view, retweets of and by, quote retweet, unstable push notification and many more makes it poor. Though the ability to set different locations for trends is a nice touch since none of the other competitors did that.

Snow says:

Also, I would love to pay for rowi simply for its push notification, but it can't load all tweets in the different columns(timeline, mentions etc) at start up, instead you have to swipe to the different columns just for it to load which is ridiculous..

schlubadub says:

Out of interest, why do Twitter apps get so much attention on WP Central?

drunkard says:

Because they like Twitter.